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    Post by Mitsukira Sun Aug 16, 2020 5:50 am

    After having spoken with the Kazekage, Mistu was being given a very important task. Attempting to form an alliance with Iwagakure. She was very proud that she was being allowed to attempt this, she’d never participated in anything political before. She wasn’t sure that she was properly trained, but if the Kage thought so then who was she to disagree. She knew very little about Iwa, but she at least knew the general direction and she figured that her feet would carry the rest of the way that she didn’t know. She packed up her weaponry, some clothing, her waterskin and a nice packed lunch that her mother made for her and headed out into the desert and her new adventures.

    Traveling -> Sunrise Desert -> Land of Birds -> Great Chang Mountains ~ Arrival August 17th @ 6:50am EST

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