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    Sailing to the Chunin Exams! [Travel]


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    Sailing to the Chunin Exams! [Travel] Empty Sailing to the Chunin Exams! [Travel]

    Post by Yoshitsune Fri Jan 10, 2020 11:39 pm

    Yoshitsune would slowly approach the boat. Having lived her entire life in the mountains of Kumogakure, she had never seen the ocean before today, let alone a boat. The creature was massive, with a giant rib cage that looked to be made of carved beams of wood. The entire thing was easily bigger than several houses, and maybe the biggest creature she had ever seen in her life. She would take a glance out to the ocean as she approached. It stretched out as far as she could see, extending beyond the horizon. Imagining this beast carrying them across the ocean was difficult, especially to some far off island. Apparently the distance between the Land of Lightning and the Land of Water was extensive as well. She would slowly step onto the gangplank, carefully balancing on the thin wooden board as she climbed aboard.

    Off to Kirigakure no Sato

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    Irui Mikiri
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    Sailing to the Chunin Exams! [Travel] Empty Re: Sailing to the Chunin Exams! [Travel]

    Post by Irui Mikiri Fri Jan 10, 2020 11:45 pm

    "Thats...." Irui breathed as massive sails unfurled in the wind. "... That's a ship! We're taking a ship!" He exclaimed and ran to the docks, bouncing on his feet as he took in the immensity of the vessel. He'd spent years gazing out at the mountains, heard stories of the sea and all its mysteries, but had never, ever seen it.

    He'd caught his first whiff of the ocean as the trail crested the ridgeline and descended towards the coast. Vast and shimmering, the sight alone was incredible; so great that his eyes caught the curvature of the earth itself. Now after a long stretch of travel, he'd arrived at the docks.

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    Sailing to the Chunin Exams! [Travel] Empty Re: Sailing to the Chunin Exams! [Travel]

    Post by Kim Chang-Min Sat Jan 11, 2020 1:11 am

    Toonami swaggered onto the scene wearing a set of golden chains. The chains were not "bought" they were "found". The city was in uproar as the Jashinists were staging some kind of riot against the government. The whole affair was pissing Toon off but it did create certain opportunities for jewelry acquisition. She had looted, er "found" something nice for Higure. A beautiful gold necklace studded with rubies. A perfect match for her lovepet's hair. Toonami showed up to the boat with her arm around Higure. She gave the girl a sensual kiss on the neck and cheek before the pair boarded together.

    "Not bragging or nothing but I used to be Kage of the village we're going to...yeah, I basically ran that shit" she bragged to her girlfriend.

    Not far behind them was Konami, the tall blonde strode forward and joined her Twin sister and protege on the boat. She crossed her arms and said nothing. Nariko was nice enough to allow a Missing Ninja to participate in the Exams under Kumo's banner. The exams would give Higure some much needed experience in combat. If their student were to pierce the veil of the criminal underworld, she'd need combat experience and skill as a shinobi. She had warned Higure that they'd be training often on the way to Exams. She didn't want the Kazehana-Tatsuda to embarrass them. Of course, when they weren't training Toonami would lure Higure to her cabin where they'd engage in physical activity of a different sort. Unfortunately, much to the chagrin of their passengers, the ToonxHigure "training sessions" would be loud, obnoxious. and frequent.

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    Sailing to the Chunin Exams! [Travel] Empty Re: Sailing to the Chunin Exams! [Travel]

    Post by DamienDarhk Sat Jan 11, 2020 7:29 am

    The sight of the sea was almost as breath taking as the sight of the massive ship that sat atop it, he had no idea that the boat that was taking them to Kirigakure was so large. "Maybe I'll be able to get some training done along the way after all," Zen thought to himself aloud as he continued his approach to the boat.

    Reaching the dock Zen was greeted by an older male who seemed to be going over a check list who questioned him about why he was there, the shock on the man's face was obvious when Zen stated he would compete in the chuunin exams however the man did not stop him as he continued on towards the ship. Reaching the gangplank Zen stopped as he did at the gates, this was it, his defining moment. There would be no turning back after this, from this moment forward his Abilities as a shinobi will be put to the test. Inhaling a deep breath Zen began crossing the gangplank onto the ship, once on the deck he would begin looking for his quarters before looking around the ship, it would take them a while to reach the land of water from what he was told, but he wasn't bothered by it as it meant he would have time to get his mind around it all.

    {Exit ~> Chuunin Exams}

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    Sailing to the Chunin Exams! [Travel] Empty Re: Sailing to the Chunin Exams! [Travel]

    Post by ShimmyToTheLeft Sat Jan 11, 2020 10:52 am

    Higure was silently thankful for the whole Jashinist revolt, it made for a lovely distraction and the chaos it caused was a small bonus. Sure she hadn't painted the village red with her special someone, but it was fun to watch the madness without having to dirty her hands of it. The best thing to come from it was her lover's gift of a golden necklace set with rubies.

    "These are perfect, I'm sure the prices were positively a steal, and they go perfectly with my hair." Leaning into Toonami and giving her a grateful kiss, "I'm going to have to show you just how much this means to me later tonight." she purred with a mischievous wink.

    At hearing that Toonami and her sister used to be the Mizukage, Higure gave a grin that promised either lots of fun, or loads of "trouble", "Well then you'll have to show me the sites in between training. We'll need to make sure that I'm up to snuff enough to keep from embarrassing you two as we show the world how great I am."

    During their trip Higure would train hard during the day, and at night do some additional one on one training that was loud enough to wake the dead.

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    Sailing to the Chunin Exams! [Travel] Empty Re: Sailing to the Chunin Exams! [Travel]

    Post by Short_Stack Sat Jan 11, 2020 11:10 am

    Miyu strolled onto the boat, Kitchen-Kun behind her and took up shop near the doors leading below deck, "Hi everyone!" She yelled, "I will be your chef for this cruise! Be prepared to have your tongues pleasured by the tastes of gourmet dishes from all around the Land of Water and Lightning! With fresh, quality ingredients!"

    Miyu then would use Kitchen-Kun's many arms, and her skill with puppetry, to put on a show of live cooking for the various passengers. Unsealing ingredients, spices, and stocks, to prepare a wide variety of S Rank quality dishes that wouldn't be out of place in a 5 star restaurant. With as promised a large quality of ingredients found from all over the Land of Lightning and Land of Water.

    She'd do this throughout the trip, a massive grin on her face as she fed the hungry masses, and saved the crew of the ship money on ingredients.

    [Exit -> Chunnin Exams.]

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    Sailing to the Chunin Exams! [Travel] Empty Re: Sailing to the Chunin Exams! [Travel]

    Post by Rini Sat Jan 11, 2020 3:22 pm

    The genin from the gates had been kind enough (more like roped into) to push Rini the entire way to the boat, which gave her plenty of time to rest up after tiring herself out so much just getting here in the first place. And then, of course, she had plenty of time to rest on the ship, which was in and of itself really nice as well. Rini tended to sleep quite a bit, and this was no exception for her.

    The problem now was that she was on a boat, and that was quite sickening, so she'd usually be able to sleep, but she spent most of her time with a trashcan next to her bunk.

    Sea legs were a thing, one that Rini would likely never have. The girl didn't even know how to swim, and had never been off land in the first place, and this was just a terrible and uncomfortable trip for her in almost every sense of the way. She just hoped nobody tried to bother her, and that she could just take the short trip and deal with it super quick.

    She needed to develop a sleeping poison or something that she'd be able to knock herself out with in cases like this. While on that line of thought, it would be nice for faking death as well, so Rini began to plan out some things to work with to pass the time. It helped her occupy her mind.

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