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    Restricted Techniques & Abilities Information

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    Restricted Techniques & Abilities Information Empty Restricted Techniques & Abilities Information

    Post by King of Games on Mon Mar 02, 2020 11:01 am

    King of Games
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    Restricted Techniques & Abilities Information Empty Re: Restricted Techniques & Abilities Information

    Post by King of Games on Mon Mar 02, 2020 11:02 am

    Restricted Techniques & Abilities Information VDpT4a3
    The Gladius Restricted Progression System is the site's method for distributing Restricted abilities. These include Bijuu, Sage Mode, Mayfly, and various powerful techniques like Flying Thunder God. The system is designed to allow everyone a chance to obtain Restricteds of their choice as they near their character's maximum potential. While there are various ways to receive a Restricted (either by being given one or stealing one), the progression system is one of the most straight forward ways of obtaining a Restricted. In order to keep Restricteds rare and unique, there is a limit to how many people can obtain a certain Restricted. Note that some Restricteds are owned by villages. Rather than questing for them these Restricteds are distributed by Kage to shinobi they deem worthy of learning them.

    The progression system works as follows:

    • 1st Restricted - Obtained at S-Class if starting at E-class | Obtained at X-Class if starting at B-class.
    • 2nd Restricted and 3rd Restricted - Obtained through IC events (such as quests or learned from someone who knows the jutsu)

    Note that possessing a Restricted is a tremendous responsibility and that regardless of the manner in which it was obtained, staff reserves the right to remove or refuse to grant Restricteds as a result of inactivity or rule-breaking.  

    Some Restricteds cannot be obtained through progression at all and instead must be claimed at creation. There are three types of Restricteds on Gladius and each of them have their own level of difficulty associated with them.

    Players are allotted a total of three slots for Restricted abilities: Entity, Enhanced State, and technique Restricteds. This is the cap on the number of Restricteds a person may own. While the progression system is one means of obtaining a Restricted, it is not the only way. It merely guarantees that those who have invested a significant amount of time in their characters and story lines will be rewarded. One may still get an Restricted through IC means or through participation in certain site plot events.

    Below you will find a breakdown of the three types of Restricteds offered. The number contained in brackets tells you how many people can obtain that particular Restricted. However, there are a few caveats to be aware of.

    For those Restricteds that can be taught by a PC, the first person to claim or obtain that Restricted has a teaching option. The teaching option is essentially an extra slot that is only granted for the purpose of teaching and can only be exercised by the first person to get that Restricted. The second slot will remain reserved for someone else who gets that Restricted through the Restricted Progression System (meaning they claim it at S-Class or X-Class). Keep in mind, that someone can "steal" your teaching option. This happens when someone knocks you out and reads your mind or somehow puts you in a state of mind control and forces you to teach them the technique or ability. Once this is done, you occupy their teaching option and they cannot teach anyone else until they kill you or somehow remove the memory of how to perform the Restricted from your mind.

    If the slots for a Restricted are currently filled you may not claim that Restricted as a result of the Progression System. However, you may always take it by force. You may kill one of the characters possessing the Restricted then immediately claim it yourself via the Progression System since the possessor has died. Alternatively, you may wipe their memory of the Restricted and claim it yourself without necessarily having to kill them or go through the Restricted Progression system. If there is no number adjacent to the Restricted then that particular Restricted may have any number of people claim it.
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    Restricted Techniques & Abilities Information Empty Re: Restricted Techniques & Abilities Information

    Post by King of Games on Mon Mar 02, 2020 11:03 am

    Restricted Techniques & Abilities Information ZSetlqY
    One major benefit of the Restricted Progression System is that it can occasionally allow you to bypass certain difficulties when it comes to obtaining a Restricted. For example, claiming a Bijuu through the Restricted system. However, it cannot bypass certain requirements such as implanting another PC's MS in order to obtain the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan. Be sure to ask staff whether or not your Restricted falls under this category.


    Shukaku [1]
    Matatabi [1]
    Isobu [1]
    Son Goku [1]
    Kokuō [1]
    Saiken [1]
    Chōmei [1]
    Gyūki [1]
    Kurama [1]
    Reibi [1]
    Chimera Technique [2]
    Investing Skill [3]

    Entity Restricteds refers to any set of powers or abilities that are granted from ancient Entity or that rise to the level of such a supernatural Entity. These powers are far-reaching and extend beyond mere physiological mutations and changes. They often are sourced from beings that are primordial and beyond the scale of full human understanding. Only through diligence and hard work can the full scope of their power be realized. The most common Entity Restricteds are Bijuu.  

    Bijuu are demonic entities made of sentient chakra. They are said to have been created by the Sage of Six Paths and were originally under the care of his Five Disciples. Unfortunately after the Sage and his Disciples had passed away, countless shinobi have sought to use their power for selfish ends. In the modern era, Bijuu are wild, vicious, and constantly roaming the world in a desperate bid to secure their own independence. Shinobi governments across the world hunt them relentlessly to add to their village's strength. Sealing a Bijuu into a person or weapon provides one of the most potent boosts in power for any individual ninja and their representative organization.

    While Bijuu feature prominently only this list, there are other non-Bijuu Entity Restricteds on this list that can rival the power of a Tailed Beast.
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    Restricted Techniques & Abilities Information Empty Re: Restricted Techniques & Abilities Information

    Post by King of Games on Mon Mar 02, 2020 11:04 am

    Restricted Techniques & Abilities Information 6qvFEKF
    Enhanced State Level

    Perfect Snake Sage Mode (Snakes of Ryuchi Cave) [1]
    Imperfect Snake Sage Mode (Snakes of Ryuchi Cave) [1]
    Perfect Toad Sage Mode (Toads of Mount Myōboku) [1]
    Imperfect Toad Sage Mode (Toads of Mount Myōboku) [1]
    Perfect Slug Sage Mode (Slugs of Shikkotsu Forest) [1]
    Imperfect Slug Sage Mode (Slugs of Shikkotsu Forest) [1]
    Custom Perfect Sage Mode [6]
    Custom Imperfect Sage Mode [6]
    Cursed Seal [4]
    Jashinism [2]
    Mayfly [2]
    Master-Craftsmanship [3]
    Earth Grudge Fear [1]
    Kotoamatsukami [KKG Exclusive Restricted] [1]
    Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan [KKG Exclusive Restricted]
    Kamui [KKG Exclusive Restricted] [1]
    Gates [Village Exclusive Restricted] [3]
    Dual KKG/Hiden Clan [Restricted Claimed ONLY At Creation]  [7]
    Rinnegan Path(s) [Restricted Claimed ONLY At Creation] [7]


    *Must be achieved through implantation of a PC's Mangekyou Sharingan after getting your own. Eye-swaps are prohibited.

    Enhanced States encompass a variety of standalone techniques, abilities, and auras which grant the user tremendous power. Enhanced States can be tied to bloodlines or take the form of individual techniques that have a significant and lasting impact on the user's physiology. Enhanced States come from many sources which can include hostile groups, supernatural creatures, or otherworldly entities

    Technique Level

    Flying Thunder God [2]
    Wood Release: Wood Golem Technique [2]
    Mind's Eye of the Kagura [2]
    Spirit Transformation Technique [1]
    Limelight [1]
    Lightning Release Amour [Village Exclusive Restricted] [3]
    S-Rank Unique NPC [2]
    Water Mirror Technique [3]
    Adamantine Sealing Chains [2]
    Yomotsu Hirasaka [1]
    Truth Seeking Balls [1]

    Restricted Techniques are individual jutsu that are extremely powerful moreso than the average custom or canon technique. These techniques tend to be held by Plot NPCs who are of significant strength and power. It also includes the highly coveted S-Rank Unique NPC. While not a technique, S-Rank Unique NPCs are ordinarily not purchasable and therefore have no price in the Organization System Rules. Acquiring one is a rare and powerful asset that is on par with the other listed Restricted Techniques.
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    King of Games

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    Restricted Techniques & Abilities Information Empty Re: Restricted Techniques & Abilities Information

    Post by King of Games on Mon Mar 02, 2020 11:05 am

    Restricted Techniques & Abilities Information 0s7t2IT
    Awarding Restricteds

    The Progression system primarily works off of first come, first serve. This means that if you are eligible to obtain one then you have the freedom to select whatever is open at that particular moment. However, there are limitations to this. The awarding of Restricteds is determined by more than how quickly you can check off certain barometers for character development. Staff recognizes that there are other factors at work when deciding who to award a Restricted to as a result of the progression system. This is so as to ensure that there is reasonable and diverse distribution of power on the site which makes the game more enjoyable. Here are some factors that staff use to determine who to award the Restricted to:

    Site demand for the requested Restricted
    Quality of writing during the progression process
    Possession of other Restricteds on the same character
    Possession of other Restricteds on different characters
    Time spent actively RPing on the site without a Restricted
    The logical relationship of the character's storyline to the Restricted in question
    Sportsmanship during the progression process
    Victory in a combat setting against peer characters
    Creativity in handling the character's storyline

    Custom Restricteds

    At Gladius we encourage players to develop their characters in creative and interesting ways. Part of that process involves making custom abilities and techniques that add depth, strategic value, and uniqueness to one's characters. Custom Restricteds are another possible way for players to increase the power of their characters while allowing their characters to distinguish themselves from other ninja of legend. Whenever a character comes into possession of a Restricted on this list they may choose to forfeit their right to that Restricted in exchange for the approval of a Restricted of their own making. Alternatively, a player whose character has done something worthy of a Restricted or otherwise has expressed interest in designing their own Restricted may approach staff to initiate the process.

    Custom Restricteds may be designed to be of equal or lesser value than the Restricted that they choose to relinquish. A character who parts with a Bijuu will obviously have greater latitude to design a more powerful restricted verses a character who parts with Earth Grudge Fear. Similarly, if a player is not making an exchange their feat or feats must rise to a level worthy of the custom restricted they plan to make. For example, completing a single S-Rank Mission will not win you the right to create a custom bijuu. The decision to allow someone to exchange a Restricted for another or create a custom restricted is subject to staff discretion. Like all Restricteds it is staff's responsibility to ensure fairness, balance, and diversity when deciding what Restricteds are to be allowed and who should acquire them.

    There is no template or specific rubric for the creation of a custom restricted. They can take any form and may follow their own system of progression with relevant benefits and drawbacks.

    If one creates a custom Restricted based on a canon jutsu or ability then staff may force this custom Restricted to be open to others who may wish to use it in the future.

    Limitations on Restricteds

    Restricteds are immensely powerful and thus in order to achieve a sense of balance and fair play there are a few important restrictions that come into play. A character may only have one of each category of Restricted (so 1 Entity, 1 Enhanced State, and 1 Technique). This is an absolute limit that applies whether the Restricteds were achieved via someone giving them to you, you stealing them from another PC, created one, or whether you received them from the progression system. It is possible to forgo your Entity Category Restricted to receive a second Enhanced State Restricted or a second Restricted Technique. Likewise, one may sacrifice their Enhanced State category to receive a second Restricted Techhnique or alternatively they could sacrifice their Entity and Enhanced State Restricteds to receive a total of three Restricted Techniques. However, this method only works going down. You cannot trade a Restricted Technique slot for an Enhanced State nor can you trade an Enhanced State for an extra Entity slot.

    While it is possible to drop a Restricted for another the process is not taken lightly and should be reserved for cases when absolutely necessary both in terms of storyline and strategic build. Staff reserves the right to approve or deny such Restricted trades. It is important that as you progress with your character you should use your knowledge of canon and your own character's storyline to craft a Restricted build that is logical and meant to be an integral part of your character. While characters may sometimes pick up abilities and drop others these instances are rare and should have a significant and meaningful in-character reason for them.

    You may only start with 1 Restricted at creation (assuming the Restricted in question is one in which you may start with at creation ie. Rinnegan or Dual KKG/Clan). For example, if you pick Dual KKG/Clan you cannot also pick a Rinnegan path as one of your KKG.

    You can only take a starting Restricted if you have passed 1 activity check on the site with a character. You must also have staff approval. Finally, starting Restricted are limited to 1 per person (this means you cannot make two alts and have a starting Restricted on each character).  

    1. You may only have 1 set of Restricted boosts active at once. While you may receive the other perks from both Restricteds simultaneously (assuming you have them both active) you will only receive the boosts from one of those Restricteds although you may switch between the two sets of boosts as necessary.
    2. Boosts granted from Sage Mode, Nature Clan, and Cursed Seals do not stack.

    Restricted Ownership List


    Entity Level
    Shukaku - Yui & Yua Chinoike
    Matatabi - Akihiro Uchiha
    Isobu - Nozomi Himitsu
    Son Goku - OPEN
    Kokuō - OPEN
    Saiken - OPEN
    Chōmei - OPEN
    Kurama -  Rin Uchiha
    Reibi -  Raijin
    Chimera Technique -  OPEN | OPEN

    Custom Bijuu - Seid Otsutsuki [Karaku] | Akari Uchiha [Shivarra] | OPEN | OPEN | OPEN

    Enhanced State Level
    Perfect Snake Sage Mode (Snakes of Ryuchi Cave) - Nozomi Himitsu
    Imperfect Snake Sage Mode (Snakes of Ryuchi Cave) - OPEN
    Perfect Toad Sage Mode (Toads of Mount Myōboku) - OPEN
    Imperfect Toad Sage Mode (Toads of Mount Myōboku) - OPEN
    Perfect Slug Sage Mode (Slugs of Shikkotsu Forest) - OPEN
    Imperfect Slug Sage Mode (Slugs of Shikkotsu Forest) - OPEN

    Perfect Custom Sage Mode -  Raijin [Dragon] | OPEN | OPEN | OPEN | OPEN | OPEN

    Imperfect Custom Sage Mode - OPEN | OPEN | OPEN | OPEN | OPEN | OPEN

    Cursed Seal - | OPEN | OPEN | OPEN | OPEN
    Jashinism - Irui Mikiri | Bayushi Sojima
    Mayfly - OPEN | OPEN
    Earth Grudge Fear - Kyoji Hoshigaki
    Kotoamatsukami - OPEN
    Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan - OPEN | OPEN | OPEN
    Hachidora Ketsuryugan - Shimiko Chinoike | OPEN
    Deshi no Zenchi-Yūrei - Shimiko Chinoike
    Kamui  - Satomi Uchiha
    Gates -  Yui Kotoshura | Nyguyen Uchiha | OPEN
    Dual KKG/Hiden Clan - Inarie Kaguya | Jaakuna Sero | Diana Korikane | Masaru Tatsudashi | OPEN | OPEN
    Rinnegan Path(s) - Seid Otsutsuki [Deva] | Arisu Otsutsuki [Outer] | Chen Kimyōnakama [Human Path] | Ikomiki Otsutsuki [Animal] | Zoe Zor-El [Preta] | OPEN | OPEN

    Technique Level
    Kirisame- OPEN | OPEN | OPEN
    Flying Thunder God - Akihiro Uchiha | Kimiko Uchiha | OPEN
    Lightning Release Armour - OPEN | OPEN | OPEN
    S-Rank Unique NPC - OPEN | Nozomi Himitsu
    Adamantine Sealing Chains - OPEN | OPEN | OPEN
    Truth Seeking Balls -  Seid Otsutsuki
    Yomotsu Hirasaka - OPEN
    Mind's Eye of the Kagura -  Akihiro Uchiha | Satomi Uchiha
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    Restricted Techniques & Abilities Information Empty Re: Restricted Techniques & Abilities Information

    Post by King of Games on Mon Mar 02, 2020 11:06 am

    Restricted Techniques & Abilities Information 22pQA8l
    Hachimon- Eight Gates

    The Eight Gates are eight specific tenketsu on a person's Chakra Pathway System. They limit the overall flow of chakra within a person's body. The basis for the idea of the chakra gates comes from the body's limits on the functions that transpire within it. This makes the body much weaker, but it keeps the body from expiring too soon by constantly going at full tilt. By undergoing intense training, one can learn how to open these gates allowing the user to surpass their own physical limits at the cost of extreme damage to their own body.

    The power these gates gifts to the user include increases to strength, speed, constitution, and overall available stamina. These gates tax the body heavily, though with each tier of constitution, that damage becomes somewhat mitigated. Each of these gates requires the user to invest a certain amount of experience to learn. Possessing the Taijutsu Skill reduces experience costs by half.

    Boosts granted by later gates stack with the boosts from the gates beneath, granting a cumulative effect. Increases to total stamina also increase available stamina, separate from any stamina refreshes. All boosts given count as Unique Boosts.

    The First Gate is the Gate of Opening. It is located in the brain and unlocks the full natural potential of the user's muscles by force. This is a prerequisite technique for the Primary Lotus, a technique derived from the Hachimon. The first gate gives the user a boost of ++ to Strength and Speed. Requires 100 experience to learn and gives access to the Primary Lotus technique.

    The Second Gate is the Gate of Healing, also located in the brain. It gives the user a boost to their maximum stamina pool of 20 points as well as a boost to Strength, Constitution, and Speed of +. This gate requires 200 experience to learn, but does not grant access to any additional techniques. (Str: 1 Tier, Spd: 1 Tier, Con: +, Sta: +20)

    The Third Gate is the Gate of Life. The third gate is located on the spine and increases the user's heart rate and thus increases the blood flow in their body to its natural limit. This turns the skin red and releases a small burst of chakra around the user upon initially opening. The user's hair is raised as a result of opening this gate, as the air pressure constantly exerted around the user pushes it away from their head. Their eyes also turn white, with the pupils disappearing which gives the user a somewhat surreal appearance. With this gate, the pain experienced by the user is tremendous for an average human to try handling. This gate grants a boost of + to the user's Strength, Constitution, and Speed. The increased blood flow in the body begins to multiply the pace at which clotting happens, meaning even the most severe injuries will cease to bleed after a post or two depending on the severity of the damage. While small size wounds will heal within a post, particularly severe damage, such as direct trauma to an internal organ or a severed limb, will take two posts. This ability is continuous throughout the usage of the gates. This Gate gives the user the ability to learn and use the Hidden Lotus technique. Costs 300 experience to unlock. (Str: 1 Tier+, Spd: 1 Tier+, Con: ++, Sta: +20)

    The Fourth Gate is the Gate of Pain. It is also located on the spine. This gate is meant to keep the body's muscles from tearing themselves to pieces, and when it is forcibly unlocked the user is able to force their body into supernatural feats of strength. Increases the user's Strength, Constitution, and Speed by a boost of +. It also increases stamina by an additional 20 points. Costs 500 experience to unlock. (Str: 1 Tier++, Spd: 1 Tier++, Con: 1 Tier, Sta: +40)

    The Fifth Gate is the Gate of Limit. It is located in the abdomen and provides another burst of power to the user. The Fifth Gate provides much the same function as the Fourth Gate, though to a higher degree. When forcefully opened it provides a boost to Strength, Constitution, and Speed of + and grants an additional 20 maximum stamina. Costs 600 experience to unlock. (Str: 2 Tiers, Spd: 2 Tiers, Con: 1 Tier+, Sta: +60)

    The Sixth Gate is the Gate of Joy. It is located in the stomach, providing another burst of power to the user. At this stage an aura erupts around the user with activation as sweat is evaporated from the surface of the user's skin from the huge increase to the temperature of the body, giving it a green tinge. This gate provides the user with a boost to Strength and Speed of + and Constitution of ++. Requires 750 experience to learn. Grants the user the ability to learn and utilize the Morning Peacock technique. (Str: 2 Tiers+, Spd: 2 Tiers+, Con: 2 Tiers, Sta: +60)

    The Seventh Gate is the Gate of Wonder. It is located below the stomach, the most powerful gate that can be unlocked without risk of death. Its power is said to match an ordinary man to that of the kage. The body is on the verge of tearing itself to pieces with this gate and the raw amount of chakra flowing through the user's body creates a blue aura on their skin by the increased rate of evaporation of their sweat. The Seventh Gate increases the user's Strength and Speed by a + and their Constitution by ++. This gate also increases stamina by an additional 20 points. Requires 1000 experience to unlock. Grants the user the ability to learn and utilize the Daytime Tiger. (Str: 2 Tiers++, Spd: 2 Tiers++, Con: 2 Tiers++, Sta: +80)

    The Eighth Gate is the Gate of Death and is also known as the Eight Gates Release Formation. This gate is located over the heart and requires the user to penetrate their heart with chakra to force the gate open. Once this gate is opened, there is no turning back. The only outcome can be death for the user, making it a very potent technique. The amount of power granted is far greater than that provided by the Seventh Gate, increasing the user's base Strength and Speed by one tier before applying the rest of the boosts from the other Seven Gates. The user's stamina is increased by an additional 20 points and is fully refreshed. The maximum boost becomes X++, attainable only if the user's base in the boosted stat(s) is(are) S rank. Their blue aura turns red as their blood begins to boil out of their skin from the chakra. This gives them the appearance of a demon, as this red aura curls around their body like fire and gives them a more evil visage. (Str: 3 Tiers ++, Spd: 3 Tiers++, Con: 2 Tiers++, Sta: +100)

    The eighth gate provides access to the Evening Elephant and Night Guy techniques. Any damage already done to the user is erased and the counter begins again upon activating the Eighth Gate. Those who utilize the Gate of Death are capable of fighting on the level of Bijuu, according to legend. This gate is gained with the Seventh Gate, as one can only open the Eighth Gate once making it impossible to learn in the traditional way.

    The taxation of the body is inflicted as soon as the Gates are opened, with damage varying based on how far the muscles are being pushed. As each Gate takes the body a step further, each one causes more damage than the last, which is represented by a - that is applied to the Strength, Speed, and Constitution of the user as soon as the Gates are closed. Each Gate beyond the First adds another - to that penalty, up to the maximum of 7- (2 Tiers-) with the Seventh Gate. The Eighth Gate, of course, causes death within a round of its closing.

    This damage can be fought off for as long as the Gates are open, but their duration is determined by the user's base Constitution. For each Tier in Constitution, the user can keep the Gates opened for 2 posts, starting at 2 with E-Tier and ending at 12 with S-Tier. Once this time limit ends, the Gates are forced closed and the damage described above takes effect.

    Once the damage takes effect, it will impair the user's stats until recovery takes place. Recovery happens over the course of real time days, that is, days passing in the real world and not in the game world. For every 4 days that pass, a single - is removed from all affected stats. This means it takes 4 days to fully recover from opening the First Gate, but 28 days to fully recover from the Seventh Gate. This time can be halved for as long as the character is receiving medical attention; this means first being treated by a Player Character with the Ijutsu Skill and then avoiding combat -entering combat will end the bonus and the character will need to be treated again to resume it.

    Please note that base stats are stats at the natural level, without taking any boosts or debuffs into account.
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    Post by King of Games on Mon Mar 02, 2020 11:06 am

    Restricted Techniques & Abilities Information HG7lBlq
    Cursed Seals
    Cursed Seals are a special brand of Juuinjutsu, which is a branch of Fuuinjutsu, designed specifically to utilize Nature Chakra for physical enhancements. This is the result of a special combination of the application of Sage Mode knowledge and a seal-based recreation of the Nature Clan's ability to passively absorb Nature Chakra and use it to mutate the body. These both are required, in addition to the Fuuinjutsu Skill, for a person to create and distribute Cursed Seals.

    State 1
    The application process of a Cursed Seal varies by the user, but will generally involve some physical contact with the target that leaves a distinct marking on the skin. This seal will passively absorb and store Nature Chakra until it is accessed, at which point it will spread across the body, enhancing the physical abilities of the user. The level of this enhancement is determined by the Rank of the Seal:

    D-Rank: +
    C-Rank and Higher: ++

    These boosts are applied to all of the character's physical stats, to include: Strength, Constitution, Stamina, Speed, and Coordination. In order to access this first level, called State 1, the user must spend 500 Experience Points.

    State 2
    Cursed Seals of B-Rank and higher are able to access a second form, referred to as State 2, which further improves the body and causes the kind of mutation common with the Nature Clan. Unlike the Nature Clan, however, each Cursed seal only causes one or two mutations, such as wings, a tail, a third eye, or what have you, and can not be modified after it is applied. The stat boosts are likewise determined when the seal is applied and do not change. These selections are made by the recipient of the Cursed Seal via an Update.

    B-Rank: 1 Tier to 2 Stat
    A-Rank: 1 Tier to 3 Stats
    S-Rank: 1 Tier to 4 Stats

    These boosts replace the ++ provided by State 1 in the stats they affect, while still providing that ++ to all other stats. In order to access State 2, the user must invest 1,500 Experience into the Seal and then die. Yeah, you read that right. Somehow, someway, the character must die. The seal will bring the character back to life in State 2. Please keep in mind that this is not a reality bending regeneration; you will not be able to regrow limbs and if you are beheaded or otherwise cut or exploded into pieces, the seal will not be able to restore your life.

    Additionally, State 2 Cursed Seals heal all major injuries occurred upon activation. Keep in mind this is during activation only, so if you are injured while State 2 of the Cursed Seal is already active then you will not be healed.

    This all sounds pretty cool, right? Well, there are always drawbacks, and now we get to those.

    Cursed Seal Nature Chakra Pool
    A Cursed Seal passively gathers 5 points of Nature Chakra every post that it is not in use. This can accumulate quickly and, unlike the abilities that it is based on, does not determine its limit by using the recipient's natural Stamina. Instead, it is set at a constant 160 points, the equivalent to B-Tier Stamina.

    Cursed Seal Upkeep
    Now, as you might guess, that does mean that there is a cost to using the Cursed Seal. State 1 drains 10 points from that pool per post that it is in use, while State 2 drains 20 points per post. Partial Transformations, which apply the full boost to only specific areas, drains 10 points per post that they are used.

    Senjutsu Technique Enhancement
    State 2 users can exert more energy from the seal and use it to enhance their techniques, improving the power of affected jutsu by one rank while paying half the cost with their Senjutsu pool. A Cursed Seal cannot, however, use this ability to access Sage Art techniques.

    So there are the drawbacks to actually using the Cursed Seal, but there is also risk involved in actually applying the seal, because not every body is the same and may react differently to different seals. More experienced users can, however, reduce the chance of failure by adapting their sealing styles to a variety of people until they reach a point where they simply cannot fail, though higher ranking Cursed Seals are naturally more powerful and, because of that, have higher chances of failure. These chances are represented by a 100 sided dice roll, with the starting values listed below, which improve by 25 for each successful Cursed Seal application:

    D-Rank: 75%
    C-Rank: 50%
    B-Rank: 25%
    A-Rank: 0%
    S-Rank: -25%

    If the Cursed Seal application fails, the character will experience one of several results, determined by the following chart based on the roll of a ten-sided die:

    1: Death
    2-3: Seal drains the life force of the user, reducing stamina by half and then doubling the cost of every technique used.
    4-5: Seal remains permanently active, disfiguring the body and draining 5 points of the user's Stamina whenever a technique is used. No boosts are granted.
    6-7: Seal is a failure, but no other negative consequences
    8-9: Seal costs twice as much when active and requires double the experience to train
    10: Seal requires double the experience to train

    Boosts from the Nature Clan and Cursed Seals do not stack. Boosts from Cursed Seals and Sage Mode do not stack.
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    Restricted Techniques & Abilities Information EEFSx3U
    Sage Mode
    Sage Mode is the empowered state entered by shinobi that have undergone extensive training to master the use of Nature Chakra and blending it flawlessly with one's own reserves, creating Senjutsu Chakra. This technique requires immense control and balance to master, while posing a constant risk of death. Failure to possibly balance Senjutsu Chakra within one's own body will see that body morph into the figure of an animal and then become stone, killing the user and making this technique impossible to learn without tutelage. Generally, Sage Masters are found only in the three iconic Summoning locations: Mount Myōboku, the Ryūchi Cave, and the Shikkotsu Forest.

    Perfect Sages
    Sages that learn from the Toads of Mount Myōboku, the Snakes of the Ryūchi Cave, or the Slugs of the Shikkotsu Forest are referred to as Perfect Sages. These are the people that have learned to perfectly balance the Senjutsu Chakra to the point that their body reaches the peak blend with Nature Chakra, granting the full abilities of Sage Mode and changing only the eyes and surrounding areas to be similar to the animals from which the Sage was taught.

    Perfect Sages receive a 1 Tier boost to Strength, Constitution, Speed, Coordination, and Perception while Sage Mode is active.

    Imperfect Sages
    Imperfect Sages are those that are taught Sage Mode from Perfect Sages. This is easier in that human Sages will generally have looser guidelines than animal Sages for the Sage selection process, but Perfect Sages are less capable at teaching Sage Mode than are their own teachers. Because of this, Imperfect Sages are less efficient at melding Senjutsu Chakra with their own bodies, causing slight morphing and fewer enhancements. These physical changes can vary by users but will generally resemble in some way the animals from which that Sage Mode originated.

    Imperfect Sages receive a ++ to Strength, Constitution, Speed, Coordination, and Perception while Sage Mode is active.

    Non-Use Sages
    When an Imperfect Sage teaches the method of Sage Mode, it creates what is called a Non-Use Sage. These are people with the knowledge of how to perform Sage Mode, but have received insufficient training to actually enter Sage Mode. This has little use other than providing the information necessary to create Cursed Seals, which also require an in depth analysis of the genetics of the Nature Clan.

    Senjutsu Technique Enhancement
    By mixing Senjutsu Chakra into a technique, Sages are able to enhance the power and effectiveness of that technique. This can create techniques referred to as Sage Arts, or can simply improve the power rank of a regular jutsu by 1. To do this, the Sage need only spend half of the technique's cost with the pool of Senjutsu Chakra, while using the normal chakra pool for the other half. This ability is available to both Perfect and Imperfect Sages.

    Senjutsu Chakra Pool
    The Senjutsu Chakra Pool is the energy reservoir drawn from when using Sage Mode and what is spent in the technique enhancement ability mentioned above. The amount of Senjutsu Chakra available is based on the amount of training put into Sage Mode. It takes a careful balance and is therefore difficult to expand, forcing Sages to spend 50 Experience Points to increase the pool by 10 points.  Every Sage's Senjutsu Chakra Pool starts out at zero points but then slowly grows as they invest experience. The absolute limit to their Senjutsu Chakra Pool is half of their base Stamina stat's points.

    Sage Mode Upkeep
    While in Sage Mode, Sages use a constant draw of Senjutsu Chakra from their pool. This begins at the cost of 20 points per post, but by spending 500 Experience Points, Sages can halve that value to 10 points per post. Perfect Sages are able to do this again, spending another 500 Exp Points to bring the cost down to 5 points per post.

    Sage Kata
    To further a Sage's fighting ability, the animal Sages have developed Kata specific to themselves: Frog Kata, Snake Kata, and Slug Kata. These Kata burn 5 points more in Senjutsu Chakra to forcefully enhance the body even more, adding an additional ++ to two stats each. Toads boost Strength and Perception. Snakes boost Speed and Coordination. Slugs boost Constitution and Perception. There are also additional abilities for each of the Kata:
    Frog Kata: Surrounds the user in an aura of Nature Chakra that amplifies the range of the user's physical strikes by about a foot in all directions. Those unable to see or sense Nature Chakra will be unaware of this aura and, therefore, may easily be struck by an attack that they previously thought they'd avoided.
    Snake Kata: Surrounds the user in a barely visible cyan aura, spiking the user's hair in a flame like appearance. Up to three snakes made of invisible Nature Chakra surround the user, able to lash out at the user's will with an effective range of up to three meters each. These snakes are unable to block attacks. These snakes move with a speed equal to the user's base Coordination and strike with a strength equal to the user's base Strength.
    Slug Kata: Surrounds the user in an aura of Nature Chakra much akin to the Frog Kata, but rather than amplify attacks, this aura amplifies defense.The aura can deflect the force of blows that are not taken at center mass (as in aiming for an imaginary line running along the body a few inches deep to the spine), reducing such attacks by two Tiers of Strength.

    Katas are advanced forms of Sage Mode that are only accessible to Perfect Sages.

    Gathering Senjutsu Chakra
    Because of these costs, Sages may find themselves depleting their Senjutsu Chakra pool rather quickly, providing a need to renew that energy. By remaining completely still, the Sage can effectively become one with nature, allowing Nature Chakra to flow into his body that he immediately converts to Senjutsu Chakra. This is one of the hardest parts of mastering Sage Mode, but it does restore 10 points per post that it is done.

    There are few workarounds to remaining perfectly still, which is practically impossible in battle:

    -By implanting the Nature Clan Bloodline, Sages are able to passively absorb Nature Chakra, though this is less efficient than the traditional method. It adds 5 points of Senjutsu Chakra per post, regardless of what the Sage is doing.

    -Similar to the above, a Sage can use the Amphibian, Reptile, or Gastropod Techniques to temporarily fuse with animal Sages belonging to their Summoning Contract. The animal Sages will attach themselves to the user and gather Nature Chakra and transfer it to the user while he fights. Each of these animals can gather 5 points per post, with a maximum of two animals per Sage, limiting this ability to generating 10 points per post. Jinchuuriki and those of the Nature Clan are naturally incompatible with these techniques.

    -The user can make any number of shadow clones to remain still and gather the energy. So long as the clones are within viewing distance of the user, whether by being summoned to him or having been there the whole time, they can be dispersed by the user to transfer all of the Senjutsu Chakra they've gathered to the user. The maximum they can gather is the same as their creator.

    If a member of the Nature Clan learns Sage Mode, he will no longer suffer from the reductions to Intelligence and Perception when using Sage Transformation and will be able to use the technique enhancement ability of Sage Mode. However, he will not be able to reduce the cost of the Sage Transformation and is still unable to assign his boosts to Perception.

    Boosts from the Nature Clan and Sage Mode do not stack. Boosts from Cursed Seals and Sage Mode do not stack.

    Sage Mode users and those with Custom Restricteds based off Sage Mode are entitled to one fairly powerful Exclusive Jutsu OR a free powerful Exclusive Perk for their Sage Summoning Contract. It should also be noted that Kuchiyose users who make a Custom Sage Mode can still make another custom summoning contract.
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    Bijuu Rules

    The Bijuu are nine creatures created by Hagoromo upon his death by splitting up the chakra of the Juubi and using the power of his completed Rin’negan to fashion that chakra into form and give it life, creating the powerful forces of nature we all know today. The Bijuu knew the Sage of the Six Paths only a short while before his inevitable death, and were then separated amongst the Five Sages that stayed true to Hagoromo’s teachings. To the Land of Wind went Shukaku, the One-Tailed Tanuki, and Chōmei, the Seven-Tailed Kabutomushi . To the Land of Lightning went Matatabi, the Two-Tailed Kasha, and Gyūki, the Eight-Tailed Ushi-Oni. To the Land of Water went Isobu, the Three-Tailed Turtle, and Saiken, the Six-Tailed Slug. To the Land of Earth went Son Goku, the Four-Tailed Gorilla, and Kokuō, the Five Tailed Dolphin Horse. Finally, to the Land of Fire went Kurama, the Nine-Tailed Kitsune.

    Each of the Tailed Beasts were cared for and lived relatively isolated whilst the Five Sages tended to the affairs of humanity. However, once the Five Sages began departing from this world, one by one, their successors, having had little contact with the powerful, now grown Bijuu, eventually determined that the beasts’ great power would best serve to aid in their conquest over each other, and so the Bijuu were forced to take part in the wars of humans. Some were sealed within human vessels to more accurately direct their tremendous destructive power, while most were thrown amidst enemy forces and villages as bombs to wreak havoc. Continued use as weapons developed a calloused and hateful perception towards humans, as even the host Jinchuuriki saw them only as tools for war. The Biuu fought and killed humans and even fought each other on occasion, when their captives demanded it.

    Over time, the Bijuu grew weary of the endless conflict and, setting aside their boundless thirst for vengeance against the humans, took every opportunity to escape, and eventually, they did, until no humans were in possession of any Bijuu. When no Land held in its grasp the might of a Tailed Beast, expeditions and quests were soon begun, as every single faction and group and clan explored the world in search of the missing Bijuu, for whoever could claim one would have a clear and decisive advantage over all other nations, but they were all for naught. The Bijuu could not be located, and after many decades, the humans simply stopped looking, and eventually, the legendary Tailed Beasts became just that, a legend.

    Though the monsters themselves have vanished, there still remain secrets locked away in hidden, ancient scrolls detailing the vast powers of Hagoromo’s creations and their use in people. Once the Hidden Villages formed with the unification of the clans, these secrets were given to the Kage to protect, and hopefully, never have to use. Below are the specifics in those scrolls, though only the Kage presiding over the Land to which each Bijuu belonged possesses the knowledge of that Bijuu.

    Unique Abilities
    Each Tailed Beast possesses a unique trait that is bestowed upon its Jinchuuriki as soon as sealing occurs. For as long as the Bijuu remains within its host, the host’s chakra becomes tainted with the Bijuu’s, and gains some properties of it, granting access to the following:
    Ichibi: Magnet Release
    -When manipulating sand, the Cursed Seals naturally present on Shukaku's body may be used to seal targets, whether or not the Jinchuuriki actually has the Fuuinjtusu Skill.
    Niibi: Azure Katon; Claw Creation
    -The Fire Release not only appears blue in color, but is naturally hotter than normal Fire Release and, because of that, increases the power rank of all Katon techniques used by one. The claws are of similar strength to chakra reinforced steel, making them nearly unbreakable and deadly sharp.
    Sanbi: Suiton; Coral Creation
    -Isobu's natural connection to Water Release transfers partially to the host, reducing the cost of all Suiton techniques by one rank. The coral is not of particularly notable durability.
    Yonbi: Lava Release
    Gobi: Boil Release
    Rokubi: Bubble Ninjutsu; Corrosive Alkali Creation
    -The specialty of Saiken's Bubble based Ninjutsu allows for the combination of alkaline properties into all bubbles made by those techniques.
    Nanabi: Insect-Based Ninjutsu
    -While it may not sound like much, this is one of the most versatile Bijuu abilities, as it allows for anything insect related, such as creating web-like strands of chakra, crafting cocoons, growing wings for flight, projecting toxins through bites, and so much more.
    Hachibi: Ink Creation
    -The natural ability to generate ink from the mouth makes writing rhymes on the fly way more convenient, yo.
    Kyuubi: Negative Emotions Sensing
    -This ability begins as a Sensor-Exclusive that uses the Jinchuuriki's own sensor range. When control is gained, this ability no longer requires the Sensory Skill and is set at 500 Meters. When a Bond is gained, that range increases to 1 Kilometer.

    Jinchuuriki that gain an Advanced Element from their Bijuu do not gain the Basic Elements that comprise it.

    Chakra Access
    The first thing a Jinchuuriki will attempt when trying to gain better control over the beast within is accessing its chakra. Each Bijuu has a sizeable pool of Stamina that is usually higher than the Jinchuuriki’s and, because it only counts against the Bijuu when used, it can be very beneficial to the Jinchuuriki. Gaining access to a Bijuu’s chakra usually begins at pleading with the Bijuu to use its power, whether to accomplish some task or to win some fight. All Bijuu naturally wish to preserve themselves, and will usually bestow their power when it appears necessary to ensure the survival of their Jinchuuriki, whose life is linked to theirs, but only for short periods of time. A Jinchuuriki is initially able to access the Bijuu’s Stamina for one post out of a topic. With more usage, the Bijuu begins to trust the Jinchuuriki’s ability to effectively use its chakra and may allow increased opportunity to wield it, should the Jinchuuriki display some level of aptitude. By spending 100 Experience posts, a Jinchuuriki can increase this limit by 1 post to a maximum of 5 posts. With Control, this increases to 10 and again to 20 when a Bond is formed. Be careful, though, because the Bijuu's Stamina can run out, which brings us to:

    Chakra Recovery
    If you somehow manage to actually use up all or most of a Bijuu’s Stamina, the Bijuu will enter into a focused meditation devoted to regaining its reserves. This is a time when the beast’s power will be completely cut off from the host, preventing any sort of ability at all related to the Bijuu. Recovery occurs at a rate of 10% per post.

    For the sake of self-preservation, Bijuu will use their chakra to regenerate wounds inflicted upon their Jinchuuriki if they deem the situation threatening enough to warrant their interference. This can be taxing on the Bijuu, which is why it is rarely used, but it can potentially heal all wounds, even those that no other technique might be able to. By dumping 20% of its reserves into the host, a Tailed Beast can cause all non-lethal wounds to progressively recover over the course of a single post. By increasing that amount to 50%, all wounds will progressively recover over the course of a single post. Even holes in the body and destroyed organs will be regenerated in moments. Once Control is gained, the Jinchuuriki will no longer need to wait for the Bijuu to determine the threat of the situation, and can activate this ability at will.

    Initial Jinchuuriki Mode
    This is a state in which the Bijuu’s power slowly leaks over the host body, creating a cloak of red chakra that is invisible to the naked eye, but emanates a sort of vile energy that can clearly be felt. The Jinchuuriki’s eyes will change to match that of the Bijuu’s, and the body will be increased slightly. This is a response to extreme stress, when the Jinchuuriki loses control over the emotional state and the Bijuu’s influence is allowed to seep into the subconscious. Animalistic instincts begin to take over even as the nails and teeth elongate into sharp, pointed ends. This state provides a ++ boost to Strength, Constitution, Speed, and Coordination, while subtracting a tier from Intelligence. Something unique to note with Bijuu is that as Intelligence decreases in the Jinchuuriki, their behavior more accurately reflects that of the Bijuu, until it reaches E-Tier, at which point, the Jinchuuriki acts exactly as would the Bijuu. This mode can be mastered at the cost of 250 Experience Points, which allows it to be activated at will, with a post limit that extends like Chakra Access: 100 Experience per post, up to a 5 maximum, 10 with Control, and no maximum with a Bond.

    Version One
    When the loss of emotional control reaches a point that the Jinchuuriki is not recovering, by either remaining in the Initial Jinchuuriki Mode for 3 posts (or 5 if mastered), or the strain is particularly great, or if the Bijuu was forced to heal a lethal wound, the chakra cloaking the Jinchuuriki suddenly becomes visible and takes a bubbling, almost liquid form reminiscent of the Bijuu itself that coats the host body. In the unique case of Shukaku, chakra does not leak out as a cloak, but instead, sand covers half the body, making the same changes as the Initial Jinchuuriki Mode, but with enlarged features similar to the One Tails itself. Version One increases the physical body while diminishing the mind, and its ability to do both increases with each additional tail that is present. A Tail is added only with three posts of continued use, so long as the emotional strain is still present. V1 provides an A-Rank Defense.
    Tail One: ++ Boost to Strength, Constitution, Speed, and Coordination with an additional + in the primary stat of the Bijuu. -1 Tier to Intelligence. Shukaku, Matatabi, and Isobu may not progress beyond this point.
    Tail Two: ++ Boost to Strength, Constitution, Speed, and Coordination, with an additional + in the primary and secondary stats of the Bijuu. -1 Tier and one “-“ to Intelligence. Son Goku, Kokuo, and Saiken may not progress beyond this point.
    Tail Three: ++ Boost to Strength, Constitution, Speed, and Coordination, with an additional + in the primary, secondary, and tertiary stats of the Bijuu. -1 Tier and two “-“ to Intelligence. No Bijuu may progress beyond this point.

    Prior to obtaining control over this form, Version One will cause physical discomfort to those nearby and may even inflict burns to those that touch it. It can also corrode the user's body over time, reducing Constitution by one "-" after the form ends. While in Version One, Jinchuuriki gain access to Tailed Beast Chakra Arms and Tailed Beast Shockwave. Additionally, an ability unique to Version One is the self sufficiency of the cloak. Because the cloak is not condensed around the user as in Version Two and is of sufficient potency to take a physical form, unlike Initial Jinchuuriki Mode, Version One's cloak can act of its own accord, moving separate from the user to confuse the enemy by thinking two attacks are happening at once. This confusion reduces the Perception of the enemy by one tier and has been known to scramble the Sharingan's once thought flawless powers of prediction. In order to master a tail in this state, the Jinchuuriki must spend 250 Experience. That will allow activation at will, with a time limit determined by spending 50 Experience per post, up to 5 Posts or 10 posts with Control. With a Bond, there is no maximum. Keep in mind that this will not negate the stat reductions.

    Version Two
    After undergoing extreme stress, such that emotions run wildly out of control, or after remaining in the Bijuu’s maximum level of Version One for 3 posts (or 5 if mastered), the cloak will condense over the skin and expand into an orb that explodes with extreme pressure. This can create a large crater in the ground and blow away massive trees and boulders and burn anything still standing. This explosion is optional, and has a 50 meter radius, travels at S-Rank speed, and inflicts A-Rank damage. What remains after the explosion is the Jinchuuriki, coated in a chakra cloak not unlike Version One, but of such density that only a dark, crimson shape can be seen, and barely anything of the person underneath. This cloak provides an S-Rank Defense along with complete immunity to piercing. Touching it can cause swift incineration. The body is enhanced greatly, as well, but Intelligence takes a heavy hit and the body is left weakened afterwards.
    Tail One (Shukaku): 1 Tier Boost to Strength, Constitution, Speed, and Coordination. -2 Tiers to Intelligence. Shukaku may not progress beyond this point.
    Tail Two (Matatabi/Isobu): 1 Tier Boost to Strength, Constitution, Speed, and Coordination, with an additional + in the primary stat of the Bijuu. -2 Tiers and one “-“ to Intelligence. Matatabi may not progress beyond this point.
    Tail Three (Isobu/Son Goku/Kokuo/Saiken): 1 Tier Boost to Strength, Constitution, Speed, and Coordination, with an additional + in the primary and secondary stats of the Bijuu. -2 Tiers and two “-“ to Intelligence. Isobu may not progress beyond this point.
    Tail Four: 1 Tier Boost to Strength, Constitution, Speed, and Coordination, with an additional + in the primary, secondary, and tertiary stats of the Bijuu. -3 Tiers to Intelligence. Son Goku may not progress beyond this point.
    Tail Five: 1 Tier Boost to Strength, Constitution, Speed, and Coordination, with an additional + in the primary, secondary, tertiary, and quaternary stats of the Bijuu. -3 Tiers and one “-“ to Intelligence. Kokuo may not progress beyond this point.
    Tail Six: 1 Tier+ Boost to Strength, Constitution, Speed, and Coordination. -3 Tiers and two “-“ to Intelligence. Saiken may not progress beyond this point.
    Tail Seven: 1 Tier+ Boost to Strength, Constitution, Speed, and Coordination, with an additional + in the primary stat of the Bijuu. -4 Tiers to Intelligence. Chomei may not progress beyond this point. Kurama becomes giant in this stage.
    Tail Eight: 1 Tier+ Boost to Strength, Constitution, Speed, and Coordination, with an additional + in the primary and secondary stats of the Bijuu. -4 Tiers and one “-“ to Intelligence. Gyuki may not progress beyond this point. Kurama forms organs and muscle tissue.
    Tail Nine: 1 Tier+ Boost to Strength, Constitution, Speed, and Coordination, with an additional + in the primary, secondary, and tertiary stats of the Bijuu. -4 Tiers and two “-“ to Intelligence. Kurama becomes fully formed.

    Now, normally a tail is added after three posts of consistent use, but in Version Two, if the Jinchuuriki’s Intelligence hits E-Tier, a tail is added every single post, until the maximum. When a Jinchuuriki is at the maximum amount of tails with E-Tier Intelligence, the seal begins to burn, tripling the rate at which it deteriorates while in Version Two. The Jinchuuriki will be unable to deactivate the mode, as well, meaning that unless someone else intervenes, the Tailed Beast will be unleashed and the Jinchuuriki will be killed.

    While in Version Two, a Jinchuuriki will gain access to the Tailed Beast Ball, but can only use a partial, A-Rank version of it. It still deals great damage and can be fired in the same ways as the large one: as an explosive sphere or a destructive beam.

    To master this state, simply spend 350 Experience Points per tail you wish to master, and increase the time limit by 50 Experience per post for up to 5 posts, or 10 with Control, or however high as you wish with a Bond. Again, this doesn't negate the stat reductions, so be careful if your Tail level gets your Intelligence too low.

    Whenever a Jinchuuriki feels that they’ve reached a point in their journey that full manipulation of the Bijuu’s power is needed, they may challenge that Bijuu in combat. This battle will take place in the mind, with the battlefield set as whatever that specific Jinchuuriki’s mental scape is –it was a basement level factory for Naruto in canon, for example. During this battle, the Jinchuuriki will have access to none of the Bijuu’s power and, in most cases, will be fighting that Bijuu at full strength one-on-one. Those that possess the Sharingan or other Jinchuuriki can enter the mind to aid in the battle, as well as any who have implanted their chakra within the seal itself, but only for a short while, as when Kushina aided Naruto. However, the true meaning of this battle is the drawing out of the Bijuu’s chakra and containing it within the host, a task that is left entirely to the Jinchuuriki. Bijuu of higher tails have denser levels of chakra that is both heavier and more toxic than lesser tails, though the disparity in actual amount is small. For every Tail that the Bijuu possesses, the Jinchuuriki will need to complete an extraction. An extraction is done by disabling the Bijuu long enough to remove all or a portion of its chakra, done once per post.

    Once all of the Bijuu’s chakra has been extracted, the Jinchuuriki is now able to use it freely. Initial Jinchuuriki Mode and the Version forms no longer reduce Intelligence and Constitution, and the Jinchuuriki will now gain access to the Tailed Beast Telepathy technique. However, the primary benefit is that Bijuu abilities will now deteriorate the seal at a slower rate, allowing more usage of demon chakra before the seal is broken.

    It's important to note that the maximum amount of experience a Jinchuuriki can invest in their Bijuu without having gained control is 3000 experience points. After that, they are absolutely required to fight the Bijuu in their minds and achieve control before they can be able to invest any further points and gain more abilities.

    Tailed Beast Mode
    This is arguably the most powerful ability of a Jinchuuriki. The Jinchuuriki is able to use the Bijuu’s power to recreate it in a perfect replica, potentially with full access to the Bijuu’s original power. This is incredibly difficult to master, however, and takes great time and practice. Once in any of the following transformations, the Jinchuuriki can gain access to the fully powered Tailed Beast Ball.

    Initial (0 Exp): The transformation is similar to a Combination Transformation technique performed with a giant summon. The Bijuu is created in perfect form, but its power is not yet fully accessed. -3 Tiers to all Bijuu stats. Using this level requires the Jinchuuriki to have mastered the Initial, Version One, and Version Two forms. Control is not actually required to learn this level. For each post that this is used, 15 CP per post is deducted from the Bijuu's chakra. If the Jinchuuriki attempts to use this without mastering the previous forms, the transformation will fail and the Jinchuuriki will become a comical miniature version of the Bijuu that has the same stats as the Jinchuuriki at base.

    Partial (250 Exp): Now a considerable amount of the Bijuu is beginning to project onto the transformation as the Jinchuuriki becomes more accustomed to properly siphoning that power. Only 2 Tiers are deducted from all of the Bijuu's stats, and to use the Initial transformation will only cost 15% of the Bijuu's chakra per post. Using the Partial costs 15 CP per post, however, and the Jinchuuriki must have activated the Initial at least ten different times over ten topics.

    Advanced (250 Exp): Only when the Jinchuuriki has reached the Partial level and gained Control over the Bijuu's chakra may the near full might of the creature be transmitted through this transformation. Just 1 Tier is reduced to all of the Bijuu's stats.  Advanced is set at 20 CP per post.

    Complete (250 Exp): After using the Advanced form a daunting twenty times over twenty different topics, the Jinchuuriki will finally be able to use the full might of the Bijuu, negating all reductions to the Tailed Beast's stats when using Tailed Beast Mode. The costs are 25 CP per post. There isn't much to say about this level other than the Jinchuuriki will now be a force of nature and something to be feared.

    Master (250 Exp): When the Jinchuuriki has formed a Bond with the Bijuu and has acquired the Complete form, the Master level is unlocked. This does not provide any increases to the power of Tailed Beast Mode, but it does allow for partial transformations that vary in size from the Jinchuuriki's body to the Bijuu's body. Any portion can be transformed at will and, should the Jinchuuriki have mastered Chakra Mode, the altered part can also be comprised solely of the Bijuu's chakra. This drains 30 CP per post.

    Chakra Mode
    Chakra Mode is the state a Jinchuuriki enters when they decide to use the Bijuu's chakra in full and apply it to their bodies. This can only happen when the Jinchuuriki has acquired Control over the Tailed Beast's chakra and can quickly burn up the seal, making it very difficult to use with weaker seals. This cloak takes on a flaming appearance with color varying by Jinchuuriki and Bijuu, as just like one's chakra is colored by one's unique Yin-Yang energy balance, so, too, is Chakra Mode colored by the unique balance between Beast and host. There are different levels for this mode, based on general Bijuu mastery and use of this ability. Chakra Mode provides an S++ Rank Defense.

    Shroud (0 Exp): Immediately after gaining Control, the Jinchuuriki's Chakra Mode appears as a simple shroud of flame-like chakra coating the body and clothing, taking on the shape of the host's appearance with the sole addition of sealing patterns based on the specific Fuuinjutsu used to contain the Tailed Beast. This level can use all Tailed Beast abilities save only for the full sized Tailed Beast Ball, though it can still make use of the smaller, A-Rank variation. The stat boosts for this state are slightly better than Version Two, but without any of the physical alterations. 2 Tier Boost to Strength, Constitution, Speed, and Coordination. The cost of keeping Chakra Mode active is deducted from the Jinchuuriki's Stamina rather than the Bijuu's, due to the Bijuu's siphoning from it. The Shroud level costs 30 CP per post.

    Cloak (0 Exp): Once a Bond has been formed, the coating of Chakra Mode enhances to form into its own cloak-like appearance, covering the Jinchuuriki in an extra set of clothing made entirely from the energy of the Bijuu. The seal markings present in the Shroud level enhance and spread further, and the eyes change to resemble that of the Bijuu's.  The Tailed Beast no longer siphons the host's chakra, isolating the cost of Chakra Mode to only the Bijuu's chakra. The cost remains at 30 CP per post.

    Unity (500 Exp): The Jinchuuriki and Bijuu become accustomed to unifying their energies and are able to synchronize on a far higher level than before. Rather than shelving their own chakra, Jinchuuriki are able to combine and enhance it with their Bijuu's chakra, using the impressive potency of the demonic chakra to bolster their own reserves. No longer does the Bijuu's Stamina stat replace the Jinchuuriki's. The cost remains at 30 CP per post although both the Jinchurikki's Stamina and Bijuu's Stamina pool are added together for this purpose.

    Mastery (500 Exp): So much experience has the Jinchuuriki gained in using the Bijuu's chakra that they can manipulate each other's energies as their own. The Jinchuuriki can now use chakra to enter into Tailed Beast Mode, standing amidst the head or within the arms, hands, feet, or tails behind a veil of translucent but very solid Tailed Beast energy. It will appear just as the Bijuu does, but with the same color and seal patterns as are present in Chakra Mode, and should the Jinchuuriki have reached the Master level of Tailed Beast Mode, they can partially form parts of the Bijuu out of chakra, without the need to actually change their own bodies. Even better, however, is the ability to project Tailed Beast Mode beyond the body. It drains chakra at its own cost, in conjunction with whatever the Jinchuuriki uses, but the Bijuu can fight as would a summon, separate from its host and with its full power. The actual power of this level is determined by the level of Tailed Beast Mode that the Jinchuuriki has acquired. Utilizing this ability costs 30 CP per post.

    The Bond is a form of mutual understanding and friendship that only occurs with time and effort, represented by a total of 3000 Experience points that has been invested into Bijuu powers, with an additional 100 Experience per tail of that Bijuu. This is a running total based on how far the Jinchuuriki progresses. Once formed, the Bond initiates the Cloak level of Chakra Mode and eliminates nearly all downsides to being possessed; the Bijuu no longer wishes to harm the body when using Version One and Two Forms. It freely works to allow the host to manipulate its vast power in as little as accessing its chakra supply or as much as fully utilizing the Tailed Beast Mode. The Bijuu no longer makes any effort to escape, removing the strain and damage caused on the seal when using Bijuu related abilities and forms.

    Note: Remember that the maximum amount of exp you can invest before achieving control is 3000 points. This means that it's impossible for any Jinchuuriki to achieve Bond before achieving Control.

    In order to become a Jinchuuriki in the first place, a character must have a Fuuinjutsu technique that is capable of sealing a Bijuu applied to the body and used in the presence of the Bijuu. Each technique describes its own sealing process, as they can be very similar or completely different, but all generally result in the Bijuu being entirely contained within the character's body. This Fuuinjutsu is then the only thing keeping the Bijuu locked within the host body, and is also what binds the Jinchuuriki's life to the Bijuu's. Obviously, this causes the Bijuu to make a point of breaking that seal to undo the link and regain freedom, usually at the cost of the Jinchuuriki's life.

    Breaking the seal is a long process that involves forcing demonic chakra through the seal and onto the host, steadily weakening the seal in the process, until it finally breaks. All Fuuinjutsu that contain Tailed Beasts are inherently linked to the Jinchuuriki's will, such that when the host is strong and of sound mind, there may well be no chakra leakage at all, but in cases when the Jinchuuriki is wounded or near death and that will falters, the Bijuu will be able to force its chakra out. This often occurs when the host is wounded and the chakra induces healing, or when the Jinchuuriki suffers from emotional trauma that might unleash one of the Jinchuuriki Forms. Of course, at any point, the host can mentally undo the seal and release the Bijuu that way. This will still kill the host, however.

    Each seal is given a point value based on its rank. These points represent the remaining life of the seal, and when they are depleted, the Jinchuuriki is killed and the Bijuu is released. The point values are as follows:
    E-Rank: 25
    D-Rank: 50
    C-Rank: 100
    B-Rank: 150
    A-Rank: 300
    S-Rank: 500

    Using any Tailed Beast abilities mentioned on this page will reduce those points, so it is suggested that the highest ranking seal available be used and that the Jinchuuriki take great care in accessing any demonic power. The points lost for each post that an ability is used are listed below:
    Unique Ability: 1 [Elemental Ninjutsu Rank Reductions UAs Do Not Damage Seals If the User Has the Element Prior to Gaining the Bijuu]
    Chakra Access: 5
    Minor Healing: 10
    Major Healing: 20
    Initial Jinchuuriki Mode: 10
    Version One: 15
    Version Two: 25
    Tailed Beast Mode: 30
    Chakra Mode: 15

    Gaining Control over the Bijuu's chakra will allow the Jinchuuriki to utilize it in a more secure manner, though because the Bijuu does not wish to work alongside the Jinchuuriki, its chakra is still toxic to the seal. Once Control is gained, the above point reduction values are all reduced by 5.

    Once a Bond is formed, the Bijuu will no longer use its chakra to deteriorate the seal. For those not quite so progressed with their Tailed Beast, however, there is a way to reinforce the seal. Seals that contain Tailed Beasts can be learned by any that possess the Fuuinjutsu Skill, but when created, can only be as strong in Rank as the Tier of the creator's Intelligence. The same is true of reinforcement; one with the Fuuinjutsu Skill can reinforce a seal but only if one's Intelligence is equal to or higher than the Rank of the seal.

    A seal that is reinforced regains some of its power, thereby extending the life of the host while allowing for further use of the Bijuu's abilities. However, a seal cannot be made new, no matter how hard a Fuuinjutsu user may try. Every time a seal is reinforced, it is restored to exactly 25 points less than the previous maximum point value. So, if a B-Rank seal is reinforced, it will be brought back up to 125 points. If it's reinforced again, it'll be restored to 100 points, and so on until the seal cannot be reinforced any longer.

    Bijuu Stats
    Below are the stats of the nine Bijuu. Beside each stat is noted which ones the Bijuu favors most, which apply focused boosts during many of the Tailed Beast Forms on this page.

    Shukaku (One-Tails/Ichibi)

    Strength: S+ (Primary)
    Constitution: S (Secondary)
    Stamina: S
    Speed: A (Quinary)
    Coordination: A (Quaternary)
    Intelligence: A
    Perception: A (Tertiary)

    Matatabi (Two-Tails/Niibi)

    Strength: A (Quaternary)
    Constitution: A (Quinary)
    Stamina: S
    Speed: S+ (Primary)
    Coordination: S+ (Secondary)
    Intelligence: A
    Perception: A (Tertiary)

    Isobu (Three-Tails/Sanbi)

    Strength: S (Tertiary)
    Constitution: S (Primary)
    Stamina: S
    Speed: A (Quinary)
    Coordination: A (Quaternary)
    Intelligence: S
    Perception: A (Secondary)

    Son Goku (Four-Tails/Yonbi)

    Strength: S+ (Primary)
    Constitution: S (Tertiary)
    Stamina: S+
    Speed: A (Quinary)
    Coordination: S (Secondary)
    Intelligence: A
    Perception: A (Quaternary)

    Kokuō (Five-Tails/Gobi)

    Strength: S+ (Secondary)
    Constitution: A (Quaternary)
    Stamina: S+
    Speed: S+ (Primary)
    Coordination: A (Quinary)
    Intelligence: A
    Perception: S (Tertiary)

    Saiken (Six-Tails/Rokubi)

    Strength: A (Quaternary)
    Constitution: S (Primary)
    Stamina: S+
    Speed: A (Quinary)
    Coordination: S (Tertiary)
    Intelligence: S
    Perception: S (Secondary)

    Chōmei (Seven-Tails/Nanabi)

    Strength: A (Quinary)
    Constitution: S+ (Primary)
    Stamina: S++
    Speed: S (Tertiary)
    Coordination: S (Quaternary)
    Intelligence: A
    Perception: S (Secondary)

    Gyūki (Eight-Tails/Hachibi)

    Strength: S+ (Primary)
    Constitution: S+ (Secondary)
    Stamina: S++
    Speed: A (Quinary)
    Coordination: S (Quaternary)
    Intelligence: S
    Perception: A (Tertiary)

    Kurama (Nine-Tails/Kyuubi)

    Strength: S (Secondary)
    Constitution: S (Quaternary)
    Stamina: S++
    Speed: S (Tertiary)
    Coordination: A (Quinary)
    Intelligence: S
    Perception: S (Primary)

    These are the stats used during the Tailed Beast Mode and are the base stats for free Bijuu. However, free Bijuu are prone to aggression and, when, angered, my display greater stats than are represented here. Jinchuuriki using Tailed Beast Mode do not have the same ability, for that kind of loss of control would easily disrupt the transformation or even cause their seal to break.

    Boosts and Stacking
    The stat boosts granted by any of the abilities on this page are considered Unique Boosters and, because of that, do not count towards the two tier limit to boosting. This also means that a Jinchuuriki can potentially stack with a Tailed Beast ability to reach even higher stat levels. However, this is rare. Bijuu chakra is generally incompatible with other techniques, especially those that involve flow, due to its erratic nature which may instantly dispel any sort of chakra flow jutsu.

    While using the Unique Ability, Chakra Access, or Healing, the Jinchuuriki can activate any booster desired. When using Initial Jinchuuriki Mode, Version One, or Version Two, no boosters can be stacked. Any of these that are mastered, however, will allow for boosts pertaining to Taijutsu only, and only so long as the Jinchuuriki's Intelligence remains above E-Tier. When Control is gained, the Jinchuuriki may use any boosters desired with the Initial Jinchuuriki Mode, and can use any physical boosts, such as Taijutsu, Bukijutsu, and Kenjutsu, with the Version One and Version Two Forms.

    Tailed Beast Mode does not allow any boosters that are not specifically designed to be used while in Tailed Beast Mode. Chakra Mode, however, can be much more lenient. Before a bond is formed, the Bijuu's chakra does not mesh well with most boosters, but like the Controlled Version forms, Chakra Mode will allow for physical boosters. It isn't until a Bond is formed that the Bijuu's chakra becomes compatible with the host's and allows for any other types of boosters to be used with it.

    Other Information
    Listed below are various rules pertaining specifically to Bijuu and Jinchuuriki.

    -Bijuu are considered a Restricted Ability. Like all Restricted Abilities, Bijuu are introduced into the game by staff. This can occur as random encounters, the opportunity to register a character that begins as a Jinchuuriki, or any number of things. When the time comes that they will be introduced, we will let you know.

    -Like all Restricted Abilities, Bijuu are considered upper level and as such, Jinchuuriki are held to a higher standard of roleplay, meaning that those characters are to avoid abusing the powerful abilities granted them and actively work to make the game a fun and interesting place for everybody. This doesn't limit the actions of your character, but it does mean that we expect more out of you as a player.

    -When the seal is broken, the Jinchuuriki dies and the Bijuu is released. This is normally instant, but with higher levels of base Constitution, the Jinchuuriki is better able to delay the effects: with B-Tier, the Jinchuuriki can last for up to ten posts but is rendered unconscious; with A-Tier, the Jinchuuriki has the same time limit but is conscious, though unable to fight; with S-Tier, the Jinchuuriki will survive for up to fifteen posts and suffers only a single tier reduction to all physical stats.

    -It is normally not possible to kill a Bijuu when it is outside of its host, meaning that the death of the host is the most common way to end a Bijuu's life. When the host dies by any means other than the seal breaking, the Bijuu will also die. When the Bijuu dies, its body decays over several days until nothing is left and the chakra composing its form scatters around the continent. This chakra will eventually reform, giving new life to the Bijuu, but the time it takes can vary greatly by the method of its death, the environment in which it died, and the overall power of the Bijuu, denoted by its number of tails. Most take months, but some can take years.

    -A Bijuu can be affected by a Genjutsu. However, due to their naturally high Intelligence and Perception, it may be very difficult to catch them in one, even when not sealed in a host. When they are sealed, however, Bijuu can only be affected by Genjutsu cast through the eyes, typically via a Dojutsu and most often the Sharingan. The effects of a Genjutsu on a Bijuu are generally specified by the illusion, but are typically minor things because the Bijuu are naturally strong willed.

    -It is through those kinds of Genjutsu that Bijuu are manipulated, and again, usually by the Sharingan. However, their strong will resists this control, and while they may not be capable of breaking the control immediately on their own, they can fail to perform certain orders issued them if those orders go against their nature. A Bijuu that is normally destructive and hateful of humanity will not follow an order to help people rebuild, for example, and no Bijuu will obey an order that will lead to their sealing or death. Forcing them to fight, destroy, and kill are typically very easy.

    -When a Genjutsu affects the host of a Bijuu, that Bijuu does have the ability to cast Genjutsu: Kai on the Jinchuuriki to dispel it. However, most Bijuu don't care enough to do this, and unless the Genjutsu is a direct threat to the life of the Bijuu, it will generally neglect to lend any aid. When a Bond is formed, however, the Bijuu may actively work to keep the Jinchuuriki free of any illusions, such that in order to affect a Jinchuuriki with a Genjutsu, one will likely have to affect the Bijuu with one as well. A Bijuu's casting of Genjutsu: Kai does not heal or cancel any psychological damage that is incurred as the result of the host falling under the use of Genjutsu.

    -Initiating a fight for control will inflict damage upon the seal and it will deteriorate at a rate of 1 point per round. The fight for control can be interrupted by an outside third party through a variety of means some canon and others custom. Interruption is defined as ending the match between the Bijuu and its host before one of them wins. Essentially, this requires that the jinchurikki be forcibly pulled from the inner world.

    -Every time the fight is interrupted the seal is deteriorates by 50 points. After the fight has been interrupted, the host must wait four weeks IRL before they can access Bijuu chakra again in any shape or form. This also means they cannot initiate another fight for control until that timer is up. It is possible to bring other people with you to assist in a Bijuu fight either by custom or through the current rule allowing Jinchurikki to assist. Helpers can assist for a maximum of 7 posts before they are forced outside of the inner realm. If the helpers die during the course of the battle, their mind is erased and they die in the real world instantly.

    -Jinchurikki may not boost to X-Tier while using any Bijuu ability.

    -For the purpose of the Bijuu rules, the phrase "free" means that the Bijuu is outside of a host's body.

    Bijuu Personalities




    Son Goku-





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    Miscellaneous Restricteds


    Investing Skill:

    Restricted Techniques & Abilities Information P3vWtEw

    This skill allows the possessor to utilize unique mechanisms to raise the amount of Ryo that they have. The first mechanism is through the utilization of stocks.

    Stocks are shares of company that are sold in order to raise funds for the business and generate a return on investment for the buyer of the stock. Once the possessor has a company/business or any type of organization (registered in the organization system) they will be able to have an initial public offering where they can sell shares of their company on the Stock Market to boost their capital. PCs can buy shares in the company at a rate of 1 share for 100 Ryo. An organization has a maximum amount of 10,000 shares that they can sell. However, this maximum can be increased to a hard cap of 100,000 shares through various means. For every 1,000 shares of stock bought the owner gets an extra 25,000 in passive income.

    Investors see a 10% return on the amount they paid for the stock. The return on investment is decided by the following scale: if the business has 1 - 2,000 shares | 15% return for 2,001 - 5,000 shares | 20% return for 5,001 - 8,000 shares | 25% return for 8,001 - 10,000 shares.

    Having a store is not enough. It must be a company, business, or organization that is registered under the Organization System rules. Only a single Organization under the owner's control may issue Stocks.  More information about the Investing Skill can be found here:


    Stock Market Rules & Regulations


    There are three types of funds generated by stocks. These funds should be kept track of separately and have their own rules that govern each of them.

    The passive 25,000 per 1,000 shares belongs to the owner of the organization. This income is known as capital. That money is for the owner to do with as they please. If the organization's base is destroyed they keep whatever money they made up until that point but they will not receive more money until the organization is rebuilt.

    The return on investment money belongs to the shareholder. That money is for the shareholder to do with as they please. If the organization's base is destroyed they keep whatever money they made up until that point but they will not receive more money until the organization is rebuilt.

    The 100 per share money is for the business or whatever terms the owner of the organization and the investors agree to. This money is known as equity. If the organization's base is ever destroyed this money is frozen and cannot be accessed until the organization is rebuilt.

    While purchasing all the stock a company sells doesn't give you actual ownership of the company it gives you a disproportionate amount of influence on the owner in that they can dump your stock back on the market which would jeopardize your passive income and force you to seek other stock buyers.

    The only time an owner loses control over their organization via the stock system is in the event that the owner is bankrupt and can't afford to rebuild or simply chooses not to. When this happens the biggest shareholder can seize ownership.

    Investor Exclusive Buildings:

    Human Resources Department
    Responsible for the recruiting, screening, interviewing and placing of workers. They may also handle employee relations, payroll, benefits, and training. Human Resources plan, direct and coordinate the administrative functions of an organization as well as ensured employees follow company guidelines. This increases the company's stock by 10k allowing further investments from the outside. (This room operates as an administration building for a Corporation, allowing for Business related missions to be created.)
    Requires: Investor Perk
    Cost: 250k

    Research and Development Department: Research and development includes activities that companies undertake to innovate and introduce new products and services. It is often the first stage in the development process. The goal is typically to take new products and services to market and add to the company's bottom line. This increases the company's stock by 20K allowing further investments from the outside. (This room operates as an Academy for the corporation)
    Requires: HR Department
    Cost: 300,000 Ryo

    Testing Facility: Some designs are too dangerous to put on the market without proper testing first, this room is placed deep underground or has reenforced wall to protect those on the outside from potential danger from within. This increases the company's stock by 10K allowing further investments from the outside. (This room operates as a Training Grounds for the corporation)
    Requires: R&D Department
    Cost: 250,000 Ryo

    Corporate Offices: The offices of a corporation, allowing it's various employees of the company space to work. This work includes various miscellaneous jobs and tasks present in a day to day corporate operation, this in turn provides income for the corporation, resulting in 150K Ryo in resources for the company per month. (These rooms operate as a Barracks for the corporation)
    Requires: R&D Department
    Cost: 450,000

    Medical Wing: The place for all of the sick and wounded to come for healing. This building allows access to the Ijutsu Skill for all of your NPCs and also provides a location for medical procedures to take place. Injured Player Characters and NPCs alike can come here and be patched up by the attending medics free of charge. Player Characters with the Ijutsu Skill may also perform procedures here, such as implantation and other complicated surgeries in the same manner as a Hospital. This increases the company's stock by 10k allowing further investments from the outside.
    Requires: HR Department.
    Costs: 500,000

    Trade Center: The trade center is the center hub for all buying/selling activities overseas, allowing the organization to buy/sell to foreign countries with other companies or nations. This allows the company access to the black market through overseas networking, however access to the black market, requires an additional 60k to establish a good standing (Level 3) with as well as monthly fees. And since the transactions don't happen within the country, the company doesn't have to worry about breaking any laws of the land they are within. (This Room operates as a market place for the corporation, and allows black market deals within the corporation.)
    Requires: HR Department
    Cost: 250,000 Ryo
    Upkeep: 20,000 Ryo

    Legal Division: A legal division within a corporation allows the corporation to represent an individual on their behalf should they require representation. This increases the company's stock by 10k allowing further investments from outside. (This room operates as a police station in comparison with obvious differences in service)
    Requires: None
    Cost: 250,000 Ryo
    Upkeep: 20,000 Ryo

    Security: The Security Department of a corporation allows for the safety and protection of all of it's staff, this room is step up with the latest and greatest security measures imaginable from metal detectors to ccv cameras and more. Allows the corporation to use up to A-Rank NPC's. (This room counts as 3 Room slots and operates as a DCC, interrogation center and Sensory center for a corporation) This increases the company's stock by 30k allowing further investments from the outside.
    Requires: Corporate Offices
    Cost: 1,000,000 Ryo
    Upkeep: 50,000 Ryo

    Credit Union: Functions as a Vault/bank.This increases the company's stock by 10k allowing further investments from the outside.
    Requires: None
    Cost: 250,000

    IRD (Internal Revenue Department): A subdivision within a corporation designed to collect revenue from businesses and shops with which the company has a Contract with. This allows the corporation to invest in player owned shops (max 1 Mil per shop, max of 5 shops) and received a 15% return of their investment at the beginning of each month. Store owners receive 5% of the investment from the company a month.
    Requires: HR Department
    Cost: 750,000 Ryo

    Pharmaceutical Department: The Commercial Scale Contract Manufacturer within a corporation, capable of safely filling potent and cytotoxic compounds, hormones, antibodies and complex biologics, live viruses and vaccines. The lab features a state-of-the-art aseptic production facility using isolators as the core technology with the highest engineering standards of design and construction to meet corporate regulatory standards. This room allows for the mass production of products, increasing the yields Chemistry products created within it's walls by x3 (This room operates as a Laboratory for a Corporation)
    Requires: None
    Cost: 500,000 Ryo

    The second mechanism is through debt financing.

    Banks are willing to loan them money without them having to run to the Kage. They can receive a loan of up to 50,000 at 10% interest per month. In order to be current on one's payments they must make the 10% interest payment every month. If they are good on their payments for 2 months, they can increase the amount they can borrow by 100K with a max of up to 1 million. Missing a payment will result in a creditworthiness dip of 1 Grade (A-F scale) which in turn will lower the amount that you can borrow by 50K. At B-Grade you can no longer borrow anymore money until you pay what you owe. Paying off the balance of what you owe increases your creditworthiness by 1 Grade. If your creditworthiness reaches C-Grade a bank may post missions for shinobi to seize your assets or imprison you until you can work off your debt.

    Chimera Technique:

    Name: Chimera Technique
    Rank: S
    Power: S
    Activation Cost: 30
    Upkeep Cost: -
    Range: Contact
    Speed: S
    Element: -
    Skill: Ninjutsu
    Classification: Restricted Bijuu level Technique
    Requirements: -
    Parent Technique: -
    Hand Seals: Ox → Horse → Hare → Boar → Horse  → Technique specific seal
    Description: It was originally meant to combine separate living bodies of organisms into one combined organism bearing the original characteristics of the organisms, and therefore create a synthetic body. The user uses the technique to integrate the bodies of others with his own, allowing him to obtain any kekkei genkai they possess, as well as other special physical traits concerning their KKG (ex. Senju, Kaguya physical buffs). The technique is also used by the user to create formidable creatures which bear the traits of multiple animals  (3 small summons, combine to 1 large). They have the options of merging with their Chimeras as well. The maximum number of kekkei genkai that the Chimera Technique can absorb alone is five. When assimilating victims, the users body exudes a large mass of deep blue, viscous fluid that covers a large area (30m). While assimilating victims, they can use the fluid to attack enemies with gelatinous, reforming (and rebounding) extensions. Once they have acquired the final KKG, the person will have immortality. They will still feel pain, and limbs are still able to be removed. But the user is immune to natural death, time and poison.

    This ability also gives the user Chakra Access to their Chimera when they are unsummoned.
    They first start out with access for two posts. The user will get three posts of access after they absorb their first three corpses. Then they will get 10 posts of access after they complete a special ritual for the fourth corpse. The victim has to be B-Class and will need to feed part of it to their Chimera summon then assimilate the leftovers. Afterwards to get 20 posts of access after they must do the same ritual for their fifth corpse but this one has to be A-Class.

    Weaknesses: It should be noted that the technique can be stopped (with seemingly relative ease) from the inside out by using a dimension-manipulating technique such as Kamui. Takes a full post for assimilation to be complete. Any interruption to the technique will cancel it out and must began again from the start.

    Those receiving an non-Doujutsu implant must pay the necessary experience requirements to achieve advancement in the bloodline as normal although this may be done with pre-existing experience. If it is a Doujutsu based implant then the recipient starts with whatever stage was unlocked by the donor. Max Doujutsu is two.

    This technique can only be used on PCs. And if they are declared dead, then they can only be consumed within 5 months from the date (Only applies to the first 3 bodies. The last two have a two week minimum to absorb).

    Enhanced States

    Earth Grudge Fear:

    Name: Earth Grudge Fear
    Rank: S
    Power: S
    Activation Cost: N/A
    Upkeep Cost: N/A
    Range: Self
    Speed: N/A
    Element: None
    Skill: Ninjutsu
    Classification: Restricted
    Requirements: None
    Parent Technique: None
    Hand Seals: None
    Description: This is a forbidden technique which transforms the user's body into something reminiscent of a rag doll, held together by hundreds of black threads that can be manipulated by the user's will. These threads can be used to sew up any injuries, reattach limbs, connect nerves and muscles and blood vessels, and to offer the user a form of immortality (they will not die of old age). Though the user maintains all of his functioning organs with this technique, he is able to use these threads to detach and manipulate parts of his limbs, effectively extending his reach up to thirty meters away. The limbs are immediately reattached afterwards, without any loss in function. This Restricted grants the user a passive unique boost of +2 Tiers to Strength and +2 Tiers to Coordination. The same rapid integration can be done with the organs of other people, allowing the user to take parts of his enemies and use them to extend his own life, replacing any poorly functioning or old organs of his own with that of another person.

    When used on hearts, this ability creates a mask that grants the user one of the original owner's basic elements.

    The user can take a PC's heart or they can spend 500 EXP and say that they have acquired an NPC's heart (2,000 EXP total for the maximum of four hearts).

    The mask can detach itself and become a creature comprised of those threads, capable of releasing bursts of its element from its mouth. This can be used in part when combined with the user by assigning a mask to a part of the body and having it control that part individual from the rest, thereby separating portions of the body from such things as Shadow Paralysis. In order to kill the user, each of the masks, which contain their own individual hearts, must be destroyed, in addition to the user's own, if he still has one.

    When used as a separate creature, each masks operates with Speed, Coordination, and Strength equivalent to Two Tiers less than the user's base Coordination. They are able to sustain great damage to their bodies (Constitution of S-Tier), which are made up entirely of threads, but taking a hit to their masks, which have a Quality of B+, will destroy both the creature and the heart inside of it. The creatures can only travel up to 100 meters from the user's location.

    Weaknesses: Only up to five hearts can be contained at a time within the user's body, which is generally his own heart and four masks. Hearts contained within masks will only grant one basic element each, which is chosen when the mask is created; these cannot use any advanced elements. In fact, no KKGs can be granted from this system (doujutsu, advanced elements, etc etc). While the maximum is four hearts, if one of them is destroyed, it can be replaced.


    "When the body suffers, only then do the gods listen"

    Name: Jashinism
    Rank: S
    Power: D
    Activation Cost: 30* (See below)
    Upkeep Cost: N/A
    Range: N/A
    Speed: Instant
    Element: Yin
    Skill: Juujutsu
    Classification: Enhanced State
    Requirements: Jashinist, or belong to a Jashinist Sect (e.g "Orthodoxy")
    Parent Technique: Unknown
    Hand Seals: N/A
    Description: The fabled ritual of Jashin's followers, said to grant immortality of both the mind and body, has been preserved by various Jashinist sects. At least one iteration of the technique is held in the bowels of St. Memori's Cathedral. The exact mechanics of the ritual are a closely guarded secret, but it involves inscribing the circled-triangle of Jashin on the Follower's forehead  with blood. Recovered surviving texts reference altars, while artworks depict different iterations, suggesting the technique has evolved over time.

    Jashin's blessing will imbue the body with profound levels of physical stamina and constitution. The Follower will be unable to die from most causes. The ritual allows them to survive normally fatal injuries, surviving even dismemberment and decapitation (retaining the ability to speak and control their limbs after severing). Unfortunately, the body will still experience pain. Jashinist's also are gifted extremely fast regeneration, recovering from normally fatal injuries very quickly. This regeneration is akin to that of the Senju Clan.  

    The Ritual grants the Jashinist a permanent +2 Tier Unique boost to Constitution and Stamina. It also grants a ++ Unique Boost to Coordination or Speed. The Jashinist also receives a level of indestructibility, and can no longer be killed via physical injury, including dismemberment, decapitation, blood-loss, internal trauma, explosions, etc.  Immortality is passive, and does not require upkeep, unless using Regeneration. For a large amount of chakra (30), the Jashinist can trigger regeneration, recovering from most physical injuries. Jashinism also allows access to Jashinist "Curse Techniques" (Including "Curse Technique: Death Controlling Possessed Blood) and allows them to register Customs in this area.

    Curse Techniques: Lord Jashin blesses his faithful with unnatural abilities, so long as they take something from their opponent's in return, and suffer in his name. Curse Techniques harm the enemy by inflicting a curse. Blood is a common vehicle for Curse Techniques such as Death Controlling Possessed Blood, however records suggest there are additional avenues (Blood, Bone, Flesh, Chakra, Organs, Items, etc. ). Curse Techniques operate by seizing something from the opponents body, and using it as a medium to create a link between them and the caster. This area of Jutsu is very poorly understood by the broader Shinobi world. These techniques are subject to their individual rules and restrictions.

    Costs 1,500 Exp to unlock Jashinism

    Weaknesses:  Jashinist's blessed by this ritual cannot die or be killed by conventional means. Unfortunately this means the most agonizing  methods available can dispose of them.

    Dismemberment, and breaking the body into pieces will neutralize them. Jashinist Regeneration does not affect severed limbs (e.g cannot regrow or re-attach a limb). The most effective weakness of course, is to fully dismember and decapitate them, ensuring they cannot regenerate and slowly starve to death.  Jashinist's can still be sealed, or contained within barrier-ninjutsu. They can also be defeated through malnutrition and dehydration and likewise they can still be drowned and suffocated. Draining a Jashinist of their chakra will kill them as well.  

    Strong corrosive substances (e.g Chemistry, Boil and Lava) that can out-speed the regeneration can effectively neutralize regeneration, but will not kill them. Other unorthodox methods include freezing/petrifying/crystallization followed by shattering the body. Dust Release's atomizing will completely disintegrate the body and overpower this technique (naturally).

    Name: Curse Technique: Body Controlling Manipulated Blood
    Rank: S
    Power: S
    Activation Cost: 30
    Upkeep Cost: 20
    Range: 0m-500m
    Speed: Instant
    Element: N/A
    Skill: Juujutsu
    Classification: Jashinist Exclusive
    Requirements: Jashinism Restricted
    Parent Technique: Unknown
    Hand Seals: N/A
    Description: This technique requires two special conditions. First, the user must draw an insignia of Jashin on the ground in their own blood, to which they must remain in the centre for the technique to function properly. Second, the user must acquire and ingest the blood of their intended victim. Once ingested, their skin then turns black with white markings thus bearing a striking resemblance to a skeleton, a symbol of absolute death. This serves as the link between the user and the victim. Once this sacrificial ritual takes place, the victim is linked with the user until they either step or are forced out of the circle. Any kind of injury that the user inflicts upon themself (or any future injury inflicted on them by the victim or a third party) is reciprocated on the target, be it a mere scratch or a pierce in the heart. If the user is forced to step out of the circle, the link is temporarily broken and the victim is set free, but only as long as the user has stepped out of the circle's reach.
    Weaknesses: If the user is capable of feeling pain then they will feel whatever pain was inflicted on the victim. The circle drawn can only be a maximum of 1 meter in diameter. The linkage between the victim and the Jashinism has a maximum of 500 meters. If the victim goes outside of that range then the linkage is broken and the ritual must be redone.

    Master-Craftsmanship Skill:

    Restricted Techniques & Abilities Information VTLtsxX

    This skill requires the possessor to have either the Engineering, Armour Crafting, or Weapons Crafting Skills. Master-Craftsmanship allows a person to create high quality items with greater efficiency.  Master-crafters can create 1 X-Grade item per year in each of their relevant crafting areas. Any renown earned that is related to crafting is doubled. All crafting times for those with the Master Craftsmanship Restricted are halved - this does not stack with UA’s or items/buildings etc. Shop NPCs of Master-craftsman can create A-Rank items in addition to the B-Rank and lower items, however unlike with B-Rank and lower normal crafting times apply. Only 1 A-Rank craft can be done at a time per shop meaning each shop the player owns (max 5) can create a single A-Rank item in 7 days before they can make another, a single time reduction UA or workshop can be applied to the NPC to allow faster time. *No Experience or Renown is rewarded for shop crafts*


    Yomotsu Hirasaka:

    Name: Yomotsu Hirasaka
    Rank: S
    Power: Varies
    Activation Cost:  Teleport cost base is 10 <250m, 15 >250(500 m) Dimensional Teleportation 30
    Upkeep Cost: N/A
    Range: 500m
    Speed: A
    Element: N/A
    Skill: Doujutsu
    Classification: Restricted Technique
    Requirements: Rinnegan
    Parent Technique: N/A
    Hand Seals: N/A
    Description: The user is able to open rifts in the fabric of space that allow them to  transport themselves to another location. The openings can be used to connect two different spatial locations within the same dimension, or to create a pathway that links two dimensions together. By entering these spacial tears, the user is able to retreat, disorient enemies, or execute ambush attacks at a moment's notice.

    These portals can also be used to transport only sections of the user's body by partially entering them, allowing the user to grab their opponents and drag them into the portal, sending them to another location. Only objects and people touching Seid can enter the portal. Otherwise it rejects them. The speed of these portals open at A-rank speed upon creation. Once created, movement through the portals are instant. Dimensional jumps allows the user to jump to a place he's already been too, in that dimension. The technique can link the user to a total of six different dimensions. Each one more different than the other.

    Known dimensions: Boros (Homeworld of Seid) Earthlike planet
    Tavara: Ice Planet (Uninhabitable)  
    Liton: Lava Planet (Uninhabitable)
    Kalamazi: Superstorm Planet (Uninhabitable)
    Paras: Sand Planet (Uninhabitable)

    Weaknesses: This technique cannot warp external techniques into the portal. The techniques will fail to enter the dimensional portal altogether. Only items on the users person may enter, something they must be physically touching, or else the item will be rejected. The portal is completely vanta black, and can be appear at maximum size, ten feet wide and ten feet tall. Or it can be as small as a foot. Big enough for a hand to enter. And it has no force of attraction. Though the movement is instant, evading the portal is still very possible if one is aware of their surroundings and can react fast enough. In order to teleport to a location, the user would have had to been there or seen it at least once.

    How many people the user can move at once is dependent on their stamina. It costs an extra 10cp per person as well including the base cost.

    B: 2 people
    A: 3 people
    S: 4 people max

    Water Mirror Technique:

    Name: Water Release: Water Mirror Technique
    Rank: B
    Activation Cost: 10
    Range: 0 - 1 m.
    Speed: -
    Element: Water
    Skill: Ninjutsu
    Classification: Secret (Kirigakure Exclusive)
    Requirements: N/A
    Parent Technique: N/A
    Hand Seals: N/A
    Description: The user materializes a large mirror of water no larger than three meters in diameter up to one meter from the user in any direction. Incoming threats have their reflection shown before emerging and materializing from the mirror where they collide with the mirrored targets. As these reflections use the exact same technique as their counterpart — regardless of its type — they counter the attack completely. The threat is then repelled five meters from the mirror at C-tier Speed. The water mirror only lasts for one round.
    Weaknesses: The user can only create one mirror at a time. Any attempt to create another mirror after one is formed will disperse the first mirror.

    Adamantine Sealing Chains:

    Name: Adamantine Sealing Chains
    Rank: S
    Activation Cost: 25
    Upkeep Cost: 15
    Range: 0m-150m
    Speed: A
    Element: N/A
    Skill: Fuuinjutsu
    Classification: Exclusive (Uzumaki)
    Requirements: -
    Parent Technique: N/A
    Hand Seals: N/A
    Description: This technique molds the user's chakra into extremely durable chains which can be used for various purposes, such as directly combating or physically restraining their targets — foes even as powerful as a tailed beast. These chains could also be used to bind the chakra of a target, completely neutralizing their ability to use chakra based techniques. The user can also manipulate the chains to erect a barrier. This barrier has X-grade hardness in terms of durability. The user's ability to control the chains is governed by the user's Coordination stat. The chains have a Strength of S++ making it extremely difficult for almost any shinobi to break out of them using raw strength.
    Weaknesses: Because there is Fuuinjutsu underlying the chakra chains, they can be nullified like any other fuuinjutsu in accordance with the sealing breaking rules. The chains can also be broken by X Tier Strength or greater.

    Flying Thunder God:

    Name: Flying Thunder God
    Rank: S
    Power: S
    Activation Cost: 5 for mark, Teleport cost base is 15 (250 m) and 20 (>250m)
    Upkeep Cost: N/A
    Range: Global
    Speed: Instant
    Element: N/A
    Skill: Fuuinjutsu/Ninjutsu
    Classification: Restricted Technique
    Requirements: Fuuinjutsu/Ninjutsu
    Parent Technique: N/A
    Hand Seals: N/A
    Before the Flying Thunder God Technique can be performed, users must first mark a target with their "technique formula". The formula is applied after the merest touch; it will remain in place even after the user has died. In order to apply the mark, the user needs to spend 5 Chakra Points. Like with most Fuuinjutsu, the technique is only as strong as the mind applying the formulas.
    The number of active formula tags varies thus according to the user's Intelligence:
    E-rank: 5 tags
    D-rank: 10 tags
    C-rank: 20 tags
    B-rank: 30 tags
    A-rank: 40 tags
    S-rank: 50 tags
    X-rank: 60 tags

    These tags and limits are shared amongst the user and any possible clones/iterations of the user. No cloning technique doubles these limits, ever.

    By entering a dimensional void, users can instantly teleport to a technique formula's location whenever they please, regardless of distance. This has a base cost of 15CP within a 250 meters radius. Any larger distance has a base cost of 20 CP. Anything that the user is holding, contacting, or that is linked with their chakra may teleport with them, but this requires additional chakra to do. Generally speaking, clothes and ninja tools being held by the user or kept in the user's pouches do not cost extra chakra to teleport. However, teleporting ninja tools which do not belong to the user or people has an added cost of 10CP regardless of distance.

    Users can choose to teleport to a different location than the objects/people, or they can teleport objects/people without teleporting themselves. If the user teleports an object/person and not themselves, the added cost is 15CP. If the user teleports itself and an object to different places, the added 10CP is always paid regardless of who owns the object.

    All the added costs are per object or person

    When teleporting, the user maintains the body shape they had when they teleported, although they may prepare their angles. What this means essentially is that the user will be static, but that their body can be rotated in any direction for the teleport. So if someone teleported while pointing a finger, they would arrive at their destination in the exact same position. But they could angle their body to choose where the finger would be pointing at.

    Weaknesses:This technique cannot be used to teleport anything larger than an average car. There is a maximum of three potential Flying Thunder God users pursuant to Restricted Rules. All three of these users cannot be from the same village.

    Derived Jutsu:

    Name: Flying Thunder God: Guiding Thunder
    Rank: S
    Power: S
    Activation Cost: 10 BASE + Teleported Technique Cost
    Upkeep Cost: (The user may choose to maintain the barrier for more posts after activation, paying 10 CP per post).
    Range: 500 meters
    Speed: Instant
    Element: N/A
    Skill: Fuuinjutsu/Ninjutsu
    Classification: Derived Restricted Technique
    Requirements: Fuuinjutsu/Ninjutsu, Flying Thunder God
    Parent Technique: Flying Thunder God
    Hand Seals: Snake → Horse → Rat → Ram → Technique Specific Hand Seal
    Description: This barrier technique incorporates the use of the Flying Thunder God formula to erect a barrier space capable of warping away anything that comes into contact with it. The subject of the technique is then directed to another location marked by the user’s formula. The barrier has proven to be powerful enough to warp away techniques as destructive as a Tailed Beast Ball.
    If teleporting a technique, the user must pay chakra equal to that technique's cost added to the base cost of this technique.
    For example, if the user is teleporting an S-ranked technique, they'll pay that technique's chakra cost + 10CP base for this jutsu.
    Another fundamental weakness of this technique is that every technique that passes through the barrier is automatically teleported. This can be cleverly exploited to quickly drain the user out of chakra.
    This jutsu can only teleport techniques. People coated in Techniques (eg. LRA) may be teleported as well).

    The user is not capable of moving while the barrier is up. This obviously includes teleporting with FTG. If the user moves their body or teleport, the technique is immediately cancelled.
    Making hand-seals counts as moving.
    Sealless techniques ALSO count, since "Chakra Molding" is considered moving.

    Mind's Eye of the Kagura:

    Name: Mind's Eye of the Kagura
    Rank: S
    Power: A
    Activation Cost: 20CP for country wide sensory.
    Upkeep Cost: 5CP per target
    Range: Country-wide
    Speed: Instant
    Element: N/A
    Skill: Sensory
    Classification: Restricted Technique
    Requirements: Sensory Skill
    Parent Technique: Sensing Technique
    Hand Seals: Tiger
    Description: In addition to all the abilities granted by the Sensing Technique, Mind's Eye of the Kagura affords the user a few additional benefits. By closing their eyes and opening the mind's eye, the user is able to find and track chakra over a vast distance covering an entire country by paying a 20 CP activation cost. The user can as well perceive any unusual chakra activity within the technique's range. It can also sense whether someone is a jinchurikki even while those abilities are not in use although they must have sensed Bijuu chakra at least once before. Also, by focusing on a particular chakra signature, they can perceive their target's location and movements in greater detail, this is called "locking" and can be done on up to 6 targets at the same time, paying an upkeep of 5 CP for target. This ability also gives the user the capability to perceive fluctuations in a person's chakra related to emotional state (love, loyalty, jealousy, hatred, etc). It also allows the user to know when someone is lying. The user's Perception is given a unique boost of +1 Tier while this technique is active. The user's Intelligence is likewise granted a unique boost of +1 Tier but solely for the purpose of additional precognitive saves.

    Weaknesses: The technique requires the user to close their eyes and stand still while scanning a country for chakra signatures.


    Name: Secret Technique: Mist Rain
    Rank: S
    Power: S
    Activation Cost: 30
    Upkeep Cost: 20
    Range: 0 - 100 m.
    Speed: N/A
    Element: Water
    Skill: Ninjutsu
    Classification: Restricted (Kirigakure Exclusive)
    Requirements: N/A
    Parent Technique: N/A
    Hand Seals: Ram | Dog | Rat
    Description: The user makes rain that dissolves any exposed chakra that it comes in contact with up to S-rank. This includes the user's own chakra except for the user's own Water release technique. The rain covers an area fifty meters in all direction, totaling as one-hundred meters in diameter.
    Weaknesses: This technique only consumes chakra that is exposed to the rain. Because of this, dense chakra structures (such as Earth, Wood, Ice, etc) are not affected since the chakra used to create the technique is never exposed directly to the rain. However, this does not mean those elements are immune. Freeform manipulation of Ice, for example, will still be susceptible to the technique. This rain does not affect Enhanced State or Entity shrouds. If two Mist Rains collide they will both cancel each other out. This technique does not affect boosts granted by technique since the boosting happens internally.

    In addition, skills Mist Rain does not affect:

    • Genjutsu
    • Fuuinjutsu
    • Sensory
    • Summoning

    Name: Kirin
    Rank: S
    Activation Cost: 10
    Range: 0 - 1 km.
    Speed: X++
    Element: Lightning
    Skill: Ninjutsu
    Classification: Restricted Technique
    Requirements: Source of natural electricity
    Parent Technique: N/A
    Hand Seals: N/A
    Description: Using a powerful source of natural electricity, such as a thunderstorm, the user makes use of highly skilled shape manipulation to bend natural lightning. This lets the user create Kirin, a massive dragon made of pure lightning, which instantly takes form above the user's position. With the user's hand gesture, Kirin is sent towards their target in a single bolt one-hundred meters in diameter. The destructive potential is shown to completely obliterate a small mountain.

    Using this technique drains the source of natural electricity entirely.

    Weaknesses: This technique requires a sufficient source of natural electricity. This is most commonly done by utilizing thunderstorm clouds. Thunderstorm conditions can be created by firing two A-power Fire techniques into the sky or a single S-power Fire technique. Either technique must have a range of one-hundred meters to work.

    Lightning Release Chakra Mode:
    Name: Lightning Release Chakra Mode
    Rank: B
    Power: S
    Activation Cost: Level One - A/ Level Two - S
    Upkeep Cost: Level One - C / Level Two - B
    Range: Self
    Speed: N/A
    Element: Lightning
    Skill: Ninjutsu
    Classification: Kumogakure Village Exclusive - Restricted
    Requirements: Lightning Release
    Parent Technique: N/A
    Hand Seals: N/A
    Description: The user wraps their body in a layer of lightning chakra which, instead of being used offensively, is used to electrically stimulate their nervous system. The technique speeds up neural synapses reaction time, and pushes physical prowess to the absolute limit allowing for tremendous raw speed. The technique has two different levels of activation each visibly depicted by the user's hair which stands up when the technique is activated to the fullest. The first level grants a unique boost of ++ to Constitution, Strength, and a tier to Coordination and Speed. The second level grants a unique boost of a tier to Constitution, Strength and two tiers to Speed and Coordination. Raiton techniques that normally have a piercing effect such as Chidori Sharp Spear are ineffective against both levels of this technique.
    Weaknesses: While using the first level the user cannot use any other element except for Raiton. This extends to any technique ninjutsu or otherwise that requires the use of an element other than Raiton.  The user may still use non-elemental ninjutsu as well as Yin or Yang Release based techniques along with Genjutsu, Fuuninjutsu, Sensory, and Summoning. While using the second level the user is restricted to Raiton or non-elemental physical techniques (Tai, Ken, Buki) only. If the majority of the user's body is submerged in a body of water the electrical current will spread up to 40 meters but they will not receive the boosts.  If the majority of the user's body is submerged in the earth the electrical current will spread 60 meters but they will still not receive the boosts.

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