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    Last Minute Training Pt 4


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    Last Minute Training Pt 4 Empty Last Minute Training Pt 4

    Post by Nozomi Wed Jul 07, 2021 8:47 pm

    A further fourth transformation hours later, and Nozomi was starting to feel the results of their training further. Nozomi’s fourth foray into the Tailed Beast Mode was progressing their connection well enough, and given that there was little physical improvement, Nozomi and Isobu continued their earlier conversation.

    The missing-nin revealed to Isobu why she had truly made him a body. Isobu’s actions during the attack at the gates of Kirigakure had been worth a debt in her eyes. The turtle would live and die with her under normal circumstances, which was why Bijuu often formed bonds with those hosting them. They wanted to protect the vessel they inhabited.

    Given that he’d aided her and saved her, Nozomi gave him a taste of freedom with a body that could tangle with even high level jounin and fought on the level of a Kage. Even should she perish under some circumstances, and the actual Bijuu body go with her, Isobu would always have the body he inhabited as well, so long as it didn’t die.

    It was her manner of saying thanks.

    Exit, keeping travel going to Isle of Whispers along path as shown at the Gates of Suna

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