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    Last Minute Training pt 7


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    Last Minute Training pt 7 Empty Last Minute Training pt 7

    Post by Nozomi Wed Jul 07, 2021 9:07 pm

    A seventh transformation was on its way. Repetition wasn’t something that bothered Nozomi too much, as she was a martial artist who drilled her movements and attacks into muscle memory. At this point, turning into the Bijuu form of Isobu was becoming second nature to her, signifying that it was fast approaching the part where she would be able to begin transforming parts of herself into the Bijuu rather than having to take on the entire form.

    Once she advanced to that level, she’d be able to channel far more power into a single limb change or tail growth than she was able to do currently when just transforming her entire body.

    It was a good thing that Isobu wasn’t actively antagonistic towards her anymore though. She knew that the seal that held him inside of her wouldn’t be fairing very well if Isobu’s chakra was eating away at it, and might even have been risking breaking soon through this training. Only someone like her could manage this sort of thing, and she’d worked for years on her relationship with the beast.

    Still, turning into Isobu a 7th time took place.

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