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    Last Minute Training pt 8


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    Last Minute Training pt 8 Empty Last Minute Training pt 8

    Post by Nozomi Wed Jul 07, 2021 9:11 pm

    Isobu was impressed by the vigor and tenacity of his host. It was always the case with Nozomi that she put her all into almost everything that she did. When it came to training, the woman took things very seriously, but she did so with such a prodigal talent that it impressed even Isobu.

    He could tell that Nozomi was getting used to the transformations far faster than anticipated, and while he’d previously doubted that they’d be able to move onto partial transformations before they reached the Land of Fire, he was now excited that the prospect of partial transformations might even be reachable by the time they breached the Land of Rivers.

    As if on cue, Nozomi shifted into the form of Isobu for the 8th time, beginning the newest stretch of her training, and nearing the end of the Initial Bijuu Transformation training.
    Exit, keeping travel going to Isle of Whispers along path as shown at the Gates of Suna

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