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    Cleaning House and Clearing Out


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    Cleaning House and Clearing Out Empty Cleaning House and Clearing Out

    Post by Nozomi Tue Jul 06, 2021 9:39 pm

    Nozomi's return was a hustling bustle of chaos as orders went out and everything was finalizing for Iwa's control. She was fast enough getting that information out, but before she left, she entered the vaults and took out all the artifacts and scrolls, taking them with her. They had been hers by right of conquest, and belonged to her and her Society. Leaving all the money though, as it was for the benefit of the nation, Nozomi closed the vault.

    Grass's Exclusive Scroll, Suna's Exclusive Scroll, Konoha's Exclusive Scroll, Iwagakure's Exclusive scroll, Suna's artifacts, and the Land of River's artifact as well were in her possession, carried by her allies.

    As she was clearing out, a bird landed with a missive for Nozomi. The call from Hizashi. Annoyed by the timing, Nozomi turned to her comrades.

    "Mako, Iseri. You two take the artifacts and scrolls back to the Blood Prison. Make sure Akiya starts to focus on acquiring new recruits and shoring up defenses. We're going to war soon. Await further orders."

    The two of them nodded, taking their leave.

    "Isobu, you're with me. I'll need your full power."


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