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    Mort v. Ashitaka


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    Mort v. Ashitaka Empty Mort v. Ashitaka

    Post by Sayuri Sun Jan 31, 2021 1:50 am

    Ashitaka being able to preemptively redirect the Spring Trap Seal is INVALID

    The formation of the Spring Trap Seal was timed with the first volley, where the wood cage and the dragon were timed with the second. This means that the seal was formed before the dragon appeared and therefore the massive chakra expenditure and dexterity required to create it went unchallenged as Ashitaka was underground preparing to strike. Meaning that the initial sealing cannot be used as a means to avoid the attack. However, that same surge of chakra would be noticeable by Ashitaka’s sensory abilities upon Mort activating the seal. This means that now it is the speed of the jutsu/sword versus Ashitaka’s perception/coordination. The Seal was made with an S-Rank cost, which means it releases at S-Rank speed.

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    Mort v. Ashitaka EkoDeFi

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