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    One Hell of a Blade [Specialty Flashback]


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    One Hell of a Blade [Specialty Flashback] Empty One Hell of a Blade [Specialty Flashback]

    Post by TsukiTatsuda on Mon Jul 27, 2020 10:11 pm

    The shop that earned fame for making some of the best weapons Kumogakure ever acquired was every bit Tsuki heard of. The Blood, Blades, & Beyond was quite spacious with display cases that featured various superb quality weapons of various types. It was a true wonder to behold in Tsuki's perspective. Her molten golden eyes took in the sight until they fell upon one of the clerks. A smile spreads across Tsuki's face as the clerk gave the trademark smile. The type that's practiced and almost chiseled onto their face.

    "Hello, I'm here to place an order about a specific blade." The clerk gestured over to the racks and display cases.

    "Well we have quite a fine selection to choose from. Surely they can suffice?" Normally that would be an insult to Tsuki, but her sharp wits and intellect decided to play this little game the clerk is playing. Shrugging her shoulders, Tsuki took a few steps over to the section where a variety of swords were held. After leaning over to inspect some of the blades, Tsuki spoke once more to the clerk.

    "Do you know what their heat tolerance is?" The clerk resisted a scoff on the question. The clerk was just trying to get a quick buck and probably win Shimiko's praise over it.

    "They can withstand any amount of heat you can put it under, ma'am" There was a bit of disdain emphasis with "ma'am". Tsuki's patience was a bit large so angering her is a rather difficult task. Well, except for one slanderous man. So Tsuki straightened herself before looking over at the clerk with her molten gold eyes. The intent behind them were rather cold, almost murderous as it happens. Tsuki concentrated an unrefined amount of lava chakra to have her right hand give off a warm, dull orange glow. Tsuki even raised it to hover over one of many blades before her.

    "Oh really? Any heat you say? So if I drop them in a volcano, it'll come back without any deformations or feeding the lava? Because if they do, that's called false advertisement, and these kind of things aren't cheap to replace. You really want to keep testing my patience? Or can we just make an order already?" The woman grew pale as her smile dropped to a smirk. She tried to act tough, but even Tsuki can see the lady's arms slightly trembling. The second clerk, a blonde female that was experienced in diffusing situations like this, ushered the smirking lady out of the way.

    "I'm sorry about our associate. We can take your order ma'am, but it may take days or longer depending on what material you're using." To this Tsuki returned her smile as this was definitely better customer service than the other lady. The Tatsuda dropped the concentration in her chakra as she approached the counter once again as she hands over a list of items as well as a description for the general design of the weapon.

    "Only the best with the best of course." A scan over the contents from the lady, she casts a cold cutting glare to the side at the rude associate. Silently telling that lady to stop being a dumbass, or so Tsuki understood it. Either way, the clerk looked back at Tsuki with the genuine smile.

    "Certainly, the cost for these parts altogether will be one hundred and twenty thousand ryo. Know that this will take roughly two weeks to complete, but it will be a sword of legend." A nod from Tsuki was all the answer the clerk needed. The young Phoenix reached into her pockets to bring out the exact amount and hands it over to the clerk. The clerk's smile grew wider as she accepted the amount.

    "Thank you for your patronage, will that be all?"

    "Of course, I'll check up on its progress at some point, but you two have a good day." With that, Tsuki turned on her heel and started to walk towards the front door.

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    Kitsuki Kurahasa
    Kitsuki Kurahasa

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    One Hell of a Blade [Specialty Flashback] Empty Re: One Hell of a Blade [Specialty Flashback]

    Post by Kitsuki Kurahasa on Mon Jul 27, 2020 10:40 pm

    Void. That's not what Shimi's NPC clerk would charge you >.>

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