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    Meh [Specialty Flashback]


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    Meh [Specialty Flashback] Empty Meh [Specialty Flashback]

    Post by TsukiTatsuda on Tue Jul 28, 2020 12:52 am

    It has been a while since the events of recently ended Chunin Exams transpired. Tsuki never made it past the Survival Round, but that was alright for her. Tsuki knew her limits, and she wasn't ready to become a Chunin. Instead, Tsuki gave her piece over to Yoshino who had a better chance of winning, but the girl forfeited her match against a Kirigakure shinobi without so much of a fight. Right now Tsuki is entering the large shop of the Blood, Blades, & Beyond. But her molten gold eyes remain uncertain as to what exactly Tsuki should aim to get.

    Character Name: Tsuki Tatsuda
    Spendable Experience: 0
    Total Experience: 2,000
    Renown: 50
    Ryo: 281,825

    • Strength: C
    • Constitution: C+
    • Stamina: B
    • Speed: C
    • Coordination: B
    • Intelligence: B
    • Perception: C

    Link to Character Updates: https://gladiusnarutorp.forumotion.com/t2214-igneos-update
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