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    Trial by Shadow


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    Trial by Shadow Empty Trial by Shadow

    Post by Irui on Sun Mar 15, 2020 1:13 am

    Mogiri, the Purgeflame treaded over the marble flooring of St. Memori's cavernous interior. His footfalls echoed into the blackness, quivering and resounding here and there. In the man's right hand he clasped an iron lantern, fashioned from an ancient Flail, trailing a length of barbed chain. Softly he recited the hymns of the old days, gently rocking the lantern back and forth as its smoke lingered and curled through the night air.

    "Jashin eléison...." His voice rasped gently. Embers, blessed by his prowess with the Fire Element flickered and danced, alighting on nearby torches. With a sharp hiss and pop, they burst into life in his wake.

    The flamebearer had seen better days certainly; his face, half-concealed by a respirator, even in the dim light was pale and scarred-- gifts from his murderous father. His boots, affixed with support devices, clanked heavily against the stone and ivorywork at his feet. Long had he served this institution and the glory of Lord Jashin. Through his miracles he had been reborn, not as a cripple, but a warrior of Jashin, and through his suffering he'd found strength; undeniable authority over the flames that had remade him.  

    Now in the grand halls of the Cathedral of St. Memori, he could listen to the overwhelming silence. His life's work had been dedicated to preserving the artefacts and secrets it held. He paused and turned slowly to admire his handwork, and swept his gaze over the throat-like grand hall. Six-hundred and Forty-Three human skulls formed the core of each block of stone, countless more had been incorporated inside the pillars. All of them sacrifices from long, long ago to the greatness of his Lord and Savior.

    He raised an thin, wispy hand to the air, and snapped his fingers. A flash of flame erupted there, and all throughout the Cathedral, candles made of human remains flickered to life.

    "....Kyrie eléison" Mogiri sang to the shadows.

    A latch replied; the heavy gears of a distant door, grinding and clunking their way into place; rumbling like thunder. Mogiri held his lantern out to the side, dangling it from its length of ornate golden chain, letting the smoke swirl about him. The cowled acolyte paced forward, his dark eyes searching. A pair finger's crept around the edge of the far door, pushing it aside, and the Purgeflame settled his  eyes on the boy.

    "Mikiri, Irui....." He announced, his words like crushed glass. "You've returned from the Chuunin Exams early."


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    Shimiko Chinoike
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    Trial by Shadow Empty Re: Trial by Shadow

    Post by Shimiko Chinoike on Mon Mar 16, 2020 1:08 pm

    Lady Mora sat in her study as Sacristan Anne read to her the latest reports from the Chuunin Exams. The Twins have failed. Irui had failed. Miyu had failed. The ecclesiastical leader was incensed. Punishing Miyu and Yui & Yua were out of her jurisdiction. They were Shimiko's children and while they'd need to be punished, she couldn't do it unilaterally. Irui was a different story. He wasn't her own child by blood but they were of the same Clan and with her political power being strong enough to openly challenge the Kage and live to tell the tale, they'd be a fool to complain about what she was going to do to Irui. Lady Superior Mora dropped her pen and spoke to Sacristan Anne.

    "The moment he returns to the village, tell him to come to the Cathedral...that boy needs to learn what it means to fail the Orthodoxy. Prepare my instruments."

    Sacristan Anne sat up abruptly. She knew exactly what her lady meant when she said "instruments". It was a rare thing for the Lady Superior to go into battle and when she did, she used certain tools which she had deigned to call "instruments of instruction". The golden robed woman stood up and bowed before exiting Mora's study.

    Tch. I had such high hopes for you Spymaster....


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