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    Shadow Dancing


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    Shadow Dancing Empty Shadow Dancing

    Post by Irui on Sun Feb 09, 2020 8:51 pm

    The Hidden Cloud never slept.

    Like its eponimous thunderclouds,it was always pulsing, flickering with energy into the darkest hours. Winter had settled into the village tonight, and despite its best efforts, the snow couldn't blanket the raucous atmosphere the district. Tonight of all nights, the Mikiri Clan had issued a challenge to its youngest: A scavenger hunt through the snow.

    The capsule had arrived from the sky, dropped by a messenger onto Irui's drink. At first he nearly threw out the beverage in disgust, until the silver thing bobbed to the surface. He'd been given clues-- simple and vague--attached to coordinates. It didn't take much effort to deduce the location, but where in an intersection such as this, would be find the prize?  

    He sighed heavily, and pulled his hood closer around himself, his jaw setting as he scanned the people below. Only the chosen few received these challenges from the Clan, it was a mark of pride and honor. He could throw it away now for the simple comforts and joy, but knew this chance would never come again. Irui muttered under his breath and stuffed the scroll into his pocket.

    He wouldn't find it here, not quite.



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