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    A Shadow in the Sky


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    A Shadow in the Sky Empty A Shadow in the Sky

    Post by Kurama on Mon Oct 30, 2017 9:23 pm

    With the calm, rhythmic tides came a cool breeze that cut through the warm, summer air like the many excited fish leaping in and out of the white-tinged blue that marked the oceans ever-moving surface. The sun hung high in the sky and reflected its rays upon the water's surface, warming and illuminating deep below where many of the smaller fish swam rapidly about, easy prey for the many sailors and fishermen scattered about these waters. That bright sphere of flames in the sky wasn't as warm and appealing to those people embarked on boats as it was to the fish under the sea; it shone upon them with a ferocious heat that only the occasional breeze could break, and so the many gusts of winds were of comfort to the party in the small vessel, a group of shinobi tasked with scouting out this portion of the Land of Water.

    They wandered all about the nation, seeking any activity worth reporting to the Mizukage, and on this particularly bright and windy day, they found themselves moving towards the Northeastern border, out at sea and far from both land and company. No others were out at this part; while fishermen and sailors also wandered all areas of the country, there were none within eyesight of these scouts, and that was probably for the best. Those light breezes suddenly became more frequent, quickly escalating into gusts that rippled the clothing of those in the boat, where past winds would barely move their hair. Before long, they found themselves grasping hold of the boat's railing, trying to stay low and balanced as the winds became harsher and harsher.

    Most of them kept their heads down, trying to mask their faces from the wind and what debris and water it carried, but one looked up, and he saw a great shadow moving in the sky. At first, he thought it a great bird flying low, but he realized soon that it was no bird. It wasn't like any animal he'd ever seen before. Quickly, the shinobi grabbed at the shoulders of everyone in the boat, beckoning them to look in spite of the great winds. What they saw was unlike anything they could describe, and unfortunately for them, they wouldn't have to. Without a chance to even close their widened jaws, all of the scouts and their boat were gone without a trace, as were all others that saw.

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