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    Technique Registration Guide and Template

    Chen Kimyōnakama
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    Technique Registration Guide and Template Empty Technique Registration Guide and Template

    Post by Chen Kimyōnakama on Tue May 30, 2017 9:34 am

    In order to create your own custom techniques, you'll need to post a topic in this section using the template at the bottom of this post. The techniques you create are limited mostly by your creativity, but also by your character's Skills and Elements and the techniques created by others. To prevent people from making copies of an interesting technique that you create but don't want to teach them, this site does not permit players to create customs that are too similar to another player's. These are determined on a case-by-case basis, so if you want to create a technique but feel that it might be similar to something that another person has already made, just ask a member of staff and we'll let you know if it's good or if it needs to be changed.

    Every character is allowed a single custom technique that can count as a Unique Booster. These are boosters which do not count towards the 2-Tier limit on boosts and are typically considered to be raising your base stat higher, allowing your character to reach beyond their previous limits. The maximum boost on this is 2+, and when gauging the power of your technique using the Stat Boosting Guide, keep in mind that your Unique Booster must be one rank higher than normal. So to get that full 2+, your boosting technique will generally need to be at least C-Rank. Keep in mind that adding drawbacks and weaknesses to your technique could potentially allow you to have a lower rank, while adding abilities to it would force you to increase the rank.

    -Note somewhere in the technique's description that it is your character's selected unique booster. You can register a new unique booster at any time, but you will also have to re-register your previous unique booster as a generic booster (meaning it does count towards the two tier limit but can use the boosting guide as normal).

    -You'll need to mention the fact that the technique is your chosen unique booster whenever you use it, so that everyone is able to double check your boost calculations without having to dig through your registrations.

    Name: The name of your technique. This can be in any language you wish, though it is common practice to include an English translation for ease of reference.
    Rank: The technique's rank. This is the overall worth of the technique as a whole, including its raw power and overall utility. Ranks are lettered in increasing order as follows: E, D, C, B, A, and S.
    Power: Some techniques have more utility than power, or vice versa, so the level of the technique's power may be different than the actual Rank. This level determines the potency of the technique's boosting ability, if applicable, and its interactions with other techniques. This uses the same letter system as the regular Rank, and its this level that will determine whether another technique can beat it (A B-Rank Fire Jutsu that has a C-Rank power level can be matched by a B-Rank Wind Jutsu). In most cases, the power will be the same as the rank, and in that case, you can just omit the Power line.
    Activation Cost: Techniques costs are represented by points that are deducted from your stamina pool. The base level of costs are: E=1, D=3, C=5, B=10, A=20, and S=30. These numbers can be adjusted based on your specific technique, but will generally follow that guide.
    Upkeep Cost: Most techniques are quick in use and don't persist very long, meaning that their only cost is the Activation Cost. However, some do last, most often those that increase stats, and those techniques require an Upkeep Cost. This is usually one rank less than the Activation Cost (a boosting jutsu with an activation cost of 10 (B-Rank) will usually have an upkeep cost of 5 (C-Rank)), but it can vary based on your specific technique.
    Range: How far your technique can extend. Some, like Lightning Release Armor, act as an aura around the body and don't actually extend at all; these can be denoted with "Self" on the range. Otherwise, we typically use meters to represent the overall range. However, you are still free to use other systems of measurement.
    Speed: This is how fast your technique moves, if it moves at all. If it doesn't, just write "N/A" here. The measurement for this is meters per second, which we use for all techniques, so there isn't as much flexibility here. The speed of the technique can vary greatly depending on the technique's rank, damage potential, and any other things it can do. I technique with higher speed will usually have lower damage.
    Element: If your technique has an Element, include that here. This technique cannot be learned by any characters that do not have the Element(s) written here.
    Skill: If your technique is based on any certain Skills, include them here. Like Elements, characters will generally be required to have the Skills listed here in order to learn the technique, but there is some flexibility for those with a higher Intelligence stat; read more on that here.
    Classification: This is the part that determines who can learn your technique, using any of the following: Secret (Only the character), Group Exclusive (Only a specified group; include the name of the group in parentheses. You can include more than one group, if desired.), Village Exclusive (Same as group, but for a village. You can include more than one village and can also limit it to certain ranks, for example: Village Exclusive (Konohagakure; Jounin)), and Open (Anyone can learn it).
    Requirements: Any specific requirements in order to use the technique. These are most often certain levels of stats or bloodlines. If not applicable, write "N/A".
    Parent Technique: If the technique is based on another technique, list that here. This includes any techniques that must be known in order to use this particular technique. Related or derived techniques can be listed in the description (or you can create your own little category for it on the template), but only the parent may be listed here.
    Hand Seals:
    Technique must now be required to use hand signs and a set number of them depending on how the technique is written. No longer are hand signs used for "flavor", but instead a balancing mechanic. Below is a representation of what rubric we will be using the judge hand signs for technique.

    E-rank Technique: 1 - 4 hand signs
    D-rank Technique: 1 - 4 hand signs
    C-rank Technique: 3 - 8 hand signs
    B-rank Technique: 6 - 12 hand signs
    A-rank Technique: 3 - 8 hand signs
    S-rank Technique: 1 - 4 hand signs

    Weaknesses/Power/Range/Speed/Cost determine whether the hand signs are closer to the minimum than maximum.

    To follow this we will also be releasing a guide which helps you calculate how many hand signs you can perform per post. Notice that each tier is separated by 3 hand signs. This is to help calculate Advantages to Coordination.

    Hand sign guide

    E-tier Coor = 1 hand sign/2s
    D-tier Coor = 1 hand sign/s
    C-tier Coor = 4 hand signs/s
    B-tier Coor = 7 hand signs/s
    A-tier Coor = 10 hand signs/s
    S-tier Coor = 13 hand signs/s
    X-tier Coor = 16 hand signs/s

    Description: This is where you describe what your technique actually does. Any boosts that it provides or utility functions, as well as its general potential and its appearance. Use as much detail as you want and be creative.
    Weaknesses: Every technique has some sort of weakness. The more weaknesses a technique has, the more powerful it may become, and vice versa. Use your imagination to think of any possible ways to defeat your own jutsu. You may choose to exclude some weaknesses to avoid revealing to others how to beat your technique, but just remember that any weaknesses not mentioned won't be considered when judging the overall balance of your technique. Techniques with elements are always weak to the superior element, meaning that they can be beat by jutsu of equal power level of that element.

    Here is the code for the template. Just copy and paste this into your topic and fill it out to get your jutsu approved!
    [b]Activation Cost:[/b]
    [b]Upkeep Cost:[/b]
    [b]Parent Technique:[/b]
    [b]Hand Seals:[/b]

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