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    Character Stats and Limit Break Points

    Chen Kimyōnakama
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    Character Stats and Limit Break Points Empty Character Stats and Limit Break Points

    Post by Chen Kimyōnakama Mon Jun 26, 2017 8:59 am

    -20 Stat Raises Maximum

    -Trade One Skill Point for One Stat Raise or vice versa. Maximum 3 trades either way. Trading a Skill Point to a Stat Raise rewards 500 Experience to put towards stats or Bloodlines, but does not count towards the character's total Experience. Trading in this way also does not award a flat Stat Raise; Raises are considered a maximum for how many stats a character can have and do not allow anyone to bypass the experience requirements for raising Tiers. While one can only trade a maximum of 3 skill points for a maximum of three stat point raises, you may always trade more skill points for a flat 500 Experience reward.

    -Training a Stat to S-Tier Requires 2 Raises, Instead of the Normal 1.


    - This is your character's physical strength. Their ability to lift, pull, and push are affected by this attribute. The amount of impact from hand-to-hand combat is greatly defined by this stat.

    - Your ability to carry heavily loads is determined by your Strength stat. You must therefore be mindful of this when you describe what your character is carrying.  

    Stat Comparison and Description:

    • E = You have *just* enough muscle to perform day-to-day functions in a sedentary lifestyle. This is the strength of a young child. It would be smart to avoid close-quarter fighting as you will easily be overpowered by those above you. You might have enough strength to bruise the average man. Your best bet would be to wield small weapons like a knife, as a sword or club would be unwieldy usually requiring two hands and dedicated effort. You also better dress and carry lightly, or you'll find your mobility limited.

    • D = The average man would have this type of strength. You can perform laboring tasks such as working at a warehouse without much trouble and have appealing muscle to show for it. Wielding a variety of simple weapons is doable as it has no drawback to your performance. Given you land a few solid strikes in an area you will be capable of fracturing or even breaking bones of the average man. You can carry a sizable amount of gear without feeling encumbered or having it affect your mobility.

    • C = Here you are at your above average by human standards. Carrying a person on your shoulder does not seem to affect your mobility in any way, along with your average carry gear. You can wield large swords such as the Executioner's Blade albeit with difficulty, needing both arms to get proper swings in. A solid strike to the average man has a great chance of fracturing or breaking a bone. You can easily stagger someone with a well-placed strike a couple meters back.

    • B = You can wield large swords such as the Executioner's Blade with ease, swinging them around to hew limbs and bodies as you do. You're strong enough for your strikes to throw the human body a good distance and even caused physical impact with what they impact, often causing a small crater or imprint where they land causing cracks along the surface. You can break down even the sturdiest of opponents given continuous strikes over time.
      Comparable Characters:
      - Guy from Naruto

    • A = Here you will begin to possess an otherworldly amount of strength. Your physical hand-to-hand combat strikes can throw humans great distances to make their body impact on solid stone or concrete surfaces for additional damage, crumbling the structure they impact leaving your opponent lying in rubble. A punch or two could prove fatal for the average man as your fists pulverize their organs. One at peak performance could not last too much longer in terms of a beating, either.

      Comparable Characters:
      - Kisame from Naruto
      - Sakura using CES early Shippuden

    • S =  Just about anything can fall to your fists. Regardless of your opponent's constitution they will suffer to some degree from your physical attacks. You can pick up and swing weapons meant for giant summons, or simply pick up the summon itself. Slamming your knuckles into the earth can very much drastically change the terrain. Even the Tailed Beasts themselves fear your mighty fists of fury. Those who do not par with your strength in their constitution are in for a bad time.

      Comparable Characters:
      - Tsunade from Naruto

    • X = Your strength is truly godlike at this stage. You are capable of picking up meteors, mountains, Bijuu, and other fixtures so large they make an impression on the landscape. The power of your fist generate shock waves so powerful that can be felt from across the country you are in. Your blows are likely to kill an opponent even with S Rank Constitution and the strongest of possible defenses.


    - This stat is your character's overall life force and their body's integrity. It governs your ability to deal with deadly poisons, deal with bleeding, provide resistance from various damage types, and overall tolerate pain. Your recovery is also determined by this stat.

    Stat Comparison and Description:

    • E = You are severely ill, or perhaps never eaten a vegetable in your life. A young toddler would fall in this category in terms of their pain tolerance and livability. You easily catch illnesses, your bones fragile compared to average, and a slap across the face will most likely bring you to tears.

    • D = This is what an average human would normally possess. Your bones hold standard durability and you can avoid sicknesses by following standard sanitary procedures. You are still sub-par to the world of anime, as a deep enough stab would cause great pain and you'll possibly bleed out within a minute. Still, you're not completely useless.

    • C = At this rank you are considered to be at peak performance by normal human standards. You are above Heavy Weight MMA fighters in terms of taking heavy beatings. Cracked or broken bones are bothersome, but not an end-game problem. A deep stab will cause agony, but allow you to fight. Blood loss will affect you five or ten minutes later depending on the area.

      Comparable Characters:
      -Genin Kiba from Naruto
      - Karin Uzumaki from Naruto

    • B = This is the benchmark for classic anime physics. Your body can break through concrete walls and still have enough willpower to get up and move in time to avoid the follow-up. A simple flesh wound that causes bleeding will start to coagulate itself given time. Simple wooden weapons like an oak quarter staff or baton will seem to only fracture your bones now given enough power is behind it.

      Comparable Character:
      - Kakashi from Naruto
      - Asuma from Naruto
      - Rock Lee from Naruto

      A = Your body is weathered from years of harsh combat and punishment, or you're simply gifted. You are considered to have more durability than the standard anime character. You can take on high ranking techniques and still be functional in a battle. Nothing seems to hurt you anymore, aside from extremely high level techniques or weapons meant to cause agony like Amaterasu. At this level your bodily integrity is so profoundly durable it takes on an "steel flesh" like quality whereby cutting and blunt weapons lower than A-Rank are barely able to damage your flesh. This means a weapon or technique must be A-Rank/A-Grade or higher to do serious damage to you.  A smart opponent will target your vital organs or arteries to take you down, as wearing you down will be useless.

      Comparable Characters:
      - Naruto from Naruto
      - Kisame from Naruto
      - Killer B from Naruto

      S = You are immune to all pain. Period. Your body is so durable that any weapon or technique lower than A-Grade or A-Rank is insufficient in breaking your skin and those seeking to seriously maim you must use techniques and weapons of S-Rank caliber. On the off chance that someone is able to inflict a mortal wound the pain or shock is a non-factor for you. Not only may you fight without any regard for pain but your physical integrity and vitality is at such a high level that you can survive dismemberment and mutilation for far longer periods of time than a normal human. You are a legend among people in the anime world.

      Comparable Characters:
      - A from Naruto

    • X = Aside from being immune to all pain, your bodily integrity has reached a degree that almost nothing can harm you. Even the most powerful techniques and weapons graze your body doing negligible damage if any at all. Techniques and weapons that would dismember merely scratch and those that are meant to cut the flesh are ineffective altogether.

      Comparable Characters:
      - The Third Raikage from Naruto


    - Stamina is your character's overall energy level and ability to perform techniques of various ranks. It also governs your limitations on what kind and how many you can use before exhausting yourself.

    - The types of techniques and how many you can use is based on your Stamina Point Total which in turn is decided by your overall Stamina rank. Once your Stamina Point Total reaches zero or under you are knocked unconscious and any technique you attempt will automatically fail. However, it is possible to push your body to the absolute limit in order to ensure your technique succeeds even if you hit 0% or under. Unfortunately, pushing your body to this limit will kill you upon completion of the jutsu. If you choose to take this option it must be specified OOC.

    - The Stamina Point Total accounts for all manner of spiritual and physical energy required for techniques including chakra. Once you go past having 30 of your Stamina Point remaining, physical exhaustion will set in. This will have a noticeable effect on your stats including: Perception, Strength, Constitution, and Speed. Each of these stats will incur a minus penalty for the remainder of the topic and/or until you rest.

    -A character can forcefully exert himself to ignore the penalty caused by exhaustion. However, to do so pushes the body beyond its normal limit, causing more energy to burn in the process, effectively costing the character 2 points of Stamina per post when doing this.

    Technique Costs

    D =3
    C = 5
    B = 10
    A = 20
    S = 30
    S+1 Rank = 35

    - A character may reduce the cost of techniques via a variety of methods including Unique Abilities, Items, Kekkei Genkai abilities, or other jutsu. Chakra cost reductions operate based on rank. These reductions can lower the cost of chakra by a single rank. For example, a Unique Ability (UA) may make the cost of one's Katon jutsu 1 rank lower. These cost reductions never stack, therefore a character cannot have a UA that reduces the cost of Katon by 1 rank while also having an item that reduces the cost of Katon by 1 rank. While stacking cost reductions for the same skill is prohibited, one can have cost reductions for different skills. However, one may not have more than a total of 3 reductions. For example, someone can have a reduction for Raiton, Katon, and Ijutsu.

    Stat Comparison and Description:

    • E = At this level you have very small reserves of energy. Characters with E Rank Stamina are not capable of any sustained activity requiring vigorous effort. Physical capability is limited to simple movement and restricted to performing lower caliber techniques. 20 Chakra Points Total.

    • D = This is considered the stamina level of a normal human. You are much more capable of exerting yourself to perform extraneous activities for longer periods of time but are subject to baseline human limitations. You have a slightly larger energy pool to draw from for the purpose of using various techniques. 50 Chakra Points Total.

    • C = This is considered to be above average for a single person. Your character is capable of performing sustained activity of high exertion for abnormal periods of time. As a result, you have a pool of energy that makes the usage of higher leveled techniques much more tenable. 110 Chakra Points Total.

    • B = This is the threshold at which your Stamina is considered on par with an Olympian. Those characters at this level can perform high-intense actions for long periods of time pushing the human body to its utmost realistic limitations. At this level one's energy pool increases to an even larger capacity. 185 Chakra Points Total.

    • A = This Stamina level is considered to be superhuman. Those who have A Ranked Stamina are known to be able to fight for hours at a time without slowing down. They are capable of pushing their body to extreme limits and as such have some of the largest energy reserves known to man. 260 Chakra Points Total. Additionally those with A-tier Stamina are capable of pushing themselves to their absolute limit up until the final point of exhaustion. They no longer suffer a debuff from low chakra.

    • S = This Stamina level is considered elite, the stuff of legends. A person with S Ranked Stamina has enough physical energy to fight for days on end without exhausting themselves. They have Stamina reserves that allow for an expansive list of options regarding techniques and abilities. 350 Chakra Points Total. Those with S-tier Stamina are no longer rendered unconscious upon reaching 0 Chakra Points. They simply cannot use technique until they regain their stamina.

    • X = This is the pinnacle of development. Their stamina may not be equal to a full-powered Tailed Beast, but they are the closest thing man will ever know to such levels on his own strength. With this they can fight for a week relentlessly. Their power can bring about great disasters with the reserves to back up abilities of great disasters. 500 Chakra points total.


    - This refers to full body speed, in relation to the environment. The speed stat governs how quickly you can move your body across a fixed distance and how fast you are with respect to the environment around you.

    - Note that the ability to perceive high level speed is always relative. Your opponent's ability to track your speed will depend on their perception stat. At four tiers above your opponent's Perception they will perceive your movement as teleportation. At three tiers above they will perceive your movement as "skips" or significant lapses in visibility as you accelerate and decelerate. At two tiers they will perceive a blur and although your overall form will still be visible, your opponent will not be able to accurately tell what you are doing or where you are going. At a single tier above, your opponent can track you with adequate visibility but they require constant focus on your body to do so. When your opponent's Perception is the same as or higher than your Speed stat then they are able to track you perfectly without extra focus.

    - It is also important to note the greater the disparity between your Speed and your own tracking ability, the more likely you are to experience tunnel vision and blurriness around you while moving.

    Stat Comparison and Description

    • E = You move at extremely slow rate akin to that of an normal elderly human. Physical motion is impaired and you are mostly unable to respond to any degree of rapid stimuli.

    • D = You move at the speed of an average human. At this level you are capable of running and moving your body with basic competence.

    • C = At this level you are at an above average speed. This is akin to the level of an prestigious athlete. You can react to a decent level of threats in time, but the truly swift may trip you up.

    • B = This is the threshold at which your speed can be considered borderline superhuman. You can blitz the average foe before their reaction time even kicks in. And your maximum acceleration is fast enough to react to the vast majority of stimuli found in nature as well as combat interactions.

      Comparable Characters:
      - Rock Lee from Naruto
      - Haku from Naruto

    • A = A growing master of speed and celerity. Your physical movements are considered so deft that man would consider you a true force of nature. At this level your speed is such a thing to behold that it is capable of unnatural feats such as running on water or vertical surfaces without the use of supernatural sources of energy. You can even create small cyclones and strong gusts of wind with your speed.

      Comparable Characters:
      - Shisui from Naruto
      - Minato from Naruto

    • S = A true speed demon. You move at such a high rate of speed that you can cross massive distances in an instant. You can perform feats of high speed movement on par with the most legendary of heroes. At this level your speed is so prodigious that to the untrained eye you may appear to be using teleportation. Even those who are not so easily fooled will be hard pressed to match your ability to move across the battlefield. At this point you're capable of jumping off air.

      Comparable Characters:
      -Lightning Chakra Mode Ay from Naruto
      -Kyuubi Chakra Mode Naruto from Naruto

    • X = As far as most people are concerned this is true teleportation. The speed you move at is more or less functionally inseparable from teleportation for even the most perceptive of minds. Time and space are distorted to such a degree that many question there sanity when fighting you. This level of speed allows you to bend the laws of physics to some degree with nothing other than your body. You are even capable of running on air freely.


    - Coordination is your character's overall balance and accuracy. Activities such as leaping between debris after a building was crushed, accuracy when striking a target, and your ability to do cool, dexterous stunts are all governed by this skill.

    Stat Comparison and Description:

    • E = This is compared to the handiness of a child or elderly man. A stationary target is troublesome to even hit, let alone get a "bullseye." You lack any degree of accuracy and can often trip or fall when transferring rugged terrain while not paying attention to your surroundings.

    • D = You are average by the normal world standards. Although you are not perfect in terms of accuracy, you get close enough to be competent and might even score a bullseye every so often. You can balance yourself fine when treading all land types such as mountains or snow without having to pay much attention to what you're stepping on.

    • C = You are considered perfect by every day normal standards. You have a 100% accuracy when dealing with stationary targets; you being able to pinpoint a weapon or yourself to a location accurately all the time. This is useful when considering leaping between tree branches or rooftops in/out of a battle scenario. At this point you are also capable of parrying thrown projectiles at you considering they're thrown by someone with a lesser degree of accuracy.

      Comparable Characters:
      -Tenten from Naruto

    • B = All ninja, or at least most of them, consider getting to this point by general standards. Years of practice you now have 100% accuracy when dealing with moving targets as well, however this does not mean you can autohit. You are just capable of getting 100% accuracy on a moving target. In a battle your body can going through some insane acrobatic maneuvers fluently with little effort. You can now start bending reality a bit by fluently wielding more than two weapons using other parts of your body. You may also throw or protect weapons using crevices of your body, mouth, or other objects.

      Comparable Character:
      - Genma from Naruto
      - Shikamaru from Naruto
      - Haku from Naruto

    • A = If competent Shinobi hit the B tier margin, exceptional Shinobi are at this rank. Accuracy and balance is a foundation to you that you have already mastered. You can perform impressive feats in combat, such as blocking a thrust using the flat portion of your sword as a shield or other features to seem impossible to execute. You can stop a fully-dedicated attack a literal millimeter from an opponent consistently, or kick a weapon mid-air perfectly so it flies towards a target with 100% accuracy.

      Comparable Characters:
      - Kakashi from Naruto
      - Guy from Naruto
      - Sasuke from Naruto

    • S = Having this legendary status you can perform unusual, irrational maneuvers very little people get to witness and live from. In general, people of this skill level can use any lapse of spare time between an action to do another, constantly switching between different focuses while doing so. This includes easily wielding and coordinating multiple weapons using the cracks and crevices with your body while remaining mobile, or constantly throwing projectiles while weaving hand seals as you reach for another weapon. There is nothing that limits you in correlation with your own body.

      Comparable Characters:
      - Itachi from Naruto
      - B from Naruto

    • X = This level allows you to flex and manipulate a sea of weapons (literally dozens) through your body alone. You are capable of using every square inch of your body for manipulating any tool that it comes into contact with. Your accuracy is so unmatched that it can be perceived as raw freeform manipulation over any projectile that it comes into contact with. Throwing, wielding weapons, and weaving handsigns can all be done with little issue and zero inaccuracy.



    - Intelligence governs your character's intellectual capacity as it relates to logic, reason, creativity, and learning. It encompasses your character's in game knowledge of the physical and metaphysical mechanics that make the impossible possible. Intelligence also governs: your knowledge of various techniques, your familiarity with the global political atmosphere, and your ability to learn and master new skills.

    - Intelligence plays a large in role in one's ability to sculpt and shape reality via Genjutsu. Those with high intelligence are more likely to craft their genjutsu in such a way as to be convincing and persuasive whilst those with low intelligence are less likely to craft persuasive Genjutsu due to their weaker understanding of the world around them.

    - Intelligence also affects Skills such as Fuuninjutsu and Ijutsu. When it comes to breaking or manipulating seals, the Intelligence of the breaker is pitted directly against that of the creator of the Seal. The successful cracking of the seal depends on the complexity of the seal in question and the difference in intelligence between the two Fuuninjutsu users. One's intelligence also plays a critical role in the successful implantation of organs. Those who possess the Ijutsu skill and have a high degree of intelligence have a higher chance of operating successfully.

    - Those of high intelligence are also well informed on techniques from all skills. General information on techniques encompasses all the information that can be surmised from looking at its registration. At E-C Rank this is limited to canon techniques that are not exclusive or restricted. At B and A Rank it includes not only canon techniques but customs and exclusives. At S Rank this is expanded to include not only the aforementioned classifications but restricted techniques as well. Note that general information does not in of itself grant the ability nor permission to learn techniques.

    - The Intel perk allowing you to learn techniques one rank above their class also extends to the cap on techniques for those who don't have the Genjutsu, Taijutsu, or Ninjutsu Skill. Where you may only learn D Rank Techniques and below if you don't have the skill, B Rank Intelligence for example would allow you to learn C Rank techniques. This also applies to Crafting levels (including those with Ijutsu and Kugutsu).

    - Note that if your intelligence is debuffed or otherwise reduced in rank you will no longer be able to recall how to perform that technique if you learned it because of your intelligence. For example, if you have B Rank intelligence and it was reduced to C any techniques that you learned above your class or without the requisite skill would be forgotten. This is limited to instances where you would only know that technique because of your higher than average intelligence. In situations where you were taught a technique and were permitted to learn it as per your class level you'd retain this information even if debuffed to E Rank intelligence.

    - Precognitive saves are for defensive purposes. This means that any action taken as a result of using a precog must first either be dodging or purely defending against an attack More information on them can be found here.

    • E = Your character is mentally retarded. At this level, their intellectual capabilities are severely stunted and are akin to someone with a severe learning disability. They cannot recognize other techniques unless they've seen them personally and have no understanding of the political landscape of the world they live in. They have a significantly tough time learning new techniques and such cannot learn B Rank techniques and above without assistance from another person of at least D Rank intelligence.

    • D = This is the level of average human intelligence. At this level, one's intellectual capabilities are more attuned to the world and the various elements within. Your character is capable of recognizing the political leadership of your place of origin. They have access to general information on D Ranked techniques.

    • C = This level of intelligence brings a character competency amongst professional academics. At this level, your character has a high degree of talent in the art of learning and applying knowledge. Characters at this level are capable of retaining fair amounts of knowledge over a short period of time and have a decent repository of information. Your character is capable of recognizing the political leadership of foreign nations as well as their own. They have access to general information on B Ranked techniques. You have basic tactical awareness allowing you to make the basic precognitive logic leaps once in awhile in combat (ex. figuring out an ability you've seen a few times and a simple way to counter it).

    • B = This level of intelligence is considered to be elite even among professional academics. Your character is truly gifted with respect to logic and reasoning. They have such a strong command over a wide breadth of information that they are often sought as advisers and strategists for their nation's government. Characters at this level can recognize Missing Ninja and state actors of A Rank and above. They have access to general information about, and may learn, techniques one rank above their class. You usually survey the battlefield before you do anything else. Tactically you gain 1 precognition save in a topic which allow you to bend the rules of metagaming on the site and predict an enemy's action and attempt to defend against it preemptively.

    • A = Your character's level of intelligence is considered to be in the top 1% of the planet. A character with A Ranked Intelligence has eidetic memory and their capacity for an understanding of real world physics that is on par with the greatest of geniuses. They can innovate for the toughest solutions and are often rewarded with titles or senior positions of leadership amongst other advisers, strategists, and scientists. Characters at this level can recognize Missing Ninja and state actors of B Rank and above. They have access to general information about, and may learn, techniques two ranks above their class. Tactically you gain 2 precognition saves in a topic which allow you to bend the rules of metagaming on the site and predict an enemy's action and attempt to defend against it preemptively.

    • S = Your character's level of intelligence is considered to be in the top 1% in the history of recorded human existence. A character with S Ranked intelligence is said to have such a wealth of knowledge that they are capable of global forecasting. Your character can  draw from their vast pool of worldly knowledge to create inferences about certain actions by individuals they know or major events involving political leaders. Characters at this level can recognize Missing Ninja and state actors of C Rank and above. They have access to general information about, and may learn, techniques three ranks above their class. Tactically you gain 3 precognition saves in a topic which allow you to bend the rules of metagaming on the site and predict an enemy's action and attempt to defend against it preemptively.

    • X = Your character is nigh omniscient. You can glance at a person and surmise their entire personhood via induction as though you were glimpsing at their character sheet. You are able to deconstruct all the principles of existence from the natural to the supernatural giving you general information on every technique in existence. Tactically you gain 5 precognition saves in a topic which allow you to bend the rules of metagaming on the site and predict an enemy's action and attempt to defend against it preemptively.


    - This is your character's awareness of their surroundings both tactically and sense-wise.

    Stat Comparison and Description:

    • E = You are basically an ADHD child who has trouble paying attention without the help of someone forcing you to look carefully. You are easily caught into illusions and you can't predict attacks. (Ex. Naruto in Part 1)

    • D = The average person has this level of awareness. You can detect obvious flaws in your surroundings in order to get yourself out of illusions, and your senses can keep up with your foes at the most basic human levels, sometimes you just can't seem to focus though.

    • C = You are not the average joe. Some would consider you sharp even. Your senses can sort of keep up with things that move beyond the normal eye and you are more easily able to decipher flaws in enemy genjutsu.

    • B = You are acute with your senses. You are also capable of identifying basic genjutsu with ease and maybe even some of the tricky ones. All of your senses are refined to the point where they can compensate for each other such that blindness (while still a hindrance) is not a fatal handicap. You may perceive major stimuli and changes in the environment despite blindness or any other handicap in one of your major senses. On top of that you gain the ability to track high speed movement, with only the greatest of speed masters giving you a hard time.

    • A = You are a master of tracking and following quick moving stimuli. Your ability follow rapid time events allows you a much greater chance of preparing strategies for different scenarios. Your senses are not only impeccable but approaching superhuman levels of ability allowing you to smell with the accuracy of a trained canine. You can also taste obscurities allowing you to detect contaminants (up to A-Grade) before ingesting it. Your mind and senses are as sharp as a Kage. You are also capable of detecting most genjutsu save for the most elite users. On top of that you gain the ability to track high speed movement with little to no difficulty at all.

    • S =Your mastery of your physical senses is the stuff of prophesy. Each of your senses is honed to a superhuman degree allowing you to still perfectly perceive stimuli as normal when blind or handicapped in another sense. You are also capable of detecting virtually any genjutsu. Your senses are acute enough to follow anyone's trail, though you may not necessarily be able to do anything about it.

    • X = You are a Daredevil-like seer capable of perceiving the world with superhuman accuracy despite complete sensory deprivation. You are able to smell, hear, and see to a near superhuman degree granting you a special sixth sense so acute that many confuse your abilities for ESP. You are also in a very select category of being able to accurately track those who move at X Rank Speed and Coordination.

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    Character Stats and Limit Break Points Empty Re: Character Stats and Limit Break Points

    Post by Chen Kimyōnakama Sun Sep 10, 2017 7:34 pm

    Limit Break Points

    Limit Break Points are a set of points assigned to three different categories which allow a character to exceed the normal limits of his stats or abilities in various ways based on the categories listed below. They are representative of a protagonist's ability to surpass all odds and push beyond his limits, accomplishing the impossible through sheer force of will, but only for a short while. These categories are:

    Physical: Boost any one stat to S-Tier for one attack/action. If the affected stat is naturally S-Tier, then boost it to X-Tier instead.

    Technique: Increase the power of any one technique to S-Rank for a single use. If the affected technique is naturally S-Rank, then increase it to X-Rank instead.

    Destiny: Inexplicably survive and negate any damage inflicted in the previous round of combat.

    These points are distributed at the registration of your character, and once a point is spent, it is gone forever. There may be opportunities to acquire more points, but these cases are extremely rare, so use your points wisely. At registration you may distribute your points how ever you see fit although once you do so you may not change the configuration again. A character is allowed a lifetime amount of 9 Limit Break points and may not ever have more than 3 points in each category.
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    Character Stats and Limit Break Points Empty Re: Character Stats and Limit Break Points

    Post by Rin Matoi Fri Apr 27, 2018 11:51 pm

    Speed to Meters Per Second Conversion Guide

    E = 3 m/s
    E(+) = 5 m/s
    E(++) = 6 m/s
    D = 8 m/s
    D(+) = 10 m/s
    D(++) = 12 m/s
    C =  15  m/s
    C(+) = 20 m/s
    C(++) = 30 m/s
    B = 45 m/s
    B(+) = 60 m/s
    B(++) = 85 m/s
    A = 100 m/s
    A(+) = 125 m/s
    A(++) = 150 m/s
    S = 175 m/s
    S(+) = 185 m/s
    S(++) = 200 m/s
    X = 250 m/s
    X(+) = 275 m/s
    X(++) = 300 m/s

    Stamina Tier and Advantage Guide

    E: 20 CP
    E+: 30 CP
    E++: 40 CP
    D: 50 CP
    D+: 70 CP
    D++: 90 CP
    C: 110 CP
    C+: 135 CP
    C++: 160 CP
    B: 185 CP
    B+:  210 CP
    B++: 235 CP
    A:  260 CP
    A+: 290 CP
    A++: 320 CP
    S: 350 CP
    S+: 400 CP
    S++: 450 CP
    X: 500 CP
    X+: 600 CP
    X++: 700 CP

    Hand Signs Per Second Guide and Hand Sign Requirements

    Required Hand Signs for Technique

    E-rank Technique: 0 - 4 hand signs
    D-rank Technique: 1 - 4 hand signs
    C-rank Technique: 3 - 8 hand signs
    B-rank Technique: 6 - 12 hand signs
    A-rank Technique: 3 - 8 hand signs
    S-rank Technique: 1 - 4 hand signs

    Weaknesses/Power/Range/Speed/Cost determine whether the hand signs are closer to the minimum than maximum.

    Hand Sign/s Guide

    E-tier Coor = 1 hand sign/2s
    D-tier Coor = 1 hand sign/s
    C-tier Coor = 4 hand signs/s
    B-tier Coor = 7 hand signs/s
    A-tier Coor = 10 hand signs/s
    S-tier Coor = 13 hand signs/s
    X-tier Coor = 16 hand signs/s

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    Character Stats and Limit Break Points Empty Re: Character Stats and Limit Break Points

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    People with especially high levels of Intelligence (B, A, S, X) are able to predict their opponent's next moves after they've effectively analyzed them long enough. The amount of analysis in posts that an intellectual fighter requires before they can start to precognitively react to their opponent is gauged by their level of intelligence:

    B-Rank: 4 posts
    A-Rank: 2 post
    S-Rank/X-Rank: 0 posts (Meaning you can precognitively react to an opponent's actions in the same exact post you analyzed them)

    Analysis, to put it simply, is the act of following the patterns in physical cues, movements and so on that one's opponent performs before they make an attack. This could be as simple as simply sliding their left foot forward, or blinking before they rush on towards you. For the sake of simplicity, rather than trying to state that someone does something that counts as a cue without them explicitly stating it in their post of attacking, this is moreso the act of simply stating that you've begun to follow what they do and the actions preceding it.

    Analysis must be noted OOC at the bottom of one's post.

    Furthermore, so long as you can see your opponent, you can analyze them. Whether it's in lapses (such as a 3 tier difference between your Perception and an opponent's Speed), you can still analyze them based on their bodily positioning. This can be mostly interpreted as a preemptive assumption on what they're doing next because of the position their body is in, even in the case of that brief visual you have on them, allowing you to capitalize upon it. You can use other senses rather than sight (for example hearing) but your ability to substitute sight for precog analysis will depend on your Perception stat. You Perception must be high enough so that your other senses are effectively just as good as your visible sight.

    You can analyze more than one individual in a post.


    Character Stats and Limit Break Points P5_portrait_of_Anne_Takamaki27s_Phantom_Thief_outfit_without_mask


    • Strength: D
    • Constitution: D
    • Stamina: A++
    • Speed: A
    • Coordination: S
    • Intelligence:  B
    • Perception: A


    • 1x Kālīkoroshimasu
    • 1x Kālīkoroshimasu (Chakra Disruption Technology)
    • 10x Serrated Kunai
    • Six Sai of Serration
    • Badger's Claws
    • Chinowakugumi Armour (Snow Armour Technology)
    • Twin Tessen of Terror

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