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    Character Registration Guide and Template

    Chen Kimyōnakama
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    Character Registration Guide and Template Empty Character Registration Guide and Template

    Post by Chen Kimyōnakama Mon May 29, 2017 9:42 pm

    In order to roleplay, you must first create a character. That is done in this section with the template located at the bottom of this post. If you're new to the site or roleplaying in general, don't worry; the following guide will tell you everything you need to know to register your character.

    First, there are a few key details you should know:
    -Characters must start as Genin unless a Chuunin or Jounin slot is open. Information on the various Ranks and their responsibilities can be found here.

    -To gain a Chuunin or Jounin slot, players must have a Roleplay Sample that displays their writing level. This will show that you are experienced enough in roleplaying to fulfill the role of those higher ranks.

    -Genin begin at D-Class, which provides 4 Skill Points. Chuunin begin at C-Class with 5 Skill Points, and Jounin begin at B-Class with 6 Skill Points. For information on Classes, see this post; for Skills, see this post.

    -Each character receives 1650 Experience points to put towards their beginning stats. These points are not counted for any totals and may not be used outside of registration. For information on Experience Points, click this link.

    -Any characters beginning in a Class higher than D will receive the amount of experience listed for that Class; C-Class starts with 1000 Experience. B-Class starts with 2000. These points will count for your overall and spendable Exp values. Thus, one may choose to save these points and spend them later, after registration.

    -Characters may spend their starting Experience on advancements in their Kekkei Genkai. To do this, simply include the level you're starting with in the Bloodline section and the amount of experience spent to get it in parenthesis. If you wish for your character to have a kekkei genkai that is not an advanced element (such as for example a doujutsu or Sakon/Ukon's KKG) you must note that in the bloodline section and spend the necessary skill point at creation. If you wish for your character to have a kekkei genkai that is an advanced element you must note that in your bloodline section and spend the necessary skill point for at least ONE of the constituent elements that make up the advanced element.

    -In addition, for characters who trade Skill points for stats will convert the potential Skill for 500 EXP which can be applied anywhere from stats to clan development. Note that the 500 EXP gained per skill does not count towards the character's total experience. It is for spendable experience only.

    -There is no specific limit at registration for how many stat raises each rank can have, however, the lifetime maximum of a character is 20 total raises. You can adjust this through trading, and for more information on that and on stats as a whole, see this topic.

    -Clanless characters get an extra stat/skill trade. They may trade a stat raise for a skill to end up with a maximum of 14 skills or they may trade a skill for a stat raise for a total of 24 maximum stat raises.

    -Each character begins with a set of jutsu they know at the start. Aside from all E-rank jutsu, Genin start with 5 jutsu they are able to learn. Chuunin start with 10 jutsu and Jounin 15 jutsu. These are claimed in the character update after approval. These jutsu can only be chosen if they are within the rank requirements of your character and they have the present skill for it. This means a Genin cannot learn 5 S-rank jutsu for their choice.

    -Skill points are gained through increasing your Class level, using the chart shown in the Experience Information topic linked above. Generally, a character can obtain up to 10 Skill Points, to be used for Elements, Skills, or Bloodlines. More information on fame can be found here.

    -Starting with a Bloodline costs 1 Skill Point. If the Bloodline is an Advanced Element Kekkei Genkai, then you will need to purchase the Base Elements for that element with Skill Points. You do not need to spend a Skill Point on the Advanced Element itself, just the base elements. This can be done after registration, if you wish, but you must note on your application that you are starting as part of that Bloodline. You must also spend at least one of your skill points to purchase one of the elements that make up your advanced element.

    - Starting with a Hiden Clan costs a Skill Point. You cannot have more than 1 Hiden Clan or Bloodline at creation unless you are taking the Dual KKG/Clan Restricted. Rules for that can be found here.

    -Characters starting without a Bloodline or Hiden Clan gain one free Unique Ability that doesn't need a matching Flaw.

    -Note that there is a two week grace period when it comes to making changes to your app after its been approved. You can make changes to your app via updates during this period but afterwards any adjustments must be gained IC.

    - If your character is in a clan or has a starting Restricted like Dual KKG/Clans that has a limited number of slots then once that character dies you cannot immediately make another character in that same slot. You must wait until your second character dies or a reasonable amount of time as determined by staff must pass whichever happens first.

    Name: Enter your character's name here. This includes the given first, middle, and surname; whichever is applicable. Nicknames can also be included here, denoted as such by using quotes.
    Age: The character's age at the time of registration, which will be the starting point once you begin the game. This will progress over time, naturally, but your updates will reflect those changes.
    Gender: Male, Female, or what have you. This isn't technically referring to sexual orientation, but if you want to include that, go ahead. Remember, this application is just as much for you to explore the depth of your character as it is for us to aptly introduce that character into the game.
    Village: Whichever village you are starting in, note that here. For a list of available villages, see this post. We aren't accepting any Missing-Nin at registration just yet, so you will need to pick one of the available villages.
    Rank: You may choose any rank to start with, but keep in mind that the rest of the application will need to be of a higher quality to earn you that higher rank. Genin, Chuunin, and Jounin may be chosen at start. In order to achieve the ranks of Special Jounin, Jounin Commander, Anbu, or Kage, the character will need to earn it within the game.
    Title: Any titles that your character may have been known by during their history. If it's a title you want your character to be known as in the future, you can include that here or, if you aren't quite decided, write "N/A" and make an update whenever you acquire enough fame for your title to be used.

    Clan: If your character is part of a Clan, notate that here. If your character isn't part of a clan, you may write "N/A". Note that your character doesn't need to have the Clan's surname to be a part of that Clan.
    Bloodline: If your character possesses a Bloodline (also called Kekkei Genkai) write that here. For instance, if your character is an Uchiha with that Clan's Kekkei Genkai, you would write "Uchiha" after Clan and "Sharingan" after Bloodline. You don't necessarily have to be a part of the Clan to have its bloodline, but there will need to be some kind of explanation for that in your history. Having a bloodline will deduct one Skill Point from your overall total. If your character does not have a Bloodline or is part of a Hiden clan (such as Nara or Yamanaka), you may write "N/A".
    Element(s): Each character is given 4 Skills Points at registration; however, for each rank above Genin, another point is given (so a total of 5 at Chuunin and 6 at Jounin). One Point can unlock an Element or a Skill of your choice. Typically, characters may only choose one of the basic elements: Fire (Katon), Wind (Fuuton), Lightning (Raiton), Earth (Doton), or Water (Suiton), but other elements may become available, depending on the character's Bloodline. Read through the details of your chosen Bloodline, if you have one, to get an idea for what elements you may want to choose. You may also find a general description of all elements here.
    Skill(s): You can devote any of your Skill Points that you haven't put into an Element into as many Skills as you wish. It takes one point to unlock a Skill, and points can be hard to come by, so choose wisely. A list of all the Skills and their descriptions can be found [/url]here.

    Stats These are the levels that determine how good your character is at various things. Each stat governs quite a bit and the information can be daunting, but it is important, so before you choose which stats to increase, read up on them here. Each character has a lifetime maximum of 20 Stat Points to distribute. When registered, new characters have 1650 Experience points to place into their stats. Chuunin start as C-Class with an additional 1000 Experience points; these may be placed into stats and, unlike the base 1650 experience, counts towards spendable and total experience levels. Jounin start with 2000 Experience points, on top of the base 1650, as B-Class shinobi. While it is beneficial to plan out your end game stats ahead of time, don't get bogged down with it. There will be opportunities in-game to modify your stat distribution if you feel like you messed up or just want to change something.

    • Strength: General raw physical power. Governs how hard you can hit.
    • Constitution: Physical resistance and durability. Governs how hard you can be hit.
    • Stamina: Endurance, chakra, and energy levels. Governs how many techniques you can use.
    • Speed: The ability to move fast. Governs how quickly you travel and how easily you can dodge.
    • Coordination: Accuracy and balance. Governs your aim and how effectively you move.
    • Intelligence: General knowledge and mental ability. Governs how much you know about the world.
    • Perception: Ability to assess and mental acuity. Governs how much you know about the situation before you.

    -Here is a simple guide for how much experience it costs to increase a stat to a certain tier at creation:  

    D: 150
    C: 450
    B: 950
    A: 1,650
    S: 2,650

    Unique Abilities: These are abilities that are specific to your character and typically aren't caused by some sort of technique. These can range from performing hand seals with one hand to using less chakra on a certain type of techniques to starting with a powerful item or jutsu, or even having advanced physical abilities like super hearing or smelling. This is the part where you get creative and make your character stand out. Be careful, though, because for every ability you have, you will need to balance it with a weakness. These weaknesses will be listed directly below the abilities they apply to and will need to, in some way, balance out the benefit that the ability will give you.

    For Specific Unique Abilities:

    -Stat Boosts must be matched by a Stat Debuff that is equal to the boost and is active at the same time as the boost. If you receive a tier boost in Strength when using Taijutsu, you'll need to take a tier debuff in another stat when using Taijutsu. Keep in mind that these boosts are always generic and cannot boost a stat to S-Tier or beyond.

    -Cost Reductions can be no higher than one rank, and must be matched by a cost increase in another area for which you have a Skill Point invested. So while you can reduce the cost of any technique type you want, you'll need to have the same increase in a similar area and it must be unlocked to you: A reduction in Fuuton means an increase in another element that you have or a Skill that you have a point invested into, but when reducing the cost of an entire field as broad as, say, Ninjutsu, you will need a much greater cost increase flaw due to the number of elements and techniques covered by Ninjutsu, which is greater than any other Skill.

    -Experience Gains at start can be however high you need them, but not enough to put you into the next Class; they can be even 1 point shy of this limit, if that's what you want. Any amount, however, will need a flaw that creates a debt of 100% of the amount you gained. So starting with an extra 500 Exp means your flaw must be that all experience you gain will go towards paying your 500 Exp debt. Once the debt is paid, the flaw no longer applies and you can gain Experience Points as normal.

    Appearance: What your character looks like. You can write a description of any length that you feel accurately portrays what you want your character to look like, or you can post a picture. If you choose the latter, then please try to avoid using a picture that another player has already selected, unless you gain their permission. For a list of faceclaims, see this topic.

    History: Everything that your character has been through up until the point when he/she enters the game. This can be a very in depth life story beginning at birth, or just the highlights; write at your own pace and depth. There is an expected length, however. Genin must have at least one paragraph, which has around four or five sentences. Chuunin must have two, and Jounin, three. If you get really into your character, those requirements should be no problem at all for you.

    Personality: This is where you give a description of how your character thinks and/or behaves. Any interesting quirks or general ideals that they might hold. There's no required length here; just try to be as creative as you can so that everyone can see just how your character's history helped to shape who they are now.

    Roleplay Sample: This is where you really show what you've got. Write out an example of your roleplaying skill so that we can determine what rank is right for you. Typically, people will start out at a decent level with a Genin character, but by the time that character hits Jounin, those players are playing at a much higher level than they started with, and that's what we're going for, here. Show us where you're at and we'll set you to the right path for improvement, if you need any at all. There's no pressure here; just have fun and let your own creative narrative guide you.

    Below is the code for the Character Registration Template. Just copy and paste that into your post and you'll be ready to start filling it out!



    [b]Unique Abilities:[/b]




    [b]Roleplay Sample:[/b]

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