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    Post by Shimiko Chinoike on Sat Jan 06, 2018 7:02 pm

    Shimiko's brothers and sisters in the faith knew what they had to do. Seigi's death sent reverberations through the community. The Raikage's bloodlust and his close connection to one of their own made him a prime candidate for conversion. Shimiko never really got the chance to share her faith with him and when he died the event was marked not only by sorrow but of anger at lost opportunity. The cult demanded that a grand sacrifice be made to Janshin in remembrance of the late Raikage. Shimiko didn't have to dirty her hands with the details. She could think of a few people she wouldn't mind killing but the village tended to frown on open murder. An homeless orphan however would not be missed. The Janshinists had grabbed him and crucified him in the basement boiler room of a dilapidated and forgotten building. By the time Shimiko arrived he was so exhausted than he had not the strength to scream. He was dying slowing of asphyxiation but that was not how he'd meet his end. Shimiko wore the dark robes that was customary for a religious sacrament such as this one. Each member of the cult had their hood lowered over their face, obscuring their identities while they prayed to Janshin. A long ceremonial blade was pressed into the Chinoike's hand. Channeling her hurt, rage, and sadness into murder was the only thing she had left now that Seigi was gone.  

    Shimiko held up the blade and stared at it for a moment before looking at the suffering sacrificial lamb. The girl removed her hood and looked the boy in his eyes. The sorrow and anger over her brother's death was manifest exquisitely in that moment. She focused on her target like a laser and felt a change coming on. It was slow in building, familiar yet frightening. Her normally green iris color slowly shifting and becoming red. The pupil stretched and was replaced by an eerie horizontal bar. This wasn't the first time she had activated the Ketsuryūgan but it was the first time she had done so consciously. Blood leaked from her eyes profusely as the doujutsu was activated. The change apparently sparked a new fear in the victim and he began to scream with what little strength he had left. The shriek was grating and was ruining the sacredness of the moment. She didn't feel that it was necessary to drag out his suffering any longer and decided that it was time to finish the sacrifice.

    "Lord Jashin accept this sacrifice as consideration for the promise you have bestowed upon your disciples. A promise sealed and honored by blood. The blood of the new and everlasting covenant"

    Shimiko stabbed the blade into his stomach and dragged it across his abdomen. The young man gasped and watched as his entrails spilled on the floor. Once disembowelment was complete, Shimiko stabbed him in his chest repeatedly, destroying his heart in the process. Once the sacrifice ceased moving, she held up the blade and put it in her mouth as if to savor the test. As she did, she closed her eyes and meditated on what precisely she was doing and why. She was a devout follower of Janshin but she had always found blood to have a foul taste. Now however it was sweet, not tasty but rich as if it was ambrosia. When she opened her eyes again, she could feel the Ketsuryūgan had been deactivated. Shimiko smiled knowing deep down that the power of the Chinoike Clan was finally hers. It was the sole good thing to come from her brother's death but she would trade it in a heart beat if it meant that she could have him back. No..Always forward... Shimiko turned and handed the blade to one of worshipers. The clean up would be their responsibility, she had enough to deal with as it is and they understood that. She bowed her head to each one and left the building.



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