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    gotte get back to work

    Jinn Tetsudashi
    Jinn Tetsudashi

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    gotte get back to work Empty gotte get back to work

    Post by Jinn Tetsudashi Tue Dec 26, 2017 4:07 pm

    Jinn walked into the stone yard in his normal uniform of his black tank top and his blank slim fit jeans. his sword still carrying diagonal on his back while he lets out a huge yawn. He was still a bit lagged from the hospital but that wouldn't stop him from training. Jinn looked around the training area and found some old ninja string. It was shorter than normal although it would be good enough for his training for now. Jinn calmly took a shuriken out of his pocket and started to tie the string onto the shuriken. Jinn Made sure the knot was nice and tight around it so it would untie.

    Jinn Calmly threw the shuriken into one of the rocks close to his having the string in his hand. He narrowed his eyes a bit and pulled on the string pulling it back out towards him. He walked up towards the shuriken and threw it again. He waved his hand quickly that held the string making the string calmly move direction. The shuriken made a small curve towards the right hitting another rock. Jinn pulled it out again using the string. Jinn chuckled a bit and took the shuriken and placed it back into his hip pouch after he untied the string and left it in the stone yard again.

    [words [223/100]
    [tech learned: shuriken manipulation]

    Character Name:  Jinn Tetsudashi
    Spendable Experience:
    Total Experience:

    • Strength:D
    • Constitution: D
    • Stamina: E
    • Speed: D
    • Coordination: D
    • Intelligence: D
    • Perception:C

      Skills: Thaijutsu, BukiJutsu, KenJutsu

    Limit Break Points:

    • Physical:
    • Technique:
    • Destiny:

    Link to Character Updates: https://gladiusnarutorp.forumotion.com/t550-jinn-s-updates
    Link to Character Application: https://gladiusnarutorp.forumotion.com/t548-tetsudashi-jinn
    Link to Known Techniques:
    Body Flicker
    manipulating shuriken

    left hip pouch
    5 Shuriken
    2 Kakute

    right hip pouch
    5 Shuriken
    2 Kakute

    holster diagonal over his back

    gotte get back to work O7CEL2

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