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    To Wander or to Wait: What lies ahead?


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    To Wander or to Wait: What lies ahead? Empty To Wander or to Wait: What lies ahead?

    Post by Naganori Tue Feb 09, 2021 7:54 pm

    Refugees were still slowly filing past the large spires that Nagi hid out in even now days after a strange ship had soared through the air towards Gaikotsu Bay. Naganori had simply watched in wonder as some magnificent jutsu sent the massive vessel through the air. No longer suffering from the grievous injuries that took little Nagi out for the count, the little nin had given the reins over to Naganori who sprinted beneath the darkness towards a lone ninja coming from the southwest with his companion.

    Turnip sat calmly on his oversized backpack. Ashamed as it made him, he was one of thousands that had escaped. He'd spent some time after the attack just lingering. His whole world had been shattered. It felt as if the ground had fallen out from beneath his feet, and he was still falling. They'd come out of nowhere and with such force reshaping the entire village in a wake of destruction as if it were clay. The darkness was smothering. Even now he could still see them moving in the shadows. "Wait..." He'd say as he could swear he saw a dark cloak moving in the moonless night. It would rapidly close the distance. It had to be real. "Wait!!" His voice would go shrill in terror from this figure in the night.

    Naganori cloaked in black with his alabaster mask would land on his chest donating his momentum to the now off center Hotsprings nin. Five burning fingers would lift off of the now unconscious ninja's chest. 'Five Element Seal.' The masked nin would enter a state of 'Absolute Focus' before placing his hand on the his quarry's forehead diving through his subconscious skimming through the last couple of weeks. Until he got the basic idea of the situation in Yugakure.

    Naganori would give Nagi the reigns again, and go back to observing. The little nin would beckon over to a Snow Leopard waiting in the shadows. "Kenny~. It's time to go now." little Nagi would hop onto the Leopard's back. "Time for an adventure!" After spending some time covering Naganori's tracks, the lil-nin would head of while riding on the large beast.

    [Attempting to stealthily travel. Southwestern Lightning -> Land of Frost -> Land of Hotsprings. 0 hour travel time.]

    Snow Leopad Loyalty post 2/2. Post 1/2

    [I'm also gonna spend 50 of Kentaru's (the snow leopard) chakra for 12 hours per minor country.]


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