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    Clan Diplomacy


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    Clan Diplomacy Empty Clan Diplomacy

    Post by Diana Thu Feb 04, 2021 11:48 pm

    Mission Name: Can't we all Get along?
    Mission Type: Diplomacy
    Mission Rank: C
    Mission Goal: Resolve the tension between the clan heads
    Description: Two of our Clan leaders have been butting heads, now threat of full war is being thrown around. Get in there and help them resolve their issues peacefully.
    Payment: 15k
    Requirements: D-Class

    Diana did not enjoy dealing with minor clan heads, but here she was. She had recieved a letter while she was working on her masks that she was requested to go deal with a minor dispute, and while she could have easily refused due to her status, she had figured it would be a good break. So, after taking a shower and sprucing herself back up in a nice suit, she'd send out two letters requesting that the clan heads meet her in a small café she had found. Shortly after she arrived, the two clan heads would also show up as they ordered tea.

    "So, what seems to be the issue?"

    The shorter clan head spoke up first. "The Sakoma clan has had enough of the Fujiwa clan's antics! All we want to do is expand-

    The taller head interrupted. "Expand, expand, expand, that's what you always want to do! Have you considered that your expansion is cutting into other clan locations? The longer you keep breeding like rabbits, the-" "What the fuck did you just say about my clan's growth?!"

    Diana would slam her hand down on the table. "ENOUGH. Sakoma, did you go through the proper channels to get you expansion approved?" "Well yes but-" "And Fujiwa, are you the head of the Sakoma clan?" "Of course not!" "Then I do not see any problem with what the Sakoma are doing. Fujiwa, I expect you to follow the law, and if you don't I have no qualms with reporting what I have heard today. I expect both of you to behave, and that you will find some sort of common ground and not fight over petty disputes. This meeting is over."

    The two clan heads looked in Diana's eyes, her intent clear. They'd nod, and would go back to their homes as Diana wrote a letter stating to keep an eye on them in case they got uppity again.


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