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    Silence that Beckons the Shadow of Lightning


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    Silence that Beckons the Shadow of Lightning Empty Silence that Beckons the Shadow of Lightning

    Post by Naganori Sun Nov 29, 2020 8:02 pm

    The Butterfly had a lot of preparation to do. She stood naked in the shower steam rolling off of her as she calmed her breath. Today was the day she'd stand before the man. His clan was so foreign to her. She'd not so much as heard their name 60 years ago, and now here they stood in the echoes of a world war leading this strange collection of ninja. Slowly reaching past the pane of glass the released steam that'd been collected would reveal her as she opened the door of the shower grabbing a toothbrush. Now that she'd calmed her morning ritual could begin. 20 minutes more than normal would pass before she'd open the doors once more, and the woman would step onto the cold tile floor, the room still wrapped in a blanket of heavily obscuring steam. This wasn't a problem for her as she effortlessly navigated the room.

    Placing her hand on the wall and injecting the smallest burst of chakra, a seal would, from its depths, procure simple clothes for her, a cloth face covering that hid her nose down, and a simple blank porcelain mask. Would I be allowed to enter if I wore this? This country had changed so much in what seemed like so little time. She'd emerge into her kitchen fully clothed, bare feet lightly tapping on the stone. The little abandoned home carved miles high into one of the many spires of the Land of Lightning had come a long way since the butterfly had come back to it. It was a relic from her days as a child soldier. 860. That was the last time she'd stepped foot in this place, and probably the last time anyone had. It was relatively easy bring everything she needed back to here as well as installing more modern amenities. She'd open a refrigerator and pull out some dried meats and cheeses.

    Slowly she'd chew as she went through one by one preparing the seals she'd normally used and the supplies she used to have before she was... Nevermind that. Her eyes would slit as her concentration increased and she steadied her chakra flow, allowing her to use chakra ink to place her seals. In one final step of preparation before she left, out she'd unfurl a scroll painting a great beast using large, simple, almost tribalistic circles to make up it's body, before painting its head revealing the image to be that of a coiling snake. She'd hold up the seal of confrontation and the image would slither off of the page and into a fresh seal on her lower back. She'd circulate chakra through it, giving it a quick test, animating the cloth tail of the black jumpsuit she wore.

    Good enough. She'd leave the kitchen, noticing one of the books shelved in the wall of the foyer was authored by Dr. Miura. It was a name that echoed in her head as she suppressed fear, betrayal, and hate. The Good Doctor won't be needing it anymore. It was true that this body reflected many of the doctor's features with a notable difference being the golden eyes and hair the butterfly had. The shapely body, regal posture, pointed nails, sharp eyes: these were all imitated features. Ones that had been carved into Naganori with neither delicacy nor lack of effort. It was a good name though, and one that her new acquaintance would hopefully come to call her by.

    [OOC: Prepping Item Kit]
    Items before sealing and other prep:

    • Ink Pot 125mls x10
    • Large Blank Scroll
    • Blank Sealing Paper x180
    • Small Blank Scroll x2
    • Ink Brush x2
    • Holster x2
    • Backpack

    Standard Inventory post-prep:

    Right Hip Holster

    • 46 Sheets of Empty Sealing Paper
    • [Last 4 Sheets] 4 Sheet of Sealing Paper - each hold 26 more sheets

    Left Thigh Holster

    • Small Blank Scroll with a built in 125 ml ink well
    • Ink Brush
    • Wooden Tube of Ink


    • Ink Brush
    • Small Scroll with a built in 125 ml ink well
    • 7 wooden tubes of ink
    • Large Blank Scroll strapped to the bottom of the bag

    Lower Back

    • Pigment Prosthetic


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    • Strength: C
    • Constitution: C
    • Stamina: B
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    • Coordination: A
    • Intelligence: B
    • Perception: B

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