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    Six Paths Sage Mode


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    Six Paths Sage Mode Empty Six Paths Sage Mode

    Post by Ashitaka_Inuzuka on Sat Nov 21, 2020 3:16 am

    Six Paths Sage Mode

    Six Paths Sage Mode is a gift from Hagoromo Otsutsuki to his chosen heirs, both of body and spirit. Consequently, one of its slots is only available to those who were born with a Sage Bloodline (Kaguya, Uchiha, Hyuuga, Senju, Hozuki, Tetsudashi, Kazehana, Inazuma, and Uzumaki). The other must be taken by an individual not of these Clans. The resulting power represents a pinnacle of shinobi bloodline capabilities. The bearer will be adorned in a Chakra Cloak and be able to wield the incomparable Truth-Seeking Balls. The Mode comes with massive Senjutsu chakra pools and transcends known limits of human ability.

    Note: Unlike other Sage Modes, the power of this one requires that it occupy an Entity slot.

    One of the Blood, One of the Spirit

    Two slots are available for Six Paths Sage Mode. One for his direct descendants, and one for the myriad other people with which his chakra was shared. The latter user is not required to be a member of a Clan. Additionally one variant comes with a Chakra Cloak and the other grants use of the Rinne-Sharingan.

    Sage Perfection

    Six Paths Sage Mode is considered a Perfect Sage Mode. They allow use of Sage Arts, Senjutsu Technique Enhancement, and Sage Kata. Also, the user's age is adjusted to their individual prime. Younger characters activating it age and older ones grow younger until they reach late adolescence. In either case, they get a +Tier boost to Strength, Constitution, Speed, Coordination, and Perception while Sage Mode is active.

    Note: Regardless of the boosts' sources, the user cannot have any stats above S++ while Six Paths Sage Mode is active.

    Senjutsu Chakra Pool

    The Senjutsu Chakra Pool is the energy reservoir drawn from when using Sage Mode and what is spent in the technique enhancement ability mentioned above. The amount of Senjutsu Chakra available is based on the amount of training put into Sage Mode. It takes a careful balance and is therefore difficult to expand, forcing Sages to spend 50 Experience Points to increase the pool by 10 points.  Every Sage's Senjutsu Chakra Pool starts out at zero points but then slowly grows as they invest experience. The absolute limit to their Senjutsu Chakra Pool is half of those granted by an S++-rank Stamina pool, unless their own base is higher.

    Sage Mode Upkeep

    While in Sage Mode, Sages use a constant draw of Senjutsu Chakra from their pool. This begins at the cost of 20 points per post, but by spending 500 Experience Points, Sages can halve that value to 10 points per post. Perfect Sages are able to do this again, spending another 500 Exp Points to bring the cost down to 5 points per post.

    Sage Arts/Senjutsu Technique Enhancement

    By mixing Senjutsu Chakra into a technique, Sages are able to enhance the power and effectiveness of that technique. This can create techniques referred to as Sage Arts, or can simply improve the power rank of a regular jutsu by 1. To do this, the Sage need only spend half of the technique's cost with the pool of Senjutsu Chakra, while using the normal chakra pool for the other half.

    Gathering Senjutsu Chakra

    Because of these costs, Sages may find themselves depleting their Senjutsu Chakra pool rather quickly, providing a need to renew that energy. By remaining completely still, the Sage can effectively become one with nature, allowing Nature Chakra to flow into his body that he immediately converts to Senjutsu Chakra. This is one of the hardest parts of mastering Sage Mode, but it does restore 10 points per post that it is done.

    There are few workarounds to remaining perfectly still, which is practically impossible in battle:

    -By implanting or being born with the Nature Clan Bloodline, Sages are able to passively absorb Nature Chakra, though this is less efficient than the traditional method. It adds 5 points of Senjutsu Chakra per post, regardless of what the Sage is doing.

    -The user can make any number of shadow clones to remain still and gather the energy. So long as the clones are within viewing distance of the user, whether by being summoned to him or having been there the whole time, they can be dispersed by the user to transfer all of the Senjutsu Chakra they've gathered to the user. The maximum they can gather is the same as their creator.

    Note:Six Paths Sage Mode does not grant unique summons.


    Six Paths Sage Mode requires the user to win at least nine rounds in a Control Fight with an avatar of the Sage of Six Paths himself to precede acquiring advanced benefits, prior to spending 3000 Exp on it as is normal for Jinchu. If the candidate emerges victorious in their fight, they may then start developing use of the mode's more advanced abilities. The Sage, naturally, fully endorses the bonds of companionship and will allow allies to join the fight for up to six rounds each. However, Senjutsu and Tailed Beast abilities will be disabled for participants. The Sage has S++ in all stats, knows all canon techniques, and has access to all canon Elements and all Sage KKGs, plus a Complete Rinnegan. Defeat means the Candidate is stripped of all their Chakra beyond the minimum required to survive, effectively ending their shinobi career.

    Six Paths Kata

    Six Paths Sage Mode, unlike other Perfect Sage Modes, can grant a full +Tier to two stats. Namely: Perception and Speed. However, it does not have any special aura effects. It costs 5 SCP per post it is in use unless the user has the Taijutsu skill, in which case it is free. In any case, the Control fight must be completed in order to unlock this ability. Sage Kata is only useable when Sage Mode is active.

    Knowledge of All Chakra

    Once the Control fight is completed, the user of this mode has access to one B-rank technique from all Basic and KKG Elements while the Chakra Cloak (detailed below) is active. Elements and techniques gained must be declared in an update and may only be changed once per Activity Check. These techniques are not grounds for customs within their respective Elements, nor can they be modified except by abilities granted by Six Paths Sage Mode.

    Chakra Cloak

    As mentioned before, Six Paths Sage Mode grants the option to unlock a Chakra Cloak. This cloak grants 2 Tiers to Strength, Speed, Constitution, and Perception once it has been invested with 3500 exp. As with the Jinchuuriki Chakra Mode, this Cloak has S++ Tier defense and grants a bonus Chakra Pool of 10 CP per 100 Exp invested, up to 250 CP. The cloak's colors are determined by the chakra nature of their bearer, and has 9 contrasting magatama arranged in a 3x3 grid on its back. With this Cloak active, a user of this mode is capable of flight without reductions to their Speed or Coordination. Maintaining this mode costs 30 CP per post. Afterwards, the stat bonuses can be unlocked for an additional 1000 exp.

    Note: The stat bonuses are not available until the bonus Chakra Pool has been fully unlocked. Unlike the Jinchuuriki equivalent, this bonus Chakra Pool cannot be restored within a thread. Also, obviously, there is no equivalent to the "Tailed Beast Mode".

    Note: The human body cannot withstand the power of combining Perfect Sage Mode with that granted by the Chakra Cloak, and thus these two features cannot be active at the same time.

    Ownership of the Six Paths Sage Mode allows the user to compete for control of the Truth-Seeking Balls and otherwise defend themselves from them as though they were ordinary techs of S-rank, so long as their Chakra Cloak is active.

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