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    Bokuo Clan


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    Bokuo Clan Empty Bokuo Clan

    Post by Requiem_Trump Sat Aug 29, 2020 11:10 am

    The Bokuo Clan was one of the richest clans of Kirigakure having on possesion a lot of terrain of the village at their moment. The members of the Bokuo clan weren't just rich people, they where a clan of shinobi. The special ability of the Bokuo clan is the Laser Release..., the Laser Release permits the users throw laser balls to the enemies, Laser Release can be used to make unique abilities such as: Laser Armor, Laser Beam, even Laser Wings..., but only one of every generation could learn some of them, it's the main rule of the clan. However they left the village and went to another place leaving a member of their clan
    there..., Zan Bokuo. But last but no least, all the members of the Bokuo clan born with the Lighting element as an important fact.

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    Bokuo Clan Empty Re: Bokuo Clan

    Post by Masaru Sun Aug 30, 2020 9:51 am

    Love enthusiasm don't get me wrong but we require a little more details for clans and their bloodlines. Please use the following template from the guidelines.


    [b][Clan Name][/b] You'll replace the [Clan Name] part with the name of your clan. This goes for Clan Location, Bloodline Name & Type, Current Clan Leader, and Current Clan Members as well. You can also color the text to make your registration more unique!
    [b][Clan Location][/b] The location of your Clan. This is usually a village, but it can also be a base where an organization has settled. Basically, any place that players can register characters for.
    [b][Bloodline Name & Type][/b] If your clan has a bloodline, put the name here. If it follows a certain type, like Doujutsu or Advanced Element, notate that here. For example: "Doujutsu: Sharingan".
    [b][Current Clan Leader][/b] This is the current clan leader for your clan. This can be an existing Player Character, a Player Character that you or someone else plans to register soon, or a Non-Player Character.

    ●[Current] This is the list for your current clan members, excluding the leader, obviously. You only need to list Player Characters here. If your clan has more or less than three members, feel free to adjust the list coding! If you need any help with that, just ask a member of staff and we'll be happy to help.

    [u][i]Clan History/Description[/i]:[/u] This is the place to write out the history of your clan and a description of them overall. Start from as far back as you want, all the way up to current events, if you wish. Be sure to check with the site lore and the lore of the location you want to place this clan in so that it fits in smoothly.

    [u][i]Clan/Bloodline Traits & Characteristics:[/i][/u] If your clan has any characteristics or traits that are either rare or unique to them, describe them here. This can be both physical and personality traits. Also, if your bloodline has any special appearances or affect the personalities of its users, describe those appearances and effects here.

    [u][i]Bloodline Description & Abilities: [/i][/u]This is the main part of your clan, where you'll list any abilities that your bloodline has and offer a description for it that goes as in depth as you want it to. Most abilities should have some method of training, so that clan members don't start with the maximum of their bloodline's power. The more powerful the bloodline's powers, the more training that's required.

    [u][i]Bloodline Limits & Drawbacks:[/i][/u] Describe any flaws or weaknesses to your bloodline here. Generally, the more powerful a bloodline, the more weaknesses it will need. Use your creativity here.

    [u][i]Clan Techniques[/i][/u] This is the place for any techniques that are related to your clan.

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