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    Zan Bokuo


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    Zan Bokuo Empty Zan Bokuo

    Post by Requiem_Trump on Fri Aug 28, 2020 8:36 pm


    Clan:Bokuo (Custom Clan)
    Bloodline:Pure Bokuo
    Element(s):Fire and Lighting
    Skill(s):Laser Release (Custom Skill)



    Unique Abilities:Laser Armor, this technique makes Zan a Laser Man with this I mean now he it's more or less a type of laser man who haves a laser armor surrounding him, that makes him untouchable for a while, he gets more speed with this technique, meaning that the C on speed he haves could easily turn on a B, but obviously there's a bad thing about this, and it's that this technique consumes a lot of chakra so it needs to be used quickly or the chakra of Zan could run low. Lasers Beams: With this technique Zan could throw mortal lasers beams by his hands, eyes and even foot, but wasting a lot of chakra, however the laser beams can be controlled too, with this I mean they're not neccesary to be mortal at all.

    Appearance: Brown hair, skin tone white, always having a necklace with his clan symbol with him, pretty tall for his age, always wearing a red and black jacket with his clan symbol and black pants.

    History:He was borned on a big house on Kirigakure, the house of the Bokuo family, his early childhood was very good, but suddenly one day his entire clan left the village without him, then he met an old man named Bob, Bob was an old jonnin who would teach a lot of things he knows. His mission now is to find his clan and be a good ninja.

    Personality:Nice, persistent, determined and sometimes vengeful.

    Roleplay Sample:

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