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    Mitsu's Shopping


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    Mitsu's Shopping Empty Mitsu's Shopping

    Post by Mitsukira on Sun Aug 16, 2020 5:45 am

    Mitsu was going on a long trip, so she would need some weapons. Well she hoped that she wouldn’t need them, but it was always good to be prepared. She already had her kunai and senbon and shuriken. But she needed some well made small tessan to really complete her gear. So she went to the marketplace with some ryo she had saved up and bought two C-Rank tessan. Once she had them in hand she would continue with her packing.

    {Purchased 2 C-Rank Normal Sized Tessen - 2500 ryo ea.  = 5000 ryo.}

    Mitsu's Shopping PPcZZus

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    • 2 C-Rank Tessen
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