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    World War Mission System

    Chen Kimyōnakama
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    World War Mission System Empty World War Mission System

    Post by Chen Kimyōnakama on Mon Jun 08, 2020 9:46 pm

    World War Mission System 16qSBa8

    The First Shinobi World War

    From 936 A.S. to 939 A.S. was a period of major battles collectively known as the First Shinobi War. Unlike prior conflicts which had definitive sides, the First Shinobi World War was marred by a period of shifting alliances and enmities. The major belligerents were the Minor Nations and Major Nations of Kishin. The Minor Nations were pitted against one another but occasionally they banded together to challenge the Major Nations. It wasn't long before the entire world was swallowed up in a never-ending sea of bloodshed. Towards the end of the War, however, the re-appearance of the Water Disciple and his brethren forced the shinobi of the Major Nations to unite or face extinction. The war was won but at a heavy cost. Territorial acquisitions were lost, economies were shattered, and an entire generation of ninja were either killed or traumatized.

    These missions allow players a chance to participate in this historic armed conflict.

    World War Mission System & Rules

    • No character may be killed or permanently injured in a way that compromises their ability to function. Of course, if players choose to incur grievous injuries during the war for their own personal character development, they may do so. While some War threads may allow for death, they must explicitly state so. If it is not specified, you should assume War threads are not death enabled.

    • Because there is generally no chance of serious injury or death from these missions, storyline and fun will be prioritized as opposed to winning. To keep the threads moving each side will agree to a moderator in the case of conflict. This moderator will make final determinations on any disputes within the thread. Appeals will be available based on staff choice and is not given as of right.

    • The World War Mission System will be organized as a set of conflicts each occurring at a different time period. There are three Phases to the War. The first phase will be battles between Minor Nations. The second phase will be between Minor Nations and Major Nations, as well as Major Nations fighting amongst themselves. The third and final phase will pit the Allied Forces of Kishin against the Disciples of the Sage and their followers.

    • Each individual conflict will be known as a "Theater of War." A Theater of War will detail who the main belligerents are in a particular conflict. Theaters of War will have up to five separate missions that take place within. Each mission will have opposing sides. The side that wins the majority of missions shall be declared the victor of that Theater of War.

    • Anyone may make a Theater of War along with the accompanying missions. However, because Theaters of War usually include Major Nations or Minor Nations acting to secure some sort of interest, you will need not only Staff's permission but the permission of the leader of whichever nation is involved. This is so that we don't have people writing about conflicts that the Kage would never want any part of. Any Minor Nations not under the control of a Kage, however, are fair game. As long as it is reasonable, it will be approved. Theaters of War and the relevant missions will be registered here.

    • Once a Theater of War is posted, players may post within that thread claiming certain missions and seeking opponents to go against. Generally players should consent to taking the same mission together and ideally the difference in competitors should not be grotesque. Although, if players wish for such an imbalance it may be allowed. If one person is monopolizing the missions, abusing the system, or is otherwise so strong that it unbalances one side unjustly then staff may regulate who can take the mission.  

    • The side that is victorious in a Theater of War may be eligible for a special prize as a result of their heroic actions. These special prizes are usually decided by staff but if you are making a custom Theater of War then you can make a special prize and it may be approved.

    • Temporary Plot NPCs may be created by players and staff for these missions. Staff may at times cast players to serve as Plot NPCs. As compensation for their efforts, such players shall receive 30 EXP per post that can be allotted to any character of their choosing.  

    • Travel Rules generally do not apply to these missions. If travel is required for a Theater of War or Mission it will explicitly state such. For the purposes of leaving and entering HE/War Threads you may insta-travel to that location from your home village/base and vice-versa. You cannot fast travel to the base of Allies/Neutrals. It needs to be your own home base of affairs. Your home village/base should be specified to prevent confusion but failing that Staff will decide in the event of a conflict.  

    • The outcome of any given Theater of War will become a part of established site lore.

    • If you pick one side with a character, you cannot switch sides for that Theater of War. Any future missions taken under that Theater must be for the same side. Although you may have an alternate character on the other side.

    • The Heavenly Emporium is a floating city created as a neutral space for the War. You may fast travel to and from the HE just the same as War threads. The city can be found in the events forum, however, violence will not be tolerated there. Staff reserves the right to enforce this through OOC action.

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