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    Icy Azure Hues, and Angelic Notes

    Haruko Kaguya
    Haruko Kaguya

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    Icy Azure Hues, and Angelic Notes Empty Icy Azure Hues, and Angelic Notes

    Post by Haruko Kaguya Wed Mar 25, 2020 2:35 am

    Three mountains. This is what surrounded the training grounds of Kirigakure, giving access to numerous types of terrain within the training grounds--from mountainous areas, to forests, to open spaces, all ripe for training. The sun was hanging low in the sky, obscured by a layer of mist over the area, the training grounds rather empty--void of life. Sans one. Standing in the mist was a short figure, the most notable feature of her being her lack of height, and pure snow white locks. Sweat beaded from off her brow as she breathed in and out, her breathing labored from such activity. She'd clearly been there for a while, and had been practicing hard with the style recently taught to her by her teacher--Akeruseirei. She had a sword of bone in her grasp from her time practicing Dance of the Camilla, but she'd slowly lower it, shutting her eyes and leaning her head back as she slowly caught her breath.

    The Kaguya-Yuki half breed had changed up her outfit today...something more 'warrior like' in place of her normal white hoodie and booty shorts. Now she was wearing what could be called a battle dress, a fairly form fitting dark blue outfit, the top having a hood she'd pull over her snow shaded locks, and the bottom being a short skirt. It was...well, sort of fancy, at least for her. Haruko was known for wearing nothing but a pure white baggy hoodie, usually nothing under it, and a simple pair of black shorts that left not much to the imagination. Even now, she showed a lot of skin...only her torso and hips covered--her arms had nothing, her legs was in full view...this had a purpose. As a Kaguya she would wear somewhat 'skimpy' outfits to avoid wrecking her clothing as much when she used her abilities. She reached up and pulled down her hood, shaking out her shoulder length white hair as she shut her ice glazed hues.

    "...Ok." she told herself as she took a deep breath, tossing the sword of bone she held to stick straight up into the ground beside her. She'd tighten her hands into fists, pulling each to rest close to her sides, as she widened her stance some. The sound of bone cracking and popping could be heard, the sound burning her own ears--but she was used to it--still...the sound could be enough to make other's stomachs turn and flip in disgust. It'd expand out from her hands somewhat slowly, bones from her hands forming out and surrounding her fists, shaping, molding, becoming something new. Before long, she had two 'gloves' of bone...both twisted into the shapes of bear skulls. Each had its jaw open just enough to let the 'teeth' act as spikes.

    With her new knuckles of bone, visible mixture of ice within their structure, she'd begin to practice with them, shifting on her feet, sending swift punches out in unpredictable ways, keeping in the style Kaguya was known for--unpredictable, powerful, accurate...each twist of her body would see another punch thrown, using a training dummy as her target, a chunk of it removed with each strike. Finally a punch to the dummy's head broke it off--causing her to stumble as she basically had stepped through the strike, expecting it to hold. She had to ditch her 'gloves of bone' and catch herself on the ground, sighing quietly after she did. She'd shift to a better seating position...taking a small break from her training. She seemed more determined then she'd been in the past year...meeting Akeru, moving in with her, it was doing wonders for the woman's motivation. She'd went from locked away in her home, to taking on missions and training daily...such a positive shift, for such a tormented young half breed. "...I need more practice." she whispered to herself, voice timid and hushed, as her view fell to the ground in front of her as she sat, frustrated she'd made a mis-step in her training.

    [200/200. Learned Kuma no Mai ('Dance of the Bear')]

    Data Book Entry: Haruko Kaguya:
    Name: Haruko 'Haru' Kaguya

    Strength: D (150)
    Constitution: D++ (150)*
    Stamina: C+ (450)
    Speed: D (150)
    Coordination: C (450)
    Intelligence: D (150)
    Perception: C (450)

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