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    Makoto Aburame


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    Makoto Aburame  Empty Makoto Aburame

    Post by Makoto Thu Oct 05, 2017 5:18 pm

    Name: Makoto Aburame
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    Village: Konoha
    Rank: E Rank- Genin
    Title: N/A

    Clan: Aburame

    • Strength:E
    • Constitution:E
    • Stamina:E
    • Speed:E
    • Coordination:E
    • Intelligence:B
    • Perception:E

    Unique Abilities: N/A

    Makoto Aburame  300?cb=20161110201839

    History: His time at the academy wasn’t as long as most people as long as most people wanted him to believe. Being a year younger then the rest of his class mates was a blessing and a curse, Due to the fact that he quickly pull out in front of them in all forms of ninja arts. His class members didn’t not like this, teasing and making fun of him. He didn’t really to much care about them after talking to his mother and quickly learning that they were just jealous of him being so gifted and skill at his young age.

    Even after school was let out he use to train with his father and sometime his mother, alone they were never together training him, his father felt that his mother trained him to lightly and if she was there, she would make him go easier on Makoto while they were training,and his mother believe that the father trained him to Rigorously, and that his training with him, would be the death of there son, she knew he would think she was training him to lightly and force her to train him harder, something she did not want to do. But in the end both of there ways and methods of training would help him out in the future.

    His teachers were pleased with his progress and his will to never give up on something he had started on, he had a go getter attitude towards everything he put his mind too. He was no different then his brother before him, they knew great things would be come of him because of the way he seen life, and even though the kids teased and made fun of him until they all graduated he knew that if he was one anyone of there teams they would be grateful to have him. His teachers and family felt that he would one day shine for this village. Something he took to heart upon hearing it from his father , mother, and his teachers.

    Personality: Outgoing: Makoto is a very outgoing individual. He likes talking to new people and introducing himself. When around the village he is always looking to help others, getting Grandmas cross the street things of that sort. He's always willing to provide for the village, even though his bugs tend to gross everybody out.

    Loyalty: Makoto is pretty loyal to his village Konoha. He is willing to protect it and the people within with his life.  Although he hates to take lives he won’t hesitate to do it for the sake of saving many more. His loyalty for his village is beyond measure and hopefully stays that way.

    Roleplay Sample: It was an early morning. “Damn I woke up late” Makoto replied as he sits upright on his bed. Just staring into space as he thinks, he has absolutely nothing to do today. He gets up and starts to take a shower. Then he begins to get ready. He didn’t have any weapons so he had nothing to pack really. He slides on a v neck t shirt, some baggy ninja pants and his sandals. He walks out and goes down the street to get some rice cakes. As he walks in the cashier engages in conversation.”You want the usual?”.  Makoto responds quickly “Yes sir”. Makoto looks around the shop while the cashier gets the rice cakes. He notices a paper saying Council Hut. He rips the paper off and examines it. Missions? He thought to himself. Well it will be a good way for me to make some quick cash. Makoto grabs his rice cakes and walk out. As he walks he starts to think to himself. “It’s been a month since I’ve lost grandpa, and its been 2 weeks since ive trained my Kekkei  Genkai, Black Blood. Hmm I’m going to try to pick a mission where I can fight.” Out the corner of his eye he sees some genin going into the academy. Man those were the days. As he sees the Council hut in the distance he begins to open his rice cakes and eat. Sweet as ever. After he finishes he wipes his mouth off with his arm and heads over to the Council Hut. A woman greets him at the door, he asks for a rank C mission and she hands him a slip. As he reads  “The Council has requested for any able-bodied Shinobi to scout the village walls for any threats that may appear. Send a report back to the Council office of anything you saw. Higher ranked Shinobi should intervene with any threat that may occur.”  Makoto balls up the slip and throws it somewhere randomly. He then speeds himself to the top of the village walls. As he walks along wall as he sees a jounin. He taps him twice on the back meaning he can take a break and the Jounin jumps back out of view. Makoto takes a seat on the edge of the wall looking out into the horizon. “Man this is the jump really? Dang im getting paid to sit here-“ Just as he says “here” he sees a flashes of blue 1 o’clock. 1…2..345… 5 nins.  Makoto slides down the wall with ease and trails them, it seems as if they are trying to get into Konoha and rob the civilians. Eventually Makoto catches up with them.. yeah there are 5. “What are you guys doing here”
    “Move out the way kid.”
    Chen Kimyōnakama
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    Makoto Aburame  Empty Re: Makoto Aburame

    Post by Chen Kimyōnakama Sun Oct 08, 2017 2:27 pm



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    Strength: D
    Constitution: D
    Stamina: A
    Speed: D
    Coordination: C
    Intelligence: A
    Perception: B

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