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    Mochi Empty Mochi

    Post by Irui on Tue Mar 17, 2020 11:22 pm

    Name: Mochi
    Age: 8
    Gender: Male
    Village: Sunagakure
    Rank: Genin
    Title: Big Kid, 9 Years Old

    Clan: -
    Bloodline: -
    Element(s): -


    Summoning Techniques | Kuchiyose 感知
    The Ninja Art of Summoning; Kuchiyose is founded upon the principles of a single technique: the Summoning Jutsu. While any shinobi can learn this technique, only those with this Skill are able to master it to such a degree as signing a secondary contract and even creating their own custom contracts. Only the highly trained can tame even the wildest of beasts Those without this Skill are lacking in their affinity for new and unused summons, therefore limiting them to signing existing contracts and only calling upon creatures that are C-Rank and lower. Stamina determines how big a creature can be summoned, and how many, as it takes not only a hefty toll on the user, but requires a certain caliber of shinobi to summon certain higher level creatures.

    Unlock: Access to higher ranked techniques and customs within this skill type.
    Perk: Can create their own custom contract based on a creature set of their choice.
    Free: Can only sign already existing contracts. Can only summon creatures up to C-Rank.


    Stats 1650 Starting (+3 SPs) = 3150

    • Strength: E
    • Constitution: B (-950)
    • Stamina: C (-450)
    • Speed: A (-1650)
    • Coordination: E (0)
    • Intelligence: E (0)
    • Perception: E (0)

    Unique Abilities:
    Unique Abilities:

    Can I Keep it: Mochi begins with a Starting Exp Debt of _____exp. for the sole purpose of investing in, and unlocking M.O.M. Mochi owes this debt to be repaid. Through this, Mochi can access Summonings 1 class higher than normal, via "I'm Telling MOM", however this is the only skill he can claim.

    MOM: Murderous Omnipotent Matriarch, the mysterious and horrifying entity that has chosen Mochi as its symbiotic host. Mochi treats MOM like any other parental figure, and MOM responds in kind-- despite being a literal eldritch terror--even protecting and fighting for Mochi on his behalf. It should be assumed that M.O.M. is always present (Not unlike a helicopter parent). MOM will fight primarily on Mochi's behalf, and always having a portion of itself connected to the boy. M.O.M and Mochi can access one another's Jutsu Arsenal, so long as they are connected.

    Snacks: M.O.M and Mochi share a unique relationship. Similar to a pet, Mochi needs to invest Ryo to provide food for M.O.M., paying a Maintenance Cost. This is one mechanism through which M.O.M. feeds. In exchange, M.O.M. "provides" (Read: disgorges) all manner of items it has accumulated. Mochi cannot purchase equipment for himself, nor can he request custom items for himself, or use the Secret Shop. His Ryo must be spent on M.O.M's maintenance cost (Unless there is an entrance fee, like Kirigakure, for example). In exchange, M.O.M. provides Basic Items-- even if it has been degraded to C-rank by its stomach acids.

    Oops: Mochi, like all 9 year olds, is very, very durable. Incoming attacks deal 50% less damage. But as a 9 year old, he's a big kid, and big kid's know everything. Mochi's intelligence is capped at D-rank. Remove this UA to advance his intelligence higher, but only through a class-up (i.e Mochi needs to reach C-class to advance his Intelligence).

    I'm Telling M.O.M: M.O.M, also known as "Murderous Omnipotent Matriarch". Once per battle, Mochi can activate this UA to utilize a Summoning 1 Rank higher than normally allowed for his current class. All costs related to this summoning apply as normal.

    Childproofed: Killing Mochi automatically labels the opponent as a child murderer, earning an immediate 10,000 Infamy (Or Missing-Nin Equivalent), and a global reputation as one. When activated, attach M.O.M to the character(s) that killed Mochi, even if they do not possess a Summoning Skill. M.O.M can be activated and controlled at the previous player's whim.


    Mochi is a small boy, standing near five feet tall, with amber skin, dark brown hair and eyes. He commonly wears average Hidden Sand clothing, and overall dresses like an average child. In other words, he is very non-descript, except for the Sunagakure headband he keeps fastened around his belt loop. Mochi commonly wears a haori, like many shinobi, with white and brown colors to match the desert.


    Mochi is 9 years old, he doesn't have much history. Mochi was born in the Village Hidden in The Sand, in the Land of Wind. The country is really windy and sandy, and has lots of cool things. Mochi's parents are relatively unknown, but he refers affectionately to his Mom, and she seems to be the only parent in his life.


    Mochi is your average 9 year old boy, from the Village Hidden in The Sand. He likes making sand castles, catching lizards, and drawing. His favorite comics are The Adventures of Brain, and The Magical Treehouse. When Mochi isn't exploring the Village Hidden in The Sand, he can be found eating his favorite food: a mochi ice cream made with red beans.

    As the resident 9 year old, Mochi wants everyone to know that he is a big kid now, and knows everything there is to know about the Hidden Sand. He also knows all the secret places and the best snacks in the village. He wants to grow up to become the greatest Kazekage that will ever live, and frequently sends the Kazekage messages in crayon challenging them to a "1 on 1 fit at the flagpol". Mochi says he could beat everyone in his grade, even his teacher Ms. Kasaki (She's really nice, and brings them brownies, and sometimes they get sprinkles as a surprise. This one time Ms. Kasaki brought the wrong brownies. M.O.M said they had herbs in them, and Ms. Kasaki got in trouble because herbs are for cooking not baking. But its all better now. M.O.M yelled at the mean person, and Ms. Kasaki can still be a teacher!), but doesn't want to because he's really, really strong.

    Mochi is really talented in "summumming", but he got in trouble one time with the Hidden Sand's adult ninjas, and isn't allowed to talk about it.

    Mochi does not like water, because its deep and you can't see the bottom of it in the Land of Wind because of all the sand and stuff. He also says there are crocomodiles in a scary river and doesn't like to Walk on Water because of that. He also saw the movie "Lake Fury" about the super-giant alligator and it scared him. M.O.M says its okay though, and would beat up all the crocomodiles and alligators. M.O.M says a lot of things that are very confusing, but Mochi tries his best to listen, and its okay in the end because M.O.M makes all the bad people go away.

    Roleplay Sample:


    Character Name: Irui Mikiri
    Spendable Experience: 1915
    Total Experience: 4035 / 6500 (A to S class)
    Ryo: 50,000
    Current Stats:
    Strength: D
    Constitution: B (+2 (w/ JI) | S
    Stamina: C (+2 (w/ JI) | A
    Speed: B (++ w/JI) | B++
    Coordination: B
    Intelligence: B
    Perception: B

    Jashinist Immortality

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    Chronicler Raven
    Chronicler Raven

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    Mochi Empty Re: Mochi

    Post by Chronicler Raven on Sat Mar 21, 2020 6:08 am

    XP: You have 100xp remaining

    Can I keep it: XP boosts are balanced by needing them to be repaid. But getting a +1 rank access in one skill requires a similar drawback in another. At this point, this won't be approved as you have no other skill to balance it with.

    MOM: I see the benefit of jutsu sharing. What is the drawback for this? If 'attachment' is the drawback, then how can MOM be disconnected exactly?

    Snacks: How much maintenance are we talking about here? Currently, not specifying it sounds like all of your ryo is going to MOM. Meaning you'd have nothing to pay entrance fees with either.

    Oops: 50% damage reduction? I'm not sure that's a thing but honestly, I don't do damage calculations. If it is a thing, it sounds a lot. Capping a stat in return isn't something I consider a drawback since you can just limit yourself to D-rank INT without needing this. Please revise this UA. Considering you are clanless, perhaps it is better to app this as a 'Big Boost' that allows you a +1 CON.

    I'm telling MOM: See 'Can I keep it'. This gives +1 rank without drawbacks. Needing to pay the normal cost isn nothing unusual - everyone does this.

    Childproofed: Denied. Shinobi often bear the age of children. Killing them never gave others infamy. In fact, the opposite is true. The rest seems like flavour and should be fine.


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