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    NPC Jubu Traveling from Suna to Kumo


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    NPC Jubu Traveling from Suna to Kumo Empty NPC Jubu Traveling from Suna to Kumo

    Post by Okane Mon Mar 09, 2020 11:24 pm

    Jubu sat within the carriage courtesy of his boss. A briefcase with two powerful Sai locked within it. He had not been given a key but likely breaking into a briefcase would be simple to anyone really trying. He would show his travel papers at the gate before settling on his way. Leaning back to take a nap with the case shackled to his left wrist. It was going to be a long trip. He was heading to a lady named Shimiko in Kumo after all.

    (D rank speed - 4 hours)
    Travel path
    Suna to River country 20 hours
    River country to Konoha 8 hours
    Konoha to Hotsprings 44 hours
    Hotsprings to Kumo 8 hours
    Into Kumo 20 hours.
    100 hours

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