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    To Toonami with Love[Ken letter to Toonami]

    Yuki Kaida
    Yuki Kaida

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    To Toonami with Love[Ken letter to Toonami] Empty To Toonami with Love[Ken letter to Toonami]

    Post by Yuki Kaida on Sat Feb 22, 2020 8:49 pm

    Ken would enjoy the scenery as he had departed Hotsprings and made his way toward the land of sound. He was more than happy, he didn't have to risk death against The Society and instead could do what he was best at taking over nations. He would begin to write his heartfelt words, everything he was going to say he was going to be serious about.
    Letter to Toonami:

    "Dear Toonami this is Ken, I have not forgotten about you since that night and as I moved on and took over other lands I realized I felt empty. I felt like something was missing in my life and I finally realized what it was, that was you. You ended up feeling important to me, maybe it's just my old bones wanting to finally be with someone that could accept me for who I am. Maybe it's being tired of war and the shinobi life, either way, I want you to join me in the Land of Rice. I know this is asking for a lot but I want to make you happy and I want to be happy as well, I know we can both be happy together so I ask you to join me here and let us live happy lives together. I will await you at the hallows in the land of Rice, I am here finishing up my last mission hopefully as a shinobi, once I am done we can travel the world together or knock some idiots heads if you want so, either way, I hope to see you once more with all my love Ken."
    He would send a bird off to deliver the message, he really hoped she would meet him as he smiled, she was cute, crazy and wild but he also could tell she needed love just like he did. The pair of loveless idiots were perfect for each other and he could help change her for the good, get her off those drugs and focus on being happy with him to guide her.

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