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    A Letter to the Mizukage


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    A Letter to the Mizukage  Empty A Letter to the Mizukage

    Post by Ryuko Tue Oct 20, 2020 12:50 am

    A messenger pigeon arrived at Kirigakure. It cooed softly as it stood and displayed a scroll case marked with the insignia of Kumokagure. It seemed a response to the earlier letter they had sent had been delivered.


    To the esteemed Hana Kaguya

    Normally I would open this letter wishing that it finds you well but in light of the circumstances any such desire on my part would be nothing but a fabrication.

    Save your empty platitudes for someone who cares. We are fully aware of your involvement in the destruction of Moonspire. The letter you sent serves as the very admission of such as you would have no way of knowing the news so soon otherwise.

    Whatever the enmity between us was in the past, we could have perhaps have solved it if the two of us had sat down together and used words. Instead you chose reprehensible actions so now Kumogakure has no choice but to ensure you answer for the crimes you have committed against us.

    May Hakkin have mercy on your soul for know I shall not.

    ~Queen Ryuko Shizu Von Rose - Fouth Raikage

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    Hana Kaguya
    Hana Kaguya

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    A Letter to the Mizukage  Empty Re: A Letter to the Mizukage

    Post by Hana Kaguya Tue Oct 20, 2020 1:15 am

    Hana read the letter, a bit surprised how Ryuko came to the conclusion that she was involved. Hana almost wanted to believe it was a bluff as her and her squad did everything in their power to conceal their appearances. But even then she was a bit uncertain given the level of technology she seen that day. Did they have cameras that could see through masks? Or analyze their body and tie it to some database? Truth be told, Kumogakure didn't need a reason. The nations were at war already. Hana didn't need a reason to attack, and neither did Ryuko. This just only confirmed that Kirigakure was bound to see a retaliation, and that the nation could prepare unlike Kumogakure whose own Moonspire was flattened in a guerilla attack. The passive aggression and vague threat caused the Mizukage to grin out of her own self-satisfaction.

    The Kaguya was raised by beatings, broken teeth, and fractured bones. The intensive physical conditioning the clan members underwent bred Hana into a bit of a bloodthirst masochist. A busted lip and dislocated jaw was pleasurably in the heat of combat serving as a sick sense of nostalgia. Grabbing a pen she drafted one last response before closing her aviary from Kumogakure mail, preventing any return mail from making its way back to Kirigakure.



    Have my word that I will personally cut out every lying tongue and deceitful hand of every Kumogakure official.

    You are playing a fool's game.


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