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    First Shopping Trip


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    First Shopping Trip Empty First Shopping Trip

    Post by Kara Fri Feb 14, 2020 2:54 am

    With a small list in hand Kara made her way to the Market early in the morning, hoping to beat the heat and more importantly the crowds. She had quite a lot of heavy goods to pick up, not physically of course; she would be having them all delivered to Okane Tomi’s residence. Her first stop was the hardware shop, after a quick interaction with the shopkeep and a few raised eyebrows she finally handed over her shopping lest to help expedite the process. Written in beautiful cursive handwriting was;

    300 feet of aluminum pipe
    90 feet of copper wire
    One battery
    200 pounds of glass
    2 logs - each 15 feet by 3 feet
    2 squares of cloth - each 10 feet by 10 feet

    It didn’t occur to her to haggle as she was not accustomed to the true value of money, and so paid full price for all the items. Happy with her purchases she would head back to the Tomi residence, mentally preparing to begin her projects.

    300 feet of aluminum pipe - 10,000 ryo
    90 feet of copper wire - 3000 ryo
    One battery - 5000 ryo
    200 pounds of glass - 20,000 ryo
    2 logs - each 15 feet by 3 feet - 200 ryo (100 ryo each)
    2 squares of cloth - each 10 feet by 10 feet - 200 ryo (100 ryo each)

    Total - 38,400 ryo

    First Shopping Trip 4J1yre2

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