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    Shopping trip


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    Shopping trip Empty Shopping trip

    Post by Rei on Mon Nov 12, 2018 12:04 pm

    It was in the middle of a cloudy day that Rei made his way to the marketplace. Wearing his casual attire of a dark grey long-sleeved shirt and navy pants with black boots. His crimson scarf wrapped around his neck as its ends draped behind him. A wallet full of ryo in tow, he was in route for one of the many ninja tool shops within the village. Upon finding the one he was looking for the genin strolled right in. For a good while, he leisurely took his time looking around the shop, sometimes admiring the craftsmanship of some of the weapons, other times simply wondering how such a tool could be used to benefit him in the field. As a Bukijutsu shinobi, these weapons were his main course of combating any opponent he would face. Unlike ninjutsu and the other arts beside taijutsu and kenjutsu, these weapons would need to be maintained in order to consistently perform at their prime. Something that Rei, for one, actually enjoyed.

    Realizing that he had probably been wandering around the shop for too long without actually buying something, he walked up to the counter. Digging in his right pocket the Uchiha would pull out a small piece of paper with everything he came for written down on it. "Hi~, could you bring me these, please?" The old man on the other side would take the paper and squint as he adjusted his glasses before giving a brief nod. Taking his leave towards the back, the man wouldn't come out another ten or so minutes with everything in tow. Finalizing the transaction, he paid the man what was due and was just about on his way.

    Taking a moment he attached the hip pouch to his left hip and the holster to his right thigh. The scroll with his presealed weapons would be fastened to his lower back next to the pouch. The new tanto would be strapped horizontally along his back just above the scroll. To finish two kunai found their new home in his thigh holster while a number of shuriken were dropped in his pouch. The rest of his purchases were kept in a leather bag, as he went out of the store and towards home.


    naginata 15k
    tanto 5k
    2x giant shuriken 3k
    bo staff 1.5k
    15x kunai 1.5k
    30x shuriken 3k
    small scroll 1k [presealed Naginata, 2x Giant Shuriken, and Bo staff]
    steel wire 30ft 200
    pouch and holster 75

    Total: 30,275 ryo


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