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    Shindai Shinkokuna


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    Shindai Shinkokuna Empty Shindai Shinkokuna

    Post by Irui on Sat Jan 11, 2020 2:12 pm

    Name: Shindai Shinkokuna
    Age: 30
    Gender: Male
    Village: The Hidden Mist, Land of Water
    Rank: Jounin
    Title: The "Loneliest Shinobi"

    Clan: -
    Bloodline: -
    Element(s): Water Release

    • Summoning:
    • Sensory:
    • Ninjutsu:


    • Strength:
    • Constitution:
    • Stamina:
    • Speed:
    • Coordination:
    • Intelligence:
    • Perception:

    Unique Abilities:

    • 52-Hertz: Shindai possesses a reputation as a near-impossibly monstrous force of nature in the Shinobi world-- a result of his unstable, erratic chakra signature vibrating at 52-Hertz, interpreted incorrectly. Shindai through his sheer presence, can inspire retreat and intimidation.
    • Food Chain: Shindai is a prolific summoner, well-versed in space-time ninjutsu. Whenever Shindai activates "Food Chain" recall a Summoning from the battlefield, and use its Cost to discount a summoning of a higher rank, or multi-summon a lower ranked summon (e.g 1 C-rank = 2 D ranks). With Food-Chain, Summons can also devour lower-ranked creatures to proportionally increase their field-time.  
    • Nautical Compass: When in the Land of Water, the Land of Waves, or other watery landscape/terrain, increase Shindai's perception and tracking by +1 Tier.

    Unique Flaws:

    • 52-Hertz: Shindai's chakra signature is "distorted" from a birth-defect in his chakra coils, resulting in a unique fluctuation that is misinterpreted by Shinobi. His chakra resembles something "theoretically impossible and titanic".  As a result, Shindai has been socially isolated for most of his life. Shindai cannot acquire students, nor train them, and must take only Solo Missions, or missions with Chuunin-rank or higher. Due to the sheer level of intimidation his chakra-signature generates, he cannot gain Fame, as his Infamy is virtually bottomless, and cannot acquire perks related to this. He has been described as the "loneliest shinobi in the world".

      Note: In order to "switch off" 52 Hertz, Shindai must apply the Chakra Suppression technique. Otherwise, he can be detected, as the description implies, as an absolutely monstrous chakra signature.

    • Food Chain: Summons devoured through "Food Chain" cannot be re-summoned until the next thread.
    • Sea-legs: Shindai has a strong preference for wetter climates. In Iwagakure, Sunagakure, or Kumogakure (barring coastlines, naturally) decrease the strength of his Water Style techniques by -1 Rank. This is nullified if the terrain is shifted.



      Overly generous


    As an infant, Shindai's destiny was already predetermined, through a blessing and a curse in the form of an unlikely defect. His chakra coils, incorrectly formed in-utero, produced a signature that at times was off-putting to other Shinobi. The doctors ensured his mother that as Shindai grew, the defect would correct itself, and that through his mother's love he'd be nurtured and lead a normal life. However life has unexpected plans for us all, and Shindai's life was no exception. As he grew older, the defect grew with him, more pronounced-- detectable even on a subconscious level.

    Shindai of course would reach out to other children his age, trying his best to be friendly, kind and gentle. He offered to share, often too generously, in an earnest attempt to overcome his chakra signature.


    As an adult, Shindai has taken to the high seas of the world. He has become a master sailor, navigating the ocean currents, nuancing the breeze and its wildlife. Out amongst the waves, Shindai is free from society, to be himself and experience the natural world in a way that few have. This is one of the few precious joys in Shindai's life, and his yearning for travel has taken him to the furthest flung reaches of the the oceans


    Shindai has grown accustomed to his loneliness, finding solace in the most remote reaches of the Hidden Mist.


      Overly generous
      Appears intimidating, but is a huge softie
      "Kill them with kindness"
      Highly perceptive
      Due to 52-hertz, he is accustomed to the "wake" of his signature, and is not a true combatant. Prefers long-range assessment and strategy. Always, and politely allows others to surrender. Should he engage the enemy, the effects of 52-Hertz inflict intense intimidation, fear, and panic; like a white shark.
      Prefers the open ocean to the congested land, hates being in cities. Despises dry, arid climates, especially the Land of Wind.

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    Total Experience: 4035 / 6500 (A to S class)
    Ryo: 50,000
    Current Stats:
    Strength: D
    Constitution: B (+2 (w/ JI) | S
    Stamina: C (+2 (w/ JI) | A
    Speed: B (++ w/JI) | B++
    Coordination: B
    Intelligence: B
    Perception: B

    Jashinist Immortality

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