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    Nami Falls [Conquest]

    Uchiha Akihiro
    Uchiha Akihiro

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    Nami Falls [Conquest] Empty Nami Falls [Conquest]

    Post by Uchiha Akihiro on Mon Sep 30, 2019 7:38 pm

    The wind howled strongly as the night moved forward into its deepest state. While in Chagakure they could see the full moon and in Amegakure the heavy clouds and rain made it impossible for the moonlight to hit the earth, here in the Land of Waves the game was played differently. The strong winds were blowing the multiple clouds incredibly fast and made the light conditions alternate between the usual darkness of night and the occasional invasion of moon rays which shed a silver light all over the village.

    According to the reports of Konohagakure no Sato's veteran scouts, Namigakure had more numbers than both Amegakure and Chagakure. But most of their soldiers weren't as well trained. This was only a problem because Akihiro needed to be more careful in order to not draw attention to himself. He quietly approached the gates, making sure to time his approach with the howling of the wind and the movements of the clouds so that he could mask his sound and keep to the shadows. For the third time that night, the guards at the gates were the first ones to fall. The kunai blade Akihiro was holding in his right hand had already taken over 50 lives and it was about to take 52 more. One by one, the guards at the gate fell to swift cuts and stabs.

    Then, Akihiro moved on towards the ones guarding the vault. Locating them was once again not that hard because their patrol movements made it incredibly easy for Akihiro to know what they were guarding. His sharingan also played a role in detecting chakra signatures and make sure he was tracking down people with high chakra values. After killing the men guarding the vaults, Akihiro took their exclusive Ninjutsu scrolls. Namigakure no Sato's vault had a much more sophisticated trap than the one he had found earlier in the Land of Rain, but his Sharingan enhanced perception allowed him to detect and destroy the trap before it could be of any danger to him. From there on he moved towards the houses of the noblemen which ran the country. Guards and nobles bled alike, and died to his blade just as easily.

    Akihiro would then move out of the settlement through the gates and signalled his Mockingbird Squad to get in and take control of the village. After that, he would vanish once again.

    4x B-Rank Guard Units
    3x C-Rank Guard Units

    1 B-rank trap

    Conquered Land of Waves


    124,4 CP left

    [Exit-> Konohagakure no Sato, travel time reduced to 0 by FTG]

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