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    Rain Falls [Conquest]

    Uchiha Akihiro
    Uchiha Akihiro

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    Rain Falls [Conquest] Empty Rain Falls [Conquest]

    Post by Uchiha Akihiro on Mon Sep 30, 2019 7:37 pm

    The second nation to fall that night was the Land of Rain. Surprisingly they had even weaker defenses than the Land of Tea. Their military might was composed by only 3 units of guards, which guarded the gates of the village, the vault and the house of the noble village leader. Unlike the number of ninjas guarding Amegakure no Sato, the weather was not surprising at all. It was, after all, called the Land of Rain. While at Chagakure no Sato Akihiro had to take the sounds he made and the light of the moon (dim as it was) into consideration, here at the Land of Rain the heavy clouds covered the moon and the scenario was much, much darker. This made it a lot easier for Akihiro to approach the gates and continue spilling the blood of ninjas. In addition to the low level of light in the land, the sound of heavy rain constantly pouring down onto the earth made it super easy for Akihiro to mask the sounds of his footsteps even when he was stepping on puddles of water.

    Once again, and as it should be, the gate guards were the first to fall. His already bloodied cloak quickly became drenched in water and more blood as he applied swift but effective cuts on enemy arteries. The occasional decapitation with the aid of the heavier weapons found around the village was also a great tool for keeping enemies from screaming although it did make a bloody mess.

    From the gates, he moved onto the vault where he made short work of the men guarding it. The Sparrow entered the vault, easily predicting and avoiding the D-rank basic trap they had set (just a swinging log, really), and took their exclusive jutsu scrolls.

    Afterwards he moved onto the noble's house and assassinated the 6 guards of the house. Stab, swift cut, stab, stab, cut and cut. And finally he sliced the throat of the sleeping nobleman, leaving the corpse lying in a pool of blood.

    45 minutes had passed before Akihiro walked off the gates. He signaled the Mockingbird unit which would enter the village and take control of it.

    The Sparrow himself would vanish once again. There was one final nation to fall before the sun rised.

    Exit-> Land of Waves, Travel time reduced to 0 by FTG

    Salamander Contract Scroll
    Rain Tiger at Will Scroll

    3x B-Rank Guard Units
    1 D-rank Trap

    FTG (inter-country travel)

    144,6 CP left

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