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    Tea Falls [Conquest]

    Uchiha Akihiro
    Uchiha Akihiro

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    Tea Falls [Conquest] Empty Tea Falls [Conquest]

    Post by Uchiha Akihiro on Tue Oct 01, 2019 10:36 am

    The moon was raised high and far above the Hidden Tea Village, reflecting its dim silver light over the peaceful and calm settlement. There was a scent of flower petals in the air. During the day it was easy to see its source- the many plants and flower fields from which the tea leaves originated were usually very well visible along the plains of the country, painting a beautiful landscape under the sun light. But at night things were different. The silver light provided by the full moon provided the fields and settlement with a look of calmness and odd stability, as if it were stuck in time. Nothing could predict the river of blood which would flow that night.

    There were only 6 shinobi unites that Akihiro needed to neutralize before they could claim ownership over the settlement. The first ones to fall were the two units guarding the gates. Because there was no sensory barrier and the village relied entirely on its secrecy for defense, Akihiro quietly approached the gates and made use of a single kunai to surgically take out the ninja, one by one, without sounding the alarm. Truly, a single sharp blade was all that was needed as long as he knew where to strike- usually the neck, to both induce a quick bleed out but also to keep them from screaming. Once the units at the gate were taken care of, Akihiro moved on to the strategical spots the other units were guarding: The vaults, the houses of Tea nobility, etc etc. It was a small settlement, and one by one every single one of the guarding ninjas fell to the ground without making a sound. Their defensive formations weren't basic, but they were years behind Konohagakure no Sato in terms of strategic positioning and reading their patrol movements was child's play for Akihiro.

    It didn't take him more than one and a half hours to quietly neutralize the entire defensive system of the Land of Tea, including not only disable a B-ranked trap at the vault but also get the scroll with the exclusive Fire Release Ninjutsu. Before long he was running out of the gates to meet with Sachiko on the outside. But he made sure to leave a Flying Thunder God formula inside the settlement.

    "It's done." He would say, the red Sharingan eyes staring at hers. His cloak was covered with blood and even his face and hands had red sprinkles on them. This became inevitable from the moment his blade cut the first artery, but it did give him a scary look. "There are thirty-six bodies in total. They all need to be buried or burned in order to prevent the spreading of diseases. You can go in and take control now, there is no one left capable of opposing your abilities. I will try to be back before morning, but I cannot guarantee it." He'd place his right hand on Sachiko's left shoulder. "I trust you to take control of the pack, Sachiko. There are only weak pups left."

    And with that, he'd instantly vanish.

    [Exit -> Land of Rain] Travel time reduced to 0 by FTG.

    Acquired Scrolls:
    Fire Release: Heavenly Prison/Fire Release: Great Fire Heavenly Prison, Heavenly Prison Fire Sword.

    8 B-rank NPC Guards
    B-Rank trap

    Conquering the Land of Tea and Chagakure no Sato. Acquiring their exclusives scroll.

    Flying Thunder God, inter-country travel. 20 CP, mark 5CP

    164.8 CP left

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    Tea Falls [Conquest] Empty Re: Tea Falls [Conquest]

    Post by Rini on Mon Dec 02, 2019 1:05 pm

    Sachiko more or less did nothing to help contribute to the take over of the Land of Tea, but she was left in charge of maintaining the village, much the same as when she'd been left in Iwagakure by Masuyo a few months prior. No real stranger to this sort of thing, Sachiko got to work making sure that the land was completely contained, and that was her life for the next few months.

    She didn't really do a whole lot other than that for the time being, just being a guard dog for Konoha in their new nation until she receives orders to finally return to Konoha.

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