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    This is a story all about how... (Flashback)

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    This is a story all about how... (Flashback) Empty This is a story all about how... (Flashback)

    Post by Sakata on Tue Sep 04, 2018 9:02 am

    After a good walking distance, Simon finally makes his way into the administrative building, blonde hair flowing behind him without the carefully-done braid to support it, and his bangs framing his face. His clothing was mostly intact, aside from a few cuts here and there from shrapnel. Some of the corners were scorched too, courtesy of that explosion. Other than that though he was in surprisingly good condition, something that he did not expect to be in after getting involved in combat. They were fortunate that their opponent was inexperienced both in use of the beast inside of them and in contrast to overall power.

    It was still a fight that didn't come without its risks though, especially at the end of it. By the time his adrenaline had died down he was still fairly surprised that Yagami had actually been spared, since Simon was expecting that he'd have to end up fighting until those clones dispersed. That probably would've officially knocked him out for the count, though that didn't address the fact that he had without a doubt passed out when he was being carried back to the village.

    With his flak jacket still beneath the coverage of his sweater and furred coat, Simon could relax in not showing off his ranking for the time being. After all, he had yet to really start being honest as of yet about his identity, and where he stood as far as capabilities went. The male strides on forward to knock on the double doors leading directly into the managing Mizushima's office, before pushing on through. He heads on inward at a slow pace now that he was finally there, waiting for the rest of the team to make their entrance so the debriefing could start.

    "We're back."

    This is a story all about how... (Flashback) 7c48c66a96290cfc1ccdef3c0cd48325
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    This is a story all about how... (Flashback) Empty Re: This is a story all about how... (Flashback)

    Post by Ryuko on Mon Sep 10, 2018 12:31 am

    Ryuko reluctantly followed a few steps behind Simon, her feet dragging as she went. What was she going to say to Nariko. What would the Raikage think of her actions? Would she judge that she had acted wisely or would she condemn her for screwing up? So much on this mission had gone right they’d all come back alive after all but so so much had gone wrong as well.

    They’d failed to bring Nozomi back, or at least stop her from joining forces with the white witch. That was the biggest thing weighing on Ryuko’s soul at the moment. Tactically speaking it was a huge blunder, but it hurt for more personal reasons as well.

    It was almost comical how major a battle they’d been in and yet Ryuko hardly looked like she’d been in a fight. She’d avoided the worst of it, the only real damage she’d taken had been to her hands when Nozomi had been enveloped by her bijuu’s abnormal chakra. Due to it’s unusual nature the chakra had bypassed her gloves which didn’t have a scotch mark on them at all.

    “Were do we even begin...” she mused out loud wondering where the heck everyone else had wandered off to. Simon had often reported in for them in the past but those had been relatively minor incidents in comparison. Nariko would need all their view points to get as complete a picture of what had taken place as possible.

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