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    Tiger Training


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    Tiger Training Empty Tiger Training

    Post by Raijin on Sat Jun 23, 2018 5:39 pm

    Mission Name: Tiger Training
    Mission Type: Spar
    Mission Rank: D
    Mission Goal: Spar with Toshiro's Tiger
    Description: Toshiro is looking to hire you again to assist him with the training of his Ninja Companion Kokoro. Head on over to the training fields and meet up with them. Toshiro will ask you to spar with Kokoro to help build up the Tiger's combat experience. Kokoro is D in all stats.
    Payment: 10,000 Ryo
    Requirements: Genin+, Completed Catch That Tiger

    "Wow I have like THE worst luck ever. Not only do not get another mission worthy of my pose. But I get stuck with him again!" Bayushi was understandably upset. He had been chosen to go for another mission, this time he was hoping for a C-rank or possibly an B-rank. Something that could push him to become stronger.

    However it was worse than that. He went into the station was he was familiar with the Chuunin who ran it. She was waiting for him with a scroll in her hand. "At least you were on time as usual Bayushi," she said with a smile.

    "I'm always on time. But for things I actually want to do." Bayushi replied. "But I was swindled. This isn't what I had in mind. "

    "You gotta prove yourself Bayu. Time to do the little missions, that still need to be done."

    "Yes ma'am." He saluted and grabbed the scroll and it let him know his mission details. It was to assist and help tame the tiger he had helped this same peros with earlier.

    "This guy." Now he was to meet him in the park to train and tame this large tiger cub. "This is gonna be bad. And I can't see how no one else sees it.

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    Tiger Training Empty Re: Tiger Training

    Post by Raijin on Sat Jun 23, 2018 6:51 pm

    "Hey its my best friend Bayushi! You came to help me yet once again." The Kumo Genin was delighted to see Bayushi again. He honestly believed he wanted to be there. Forgetting that this was a mission and he did it only for the mission. But the boy had believed that Bayu had did it for the reason that he was growing attached to the duo. The other part to this pair was the tiger. The tiger cub had grown significantly in the short time he hadn't seen the two.

    He had grown a foot taller and a foot longer. Bayushi shuddered, this cat was becoming more dangerous by the day. The Cursed One looked at Toshiro and shook his head. He honestly believe that a job such as this would be to much for him. He simply didn't have what it takes to train and live with a tiger. But he was a ninjas companion. I guess we have to try.

    "Yea yea. What do you have planned Toshiro. Why the park?" Bayushi said getting straight to the point. The quicker this was over the better.

    "I want you to fight Kokoro."

    "...what!" Said a flabbergasted Bayushi.

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