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    Sumisu Clan


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    Sumisu Clan Empty Sumisu Clan

    Post by Savarin on Sun May 06, 2018 2:53 pm

    Sumisu Clan
    [Clan Location]: Continent-Wide
    [Hiden]: Fōjiton
    [Current Clan Leader] Sumisu Yama

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    Clan Description and History
    The Sumisu clan is huge, consisting of a large number of shinobi and non-shinobi spread across the entire ninja world.  The family owns a large number of mines and refineries for all types of metal, and Sumisu shinobi can utilize what the clan refers to as fōjiton, or "forge release".  Not a true elemental release, but a jutsu tradition passed down by the Sumisu that relies heavily on their yang-leaning chakra.  Before the warring clan era, the Sumisu clan utilized their talents to amass a large fortune by producing and selling weapons to all the ninja villages.  During the warring clan era, Sumisu shinobi could be found on all sides of the conflict, usually helping manage supply lines or running field repair stations than fighting on the front lines.  They were also happy to sell their wares to everyone that requested them.

    As a result of their large clan network and huge independent wealth, the Sumisu clan also functions as an inter-village bank.  Not only can one take a loan from a Sumisu, but both commoners and shinobi can store their money with the Sumisu and gain a small amount of interest.  One can even buy a promissory note (in the form of a small, specially crafted sphere of iron with the signet and value printed on the inside of the ball via an advanced Sumisu technique) from the Sumisu Forgebank in Leaf Village are it will be accepted and exchanged for local currency anywhere the Sumisu clan has a presence (which is pretty much every major village).

    There are persistent rumors (even now) that the Sumisu clan did whatever they could to subtly extend the war because they were making record profits during the conflict.  There are even conspiracy theories of a global Sumisu clan network that incites conflict, and is responsible for all the wars in the ninja world.  The clan denies the former, and does not even deem the latter worth a response.  

    The clan is said to originate in the Land of Iron, and that is where the main clan house is.  There is a yearly meeting of Sumisu elders, which alternates between the Land of Iron and one of the various Sumisu clan houses in the other lands.

    Clan Traits & Characteristics
    Culture:  While their usefulness is undeniable, there is always the question if the Sumisu can be trusted with particularly important missions, as the Sumisu value their clan more than any particular village they serve.  Indeed, if two Sumisu ninjas end up meeting on opposite sides of a conflict (particularly in a one vs one encounter), the younger ninja is expected to give up without a fight.   Because of this, in an active war or ongoing conflict, all Sumisu clan ninjas are more or less shunted off to do other jobs or to protect and manage the supply lines, which they do quite well.  

    Anyone can marry into the Sumisu clan, though they are expected to take the name, be it a matrilineal or patrilineal.  Any member of the clan in good standing has some degree of access to the vast fortune of the clan (within reason), and only those with proven loyalty to the clan are taught advanced forge release techniques.  

    Sumisu Shinobi: Independent wealth, and little material wants or needs for those in good standing with the clan.  Why would any Sumisu with choose to become a shinobi?  One could lead a peaceful life working at one of the Sumisu Forgebanks or managing the large internal supply chains that the Sumisu clans hold.  Maybe have a cushy life managing one of the scattered mines or refineries.  More than two-thirds of the Sumisu clan are non-shinobi that manage the massive Sumisu conglomerate, with an emphasis on intellect, charisma, and business acumen rather than chakra, strength, and ninjutsu.  

    But the family name and tradition comes from the practice of fōjiton; only a Sumisu shinobi can produce thousands of kunai in minutes from a pallet of raw iron.  Only elder Sumisu shinobi can turn a pile of raw ore into a nigh-unbreakable katana that can emit bolts of electricity, or into a metal palanquin made of a new alloy that is lighter than wood but is harder than steel.  The vast supply chains from the soil to the forgebanks is to provide material for these shinobi to work with, and the rest of the clan manages the back and front end.

    Hiden Jutsu Description & Abilities
    The Sumisu clan utilizes what they call forge release, allowing them to easily shape metals, create them from thin air, and even create weapons of legend.  While not a true elemental release, it is more a combination of the Sumisu tradition of working with Due to the particularly useful nature of this release and the long history of the clan, the Sumisu also functions as an independently wealthy merchant family.  The Sumisu bloodline tends heavily towards yang, but the individual shinobi’s element can be any of the normal ones, though fire and earth are slightly more common.  

    Fōjiton has hundreds of uses, both in and out of combat.  The ability to directly manipulate metal, has some obvious benefits.  There are reports of Sumisu ninjas turning their bodies to living metal, or turning their adversary's own weapons against them in their hands.  Truly powerful Fōjiton users are responsible for the creation of some of the most famous or infamous weapons in the ninja world; often created by mixing in chakra of multiple elements.

    Rank Guidelines:


    E-Rank Sumisu generally learn at least two of the three Sumisu basic jutsu during their time in the academy.  Some might learn to focus small amounts of chakra into base metals in order to be able to work even ingots of iron like clay.  Others might learn the vulnerabilities and weakness of metal, and how to cause maximal damage to metal objects, paving the way to the Sumisu taijutsu style.  Still others may learn jutsu that allows them to help out at the Sumisu refineries by purifying raw ore through the use of very simple fōjiton.


    D-Rank Sumisu can learn to harness some basic fōjiton, though what they do with it differs depending on the path they take.  This might be something like instant sharpening for a shinobi with wind affinity, or heating up their blade with fire affinity.  Others might choose to focus on the Sumisu hammer-based taijutsu style.


    C-Rank Sumisu can harness more advanced fōjiton, using chakra to mentally control metal in more complex ways.  At this point, a Sumisu shinobi can precisely and drastically affect metal objects with a touch; how they utilize this ability often depends on the shinobi’s personal style.  They cannot create additional metal out of nothing, the volume of the original source matters.


    B-Rank Sumisu uses of fōjiton depend heavily on their personal style, using their preferred element(s) to enhance their weaponry.  At this point, many users of forge release are able to create what they call or chakra metal; a temporary metal (lasting seconds to minutes, depending on the technique) created from the Sumisu’s chakra that can be used for immediate attack or defense.  As a general rule at this point, Sumisu can only create chakra metal originating from their body. This is most likely where rumors of Sumisu turning their bodies to living metal originate.


    A Rank Sumisu further master their use of fōjiton.  This allows them to temporarily enhance the weaponry of their allies.  At this point, normal metals can be controlled from a distance and additional chakra metal can be added to it, rather than requiring the metal to come from their own body.
    Chakra metal created by these shinobi can a few hours, depending on the technique.


    S-Rank Sumisu have an unparalleled degree of control over fōjiton.  This level of shinobi can create weapons worthy of stories on their own right with enough time and practice.  Many can create chakra metal near instantaneously and reflexively, allowing for superb defense and unpredictable offense.  They can make this metal last up to days, but it will eventually dissipate into nothing like all chakra metal. Wearing or wielding any sort of metal into a fight with one of these shinobi is tantamount to suicide.

    Clan Limits & Drawbacks
    A Sumisu clan member can rely on the large network of the Sumisu to get their hands on goods easily and cheaply, but they are also expected to pay their dues to the clan.  All Sumisu get the following unique ability for free:

    Merchant Family:

    A Sumisu clan member has a 50% discount buying tools or raw materials in any major village, but they are expected to give 25% of their income to the clan.

    Due to the yang focused nature of their chakra, many Sumisu have a harder time mastering and defending against genjutsu and other Yin-based techniques than most shinobi.  

    Further, because of the general distrust from the villages, Sumisu clan ninja may never undergo any village-based A or S rank missions alone.  The clan itself that provide this level of difficulty, however.  In addition, they can not learn village-specific techniques.

    Clan Techniques
    Due to the widespread nature of the Sumisu clan, there are only a few basic techniques that are universal to the clan.  These are three simple Academy-Level techniques that form the basis for more advanced jutsu.

    Any fōjiton jutsu that requires handsigns always starts with horse, which also happens to be the summoned animal generally associated with Sumisu shinobi.  Beyond that, characters are encouraged to put their own spin on fōjiton, usually by incorporating their individual chakra element into it.  The following are general elemental associations with fōjiton; these are just suggestions, not hard and fast rules.
    Wind: Sharpness, cutting power, faster control.
    Lightning: Conductivity, machinery.
    Earth: Density, durability, hardness.
    Water: Precise control, rust, blood.
    Fire: Heat, alloys.

    Forge Release:
    Name: [Fōjiton: Katansei no Jutsu] Forge Release: Malleability Technique
    Rank: E
    Activation Cost: 1
    Upkeep Cost: 0
    Range: Touch
    Speed: N/A
    Element: N/A
    Skill: N/A
    Classification: Group Exclusive (Sumisu)
    Requirements: Sumisu Clan
    Parent Technique:  N/A
    Hand Seals: Horse → Ox → Ram
    Description: This basic forge release allows a Sumisu shinobi to work metals like clay, following the initial hand signs.  It requires the Sumisu to keep a low, but constant flow of yang-biased chakra into the metal as they spend time to shape it to their needs.  At this stage, it takes too long to have any combat use, but it is possible to use it to resharpen or create new weapons given enough time and material.  The jutsu is indefinite as long as the same piece of metal is being worked on.  This allows the user to craft metal equipment as if their coordination was one rank higher, and reduces the time it takes to craft as if the equipment was two ranks lower. 
    Weaknesses: N/A, utility

    Forge Release:
    Name: [Fōjiton: Katansei no Jutsu] Forge Release: Purification Technique
    Rank: E
    Activation Cost: 1
    Upkeep Cost: 0
    Range: 5 meters
    Speed: N/A
    Element: N/A
    Skill: N/A
    Classification: Group Exclusive (Sumisu)
    Requirements: Sumisu Clan
    Parent Technique: N/A
    Hand Seals: Horse → Ox → Dog → Ram → Boar
    Description: This basic forge release allows a Sumisu shinobi to quickly separate metals from their containing ore. After performing the hand the Sumisu touches a pile of raw ore.  Over the course of a few minutes, the ore shifts into relatively organized piles of raw materials and soil/stone. Though there are no combat applications to this jutsu, even some Sumisu academy dropouts know it and use it in the refineries of the clan. Sumisu with this jutsu can buy metal for 50% off, as it's assumed they're buying the ore itself.
    Weaknesses: N/A, utility.

    Iron Bending Technique:
    Name: [Tetsu Mageru no Jutsu] Iron Bending Technique
    Rank: E
    Power: D
    Activation Cost: 2
    Upkeep Cost: N/A
    Range: Melee
    Speed: N/A
    Element: N/A
    Skill: N/A
    Classification: Group Exclusive (Sumisu)
    Requirements: Sumisu Clan
    Parent Technique: N/A
    Hand Seals: N/A
    Description: One of the basic strikes of the Sumisu hammer-based taijutsu, this technique damages metal far more than it normally should.  The bane of swordmasters everywhere, parrying the hammer of a Sumisu will likely result in a bent, shattered, or broken sword.  It also works very effectively against metal armor.
    Weaknesses: Only functional on metal.

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