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    Yomiohkami Clan (WIP)


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    Yomiohkami Clan (WIP)  Empty Yomiohkami Clan (WIP)

    Post by Raspy-10 on Sun Oct 14, 2018 1:23 am

    Clan Name: Yomiohkami Clan
    Clan Location: Kumogakure no Sato
    Bloodline Name & Type: "Strix Soul", KKG
    Current Clan Leader: Fukurō E. Yomiohkami (PC)
    Clan Members:

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    Clan History:

    The origins of the Yomiohkami clan go back several centuries to the time just after the founding of the five great ninja nations and the development of the ninja arts. There was a large nomadic tribe of medical ninja who traveled around the ninja world to sell the various medical products that the chemists of their group had concocted along with their services as highly accomplished medical ninja. For a time, this group lived in peace and quiet since no one dared to bring harm to them due to their medical skills and the medical products being highly prized by almost everyone around them. Therefore, this group of ninja had no need for learning jutsu and other skills which were bent toward success on the battlefield. Eventually, this came to be the cause for their downfall at the hands of a rival group of medical ninja who were jealous of the success this group had enjoyed for so long and the popularity of their products and skills. Needless to say, this rival group wasted no time in attacking the group over and over and killed quite a few of ancestors of the modern Yomiohkami clan. The rival ninja even went as far as to steal some of the many secret recipes and jutsu the Yomiohkami ancestors had developed because they thought that doing so would grant them more fame and power than the Yomiohkami themselves.

    Sakuya, the tribe's chieftain who was also renowned among the tribe's clientele for being an exceptional medical ninja, happened to be away at the time this tragedy befell her people.
    She only came back several days after the incident and was horrified when she saw the pitiable state her people were in thanks to the dirty tactics and violence that their jealous enemies had used against them. Then and there, she swore that she would find a way to wreak vengeance upon the people foolhardy enough to inflict such pain and suffering upon her kith and kin. She also pledged to take her people to far greater heights than they had ever seen before as atonement for not having been there when they needed her the most. To that end, she took leave of them with a promise to return someday and headed off in search of a means to make her desires into reality. After many years of searching, she finally heard rumors of a place where a large summon family of monster owls were supposed to have a nest and headed there hoping to enlist their help since she had been fascinated with these owls from her childhood due to the many folktales she had been told about them from her late grandparents.

    The journey was perilous, but after several days, she finally managed to reach the "Whispering Woods" which was her destination. This was a strange forest which the locals avoided like the plague since very few of whom they saw entering it ever made it back out alive due to curse of the "Whispers", a mysterious power which allegedly protected this forest from any intruders. Sakuya took note of this and once she realized it was some form of powerful genjutsu, she made sure to keep her genjutsu countering skills active throughout her journey into this forest. In this manner, she made her way through and finally reached the heart of the Whispering Woods where she discovered the cause of the so called "Whispers" which turned out to be a summon family of monster owls she had been searching for all this time. Once there, she spent the next several months in earning their trust and at the end of her trials, the boss summon of the monster owls and the elders of that family finally relented and agreed to help her.

    Thus, she spent many years learning all their secrets and developing special medical ninjutsu that would let her turn both herself and her people into human-owl hybrids that the monster owls called "Owlkin". At the end of her stay with the owls, she bade them farewell, signed the summoning contract with them and headed out of the Whispering Woods. Then, she returned to her people and used her newfound knowledge to transform herself and a handful of elite men and women from her tribe into Owlkin. After spending an adequate amount of time in stabilizing this transformation process and developing secret ninjutsu that exploited the Owlkin traits to their fullest extent, Sakuya led this small but powerful army against their enemies in a series of surprise attacks. Thankfully, she managed to completely crush them and avenge the atrocities their enemies had committed against them with the help of the owl summon family whose help Sakuya had brought with her when she came back from her research trip.

    This brought peace back to her and her people for some time. Unfortunately, soon after this, rumors had started to spread about Sakuya and her people having given up their humanity to become abominable monsters. As a result, they were forced to leave and start wandering again due to the fear they instilled in their clients, the local villagers, and townsfolk as a result of their newfound queer and monstrous transformation as well the abilities it granted them. This time, however, Sakuya intended to find a place to finally set down roots and end the ceaseless wanderings of her people. To that end, she and the elders of her tribe sent pleas for sanctuary to the Five Great Nations, but after a long series of negotiations, only the Land of Lightning actually answered their request and welcomed them into its territory.

    Shortly after this, to the tribe's dismay, Sakuya passed away due to the many wounds she had received in the bloody war she had fought against the tribe's enemies. The disciples to whom she had imparted her secret knowledge of the Owlkin transformation took over the reins and eventually, after several decades, managed to refine the process enough to turn it into an actual bloodline trait which they then bestowed on all of their tribe's members along with the many abilities contained in it. After this, they taught their fellow tribe members about the various secret jutsu that were developed in order to use the bloodline traits to their fullest extent. This was then passed from one generation to the next with each one refining the jutsu and abilities afforded by their bloodline till the group as a whole became quite formidable both in and out of battle.

    Once their fame began to spread, the current leaders of the clan decided that it was time for the tribe which had grown quite large over the past few years to finally become a formal clan. They chose the name "Yomiohkami" which roughly meant "Great Deity of the Underworld" in recognition of the fact that their abilities and the great success they now enjoyed was all thanks to the help and blessings of the summon family of monster owls with which they had an exclusive contract and which served as the guardian deity of their people since owls were one of the apex predators of the night and had strong connections with the underworld in the creed they now adhered to religiously. Some time after the tribe had become the Yomiohkami clan, its new leaders and the elders held counsel and decided that it was time to contact the Hidden Cloud Village in order to secure the clan's future once and for all. They offered the clan's services and swore eternal fealty to the hidden village and in exchange were accepted into the fold. Thenceforth, they served in the many battles, both big and small, that the village participated in and by doing so, proved their mettle enough to earn the trust and respect of the village and have continued to do so time and again till present day.

    Clan Traits
    The Yomiohkami clan members are quite varied in their personalities, attire, and other characteristics, but there are some things that all of them have in common:

    • All of them take on the physical and behavioral traits of the owls whom they worship when they activate the various stages of their bloodline.

    • All of them tend to have pale skin, black hair as well as coal black eyes but while their bloodline is active, their hair turns a brilliant silvery-white while their usually expressionless black eyes become amber yellow and take on a piercing gaze and when certain jutsu are used, they even have an eerie glow that might unnerve anyone who meets them for the first time, especially if it is during the evening or night.

    • The females are taller, heavier, and have greater wingspans than the male of the clan. The males are far lazier than the females of the clan and can often be seen around the village or at their clan compound taking naps or bird watching when the weather is good when they aren’t on missions or playing strategy games.

    • All members have keen minds which drive them to seek ever newer and tougher intellectual challenges such as strategy games, puzzles, and riddles.

    Bloodline Abilities
    The Yomiohkami bloodline is known as the “Strix Soul” and it’s one that allows its bearers to take on the physical and behavioral traits of the owls which they hold near and dear. These physical and behavioral traits grant certain benefits to their bearers in exchange for afflicting them with certain disadvantages. This bloodline and the various traits it bestows along with the associated benefits as well as disadvantages are unlocked in the series of stages below:

    Bloodline Limits/Drawbacks

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