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    Advanced Guard Duty (B)

    Inari Osaki
    Inari Osaki

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    Advanced Guard Duty (B) Empty Advanced Guard Duty (B)

    Post by Inari Osaki on Sun Feb 25, 2018 3:11 pm

    Mission Name: Advanced Guard Duty
    Mission Type: Defense
    Mission Rank: B
    Mission Goal: Defend the Wall from the incoming threat.
    Description: A small force of enemy forces has arrived to threaten the village. These bandits, by their actions, have branded themselves criminals and must be eliminated. In your group or by yourself you are to venture just beyond the walls and meet the threat head on. Make sure to, to the best of your abilities, eliminate these rebels once and for all.
    Payment: 25,000 ryo
    Requirements: Chunin or pair of Genin

    Strength: D
    Constitution: C
    Stamina: B
    Speed: C++
    Coordination: B
    Intelligence: B
    Perception: C++

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