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    Guard Duty [Solo]

    Satori Ryuutei
    Satori Ryuutei

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    Guard Duty [Solo] Empty Guard Duty [Solo]

    Post by Satori Ryuutei Fri Apr 12, 2019 3:48 am

    Note: Mission Link

    Mission Name: Guard the gates
    Mission Type: Guard mission
    Mission Rank: C
    Mission Goal: Protect against intrustion
    Description: The normal gate guards have been working around the clock, take over their duty for a day to give them so much needed time off
    Payment: 15,000 ryo
    Requirements: Gennin +

    Satori was on guard duty.

    Well, that wasn't quite right. The guards just needed a break, and he could understand that. Apparently, they weren't even really getting a "break", they were simply getting to do something besides sit in front of a post or in a tower by the gate all day. They really needed to rotate these guard shifts a bit more. It would diversify skillsets as well. Still, that wasn't his job: yet.

    Releasing a breath, Satori stretched his limbs over his head and focused on what was his job right now, which was sitting in this tower staring at the pavement. Rubbing the bridge of his nose, he rapidly understood why no one wanted this job. It wasn't as though it was entirely unfeasible they would be attacked, and he had no reason to not take the job seriously by any means.

    There was just very little to actually do to keep his mind active. Releasing a breath, he fell into his seat and pushed himself to just endure it. Not exactly the most exciting mission, but it was important, just like all the others he had taken care of thus far. Ruffling his fingertips through his hair for a moment he lifted his gaze and focused on the road leading out of the village.

    A small caravan was approaching, at least that would give him something to do in an hour or two once they arrived at the gates itself.

    As the caravan arrived, he leaned over the tower rail and examined them more closely. An older man sat behind the horse to drive. Two men were clearly acting as guards on either side holding sheathed swords, and the caravan itself had two women inside. Likely his wife and daughter.

    "What's your name and business within the Mist?" Satori called simply with a friendly smile, the older man looked up and lifted a hand in greeting.

    "Just bringing in a shipment of goods from the docks in Ota!" he replied simply, and Satori nodded. Idly stepping down from his spot, but already his mind was working quickly. He'd been to Ota not two days ago. The shipment that had come in was from the sailors, and there was no way it was already done and sold, and here. Furthermore, he didn't recognize any of the caravans faces.

    He also wasn't a regular guard. There was a chance he was unaware of a step somewhere, and so instead of leaping to conclusions, he would settle it himself. Exiting out of the tower he stepped at the edge of the wall, before falling from it. Landing with a slight thud, before straightening and examining the smiling older man. Their body language was innocent enough, at least.

    Moving forward Satori smiled at the older man, "Do you mind if I take a look at your cargo? Standard procedure," he stated simply, and then the man hesitated and frowned slightly.

    "Are you a new guard? They usually just let us pass right on through..." Satori smiled apologetically.

    "Perhaps they're a bit more lenient on the rules, or know your faces, but I'm afraid I don't. My apologies, but it won't take long I assure you," as he stated this the old man sighed but nodded once. Motioning for him to go ahead. Satori stepped forward and began the investigation quickly. If they were harmless traders making them wait too long was rude after such a long trip.

    If they weren't he needed to know quickly.

    He checked for signs of hidden compartments, checked body language of all of them as he examined things, chatted with the young woman in the back while the wife smiled quietly as he glanced in some crates and checked goods. It was all legal. By the end of it, he stepped back and performed Kai on himself, just in case to no effect. Satisfied, he nodded once and smiled at the older man.

    "My apologies for the wait, please enter. I'll help you unload your wagon if you'd like?" The older man smiled softly at this.

    "It's no problem, you're only doing your job. Thank you, sir. We'll handle it though, come by the market later if you'd like some fresh seafood," the wild young man nodded once in thanks. Stepping aside so that they could pass.

    A few hours later, Satori's replacement came by with thanks. Clearly having enjoyed his time off, at the mention of the traders and the fact they got here so quickly the man chuckled softly.

    "You did well, but they were harmless. They were talking about the old shipments. They claim it's 'fresh fish', but really they just salt it and store it in a trading post between Ota and here and sell it with their grain and crops. Still, they're harmless and good people." This information made far, far more sense. It also explained how they arrived so quickly.

    Amused at the old man being nothing more than a snide businessman, Satori shook his head in bemusement and bid the guard farewell. Thus ended the slowest day of Satori's life.

    He wouldn't be taking this job again unless he had absolutely no choice in the matter. He felt borderline braindead. He'd need something especially exciting after this.

    -Strength: B
    -Constitution: B
    -Stamina: A++
    -Speed: B
    -Coordination: B+
    -Intelligence: A
    -Perception: B++

    Limit Break Points:
    -Physical: 0
    -Technique: 0
    -Destiny: 3

    -1 Medical Kit
    -20 Military Ration Pills
    -5 Coagulation Pills
    -5 Blood Pills
    -1 Rebreather Mask

    Left Thigh Holster
    -20 Kunai

    Right Thigh Holster
    -20 Shuriken

    Hip Pouch Left
    -20 Explosive Tags
    -5 Flash Bombs

    Hip Pouch Right
    -100 Caltrops
    -100m Steel Wire

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