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    The Bloody Rock Forest Patrol (C)

    Rin Matoi
    Rin Matoi

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    The Bloody Rock Forest Patrol (C) Empty The Bloody Rock Forest Patrol (C)

    Post by Rin Matoi Sun Feb 25, 2018 3:06 pm

    Mission Name: The Bloody Rock Forest Patrol
    Mission Type: Guard
    Mission Rank: C-rank
    Mission Goal: Assure safe passage of NPC caravans for a couple of days.
    From the Bloody Rock Forest description:
    The nature of this place also makes it a prime location for setting up ambushes and preying on the unwary merchants who come through here. However, because this is a known fact, the caravans that roam through this land are heavily guarded and most veteran merchants are capable of using hidden routes through the rock forest and outsmart the common bandit.
    You are to guard the most common trade routes and make sure the caravans pass through safely. If you see any bandits, eliminate them.
    Payment: 15,000 ryo
    Requirements: Chuunin

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