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    Gekokujou in the Bloody Rain [WIP]

    Uchiha Akihiro
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    Gekokujou in the Bloody Rain [WIP] Empty Gekokujou in the Bloody Rain [WIP]

    Post by Uchiha Akihiro on Tue Jul 14, 2020 9:18 pm

    Bloody Rain

    "We, the willing, led by the unknowing, are doing the impossible for the ungrateful. We have now done so much for so long with so little, we are now capable of doing anything with nothing."

    Background & Belligerents

    Ah, the ever cursed Land of Rain. Once, during peaceful times, the village and nation prospered under the ever present droplets. Children played on its streets, jumping across and onto puddles of various sizes. The rivers would seasonally flood, renewing the banks with the ever needed minerals for good harvests. By all accounts, the Land of Rain was a commercial hub which united the four corners of the continent and where most merchants went to trade and buy their goods.

    But wealth draws greed. And greed draws war. As the years passed and the political landscape became more and more unstable, what had once been a target for merchants became a target for soldiers. The geographic position that had brought so much wealth to the Land of Rain would end up being the cause of its ruin.

    It had started ever so lightly. Small incursions on its territory. Tests, small pokes in the defense of the land. Small atrocities easily pinned on bandits. How could one ever guess there was more to it than that?

    Waterfall, Grass and Kumogakure
    And who among you in times of peace, would sharpen blades for war?

    Up in the North, the Land of Grass and Waterfalls fell upon their prey. Seizing the border and invading in large scale. Nations favored by the Land of Lightning and Kumogakure, seeking to assert control over the roads that pass through the center of the continent, and gain a foothold both for future invasions as well as defense. A Kumogakure no Sato Fortress here would mean that no country south of the Land of Rice could ever  afford to  carelessly invade the Lightning Country while ignoring such a fortress. Shall you judge a country which draws blood to keep peace within its borders?

    Iron, Mountain, Fang, Birds and Wind
    The pack is the strength of the wolf, and the wolf is the strength of the pack.

    Alone, weak. Together, strong enough to rival any major nation. Backed by the Wind Country, the Wolf Alliance finds common purpose and strikes from the West, each country eager for a piece of fertile farmland they cannot find within their own borders. Shall you judge a country which draws blood to feed its children?

    Fiery Rivers

    The strong conquer the weak. Desperate for survival, the Land of Rivers strikes a devil's bargain with the Land of Fire, where it allows the larger nation to use its river saw mills for free in exchange for military support. In order to not become the next conquest of either alliance, the Land of Rivers invades the Rain from the South while the Land of Fire strikes from the East in a joint effort to get as much territory as possible. Shall you judge a country which draws blood in order to, quite simply, survive?

    Bloody Rain, Bloody Mist
    Blood is thicker than Water

    The once crystal clear puddles where children played,
    were now sullied with red blood and shockingly small human corpses.
    The familiar scent of wet grass and mud,
    replaced with the stench of decomposition.
    The occasional flower which thrived on the water,
    now gave way to rusty iron blades.
    It was hard to tell whether heavy clouds mourned,
    or desperately attempted to cleanse their land.
    Added to the orchestra of the falling rain
    was the cry out from crows and ravens, banded in murder.

    Desperate for freedom,
    the Rain calls upon the gods.
    And where Bloody Rain falls,
    Bloody Mist rises.

    [color:d636=???]Special Reward

    Mission List

    Mission Name: Siege Warfare
    Mission Rank: S-rank
    Theater of War: Takes place in the capital of the Land of Rain. Not Amegakure, but rather the capital of the country.
    Relevant Plot NPCs N/A
    Mission Goal:  

    Lightning Alliance: Capture the daimyo within 5 rounds of posting
    Bloody Rain, Bloody Mist: Defend the city and its daimyo until reinforcements arrive (for 5 rounds of posting)

    Description:  The capital of the Land of Rain lies to the North of the country, near the border with the Land of Grass which the Lightning Alliance is crossing. With its resources spread out thin, the Bloody Rain and Mist must defend the daimyo by any means necessary until reinforcements can be called upon.  The Daimyo starts in a traditional japanese castle in the center of the city which the defenders may describe at will in the first post, but may be relocated at will.

    Keep in mind:

    This place isn't a hidden village but rather a civillian city and as such as no defenses nor walls besides the castle.
    The attackers win by capturing the daimyo, not killing him.

    Payment: 300,000 ryo for the winning side
    If Lightning wins, they gain Victory Points equal to (6-T)*2, where T is the number of rounds they took to capture the daimyo.

    The defenders will win VP equal to the number of rounds they managed to defend the daimyo. If they defend for 5 turns and sucessfully complete the mission the VP reward is doubled.

    Maximum Number of Participants: 2 for each faction

    Mission Name: Mountain Crush
    Mission Rank: S
    Theater of War: Border between the Land of Rain and the Land of Birds
    Relevant Plot NPCs N/A
    Mission Goal:
    Wolf Alliance: Pass through the mountain pass in less than 5 rounds
    Bloody Mist: Defend the Mountain pass for 5 rounds

    Outnumbered and outgunned, the Bloody faction was forced to stop the advancement of the Wolf Alliance troops at a narrow mountain pass where the difference in numbers matters little.

    Keep in mind:
    The mountain itself (picture above) is protected by powerful fuuinjutsu and cannot be destroyed by any means. In order to win, the attackers must all pass through the narrow pass. Going underground is an option but you can't go below the mountain itself and you're limited to a 10m depth.

    Flying in order to flank your opponent or pass through is allowed, but any ninja or creature flying above 20m height will incur A-rank lightning damage per post spent flying, delivered by the fuuinjutsu protecting the mountain.

    Payment: 300,000 ryo

    If the attacking side wins, they gain Victory Points equal to (6-T)*2, where T is the number of rounds they took to capture the pass.

    The defenders will win VP equal to the number of rounds they managed to defend the pass. If they defend for 5 turns and sucessfully complete the mission the VP reward is doubled.

    Maximum Number of Participants: 2 per faction

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