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    A ninja's weapon...

    Taichi Kotōshura
    Taichi Kotōshura

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    A ninja's weapon... Empty A ninja's weapon...

    Post by Taichi Kotōshura Sun Dec 03, 2017 3:08 am

    Taichi is currently walking over to the market to buy some much needed ninja tools, as much as he hated to admit it. How did he get into this, you ask? it happened about a few minutes ago, when his granddad urged him to buy ninja tools. He said he only wanted to learn the explosive jutsu that he used, but kicked him out and some of the funding money from his scholarship at him in a small bag, saying "Jutsu isn't a ninja's only weapon!" Taichi thought it was crap, but he had to play along for now. He had finally arrived at the market, easily laying eyes upon the shop with a kunai board on top, clearly suggesting that shop sells the equipment that Taichi is after.

    He walked in easily, seeing a man at the desk reading some book, he didn't know what as Taichi didn't see the cover well enough, he assumed he was the owner. He looked around for a bit, seeing some stuff he already liked such as a couple of shurikens, kunai and the like. He carried one kunai and nearly a dozen of shurikens, he dropped them onto the desk to show that he wanted to purchase them, but the man gave a crossed look at Taichi, noticing his forehead protector, he started closing his book and said. "You're a ninja, huh? you must be new... because I don't see any holsters on you." Taichi was confused for a second, but then the man continued. "You know, leather equipment to hold your weapons? you don't plan to carry all your shurikens with your arms, do you?" he gave a slight chuckle as he said that last part, heading to the back and in a few seconds, coming back with 3 holsters and a hip pouch, 1 of the holsters looks like it would fit a kunai while the other 2 would fit a shurikens, it seems the hip pouch would be able to carry the rest of the shuriken.

    "These will cost you as well... so let me count that up for you, 1 kunai, 10 shurikens, 3 holsters and a hip pouch, in total that makes... 1225 ryo." the cost nearly surprised Taichi until he realized that he got that funding of 50k for a reason, he opened up the small bag he received earlier and started to tap his palm against the bottom of the bag, with it hanging upside down to get all of the money out. The man sighed and started to count the money, taking what he needed and leaving the rest for Taichi to put back into his bag. The man was nice enough to start packing up his weapons into the holsters and the rest of the shurikens into the hip pouch. He then gave it to Taichi, saying "Enjoy."

    Taichi walked out of the shop, attaching his holsters to his legs and the hip pouch on the... well, hip. It seems his grandad was right, having these weapons on him did make him feel safer, he would have to practice with them first but it's a good start.

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