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    More Shopping! Empty More Shopping!

    Post by Bryn Sun Nov 26, 2017 10:54 pm

    Kameko returned to the village square with two packs and a couple of her clanmates to help her haul all her stuff back. It was good to be heiress, as cousins on the outer fringes of the family were desperate to get on the good side of the main family branch. Favor could get you a lot from the Amandi main line, and mutual loyalty and respect could get you even further. Still, teenagers could be found to lug around some heavy bags. Especially when your clan's heiress had the appearance of a twenty year old woman at the age of fifteen without any kind of make up or other aid in her form and beauty.

    She journeyed around, buying all of the stuff she'd need in order to make what she had on her mind. Leather, iron, some steel for later, and a couple other things. Once she had everything and her pack mules were sufficiently laden down, she'd head for home.


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