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    UA Guide for Newbies

    Inari Osaki
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    UA Guide for Newbies Empty UA Guide for Newbies

    Post by Inari Osaki on Sat Nov 25, 2017 5:22 pm

    This is the topic where all common, acceptable UAs are stored for future reference when approving new Character Applications. This is to help better suggest different UAs for new players who are unfamiliar with our system, as well as keep track to what we define as balanced and acceptable rather than going off one's momentary judgement.

    You may only have 1 Crafting/Enchanting related Unique Ability.

    Here's what we got so far:

    Standard UAs:

    • Stat Trading: A player may temporarily trade a stat in response to something in the environment, or that can be triggered manually. To do this the player must also debuff a stat for equal value (if you're going to raise a ++ you need to debuff a stat ++.) This debuffed stat must also be relevant to what the player is receiving the debuff for. This cannot be used to reach S-tier stats.

      For example, a player cannot buff Intelligence one tier in terms of using Genjutsu while debuffing Strength by one tier. Strength has little to do with Genjutsu and does not count as a balanced drawback.

      You may only have two UAs that increase your stats and each UA can only increase your stat(s) by a total of 1 tier (even when split between stats or active at different times) on your UAs.

      Toggling this kind of UA costs 5 CP. So if you buff Str and debuff Coord, you'll pay 5 CP.

    • Chakra Point Spending: A player may decrease the amount of chakra spending for a particular element or skill by a maximum of one rank in exchange for increasing the chakra spending for a skill or element by one rank. To do this, the user MUST possess the skill or element at the time of creation.

      "I promise I will pick so-and-so skill/element when I rank up" does not work.

      If a player chooses to decrease the amount of chakra for spending on kekkei genkai techniques this extends to non-technique abilities that cost chakra such as free-form manipulation.

    • Learning Class Advantage: A player may have access to learning techniques one rank above of what their class allows. This early access must result in stunted growth forcing the player to spend an additional 10% experience to advance into the next class. This *can* be stacked with other modifiers (Sensei, Intelligence, etc..)

      For example, a D-class Genin may only learn up to C-rank technique. This UA will allow that same Genin to learn up to B-rank technique. However, in order to hit C-class they must invest 1650 experience into their total instead of 1500 (10% of 1500 is 150. 1500 + 150 = 1650...)

    • Experience Advantage: A player may start with more experience that can be applied to their total. This amount may never be enough to advance into the next class and can always fall short by 1 experience. Doing this will put the player in debt, thus all generated experience must go towards paying off that experience debt before it can be applied anywhere else.

      This can also be done if a player only wishes to gain a little more experience at the start. If the player chooses to start with equal or less than 50% experience for their next class requirement only half of the generated experience will go towards this debt. This UA can only be taken at creation and may not be added later.

    • Field Specialist: A player may be exceptionally better at dealing with NPCs given a specific environment or circumstance. This would mean their rank of effectiveness is increased by one. Doing this will require them to perform worse in a certain environment or circumstance.

      For example, when invading a land, a player's rank counts as one rank higher when determining auto-hit range on NPC. When defending their land, their rank counts as one rank less.

    • Crafting Expertise: A player may craft an item one rank higher than what their current experience or skill set allows. This can result in a 50% increase in price for material.

    • Chemistry Expertise: A player may create chemistry creations one rank higher than what their current experience or skill set allows. This can result in an increased countdown (for poisons and drugs) or cooldown (for medicines and provisions.) The increase is the next rank's timer increased by .5 (rounding up.)

      For example, let's say a C-rank medicine has a cooldown for 10 posts. A B-rank medicine has a cooldown for 15 posts. By choosing to craft a C-rank medicine at the B-rank level you will take the 15 post cooldown, and add half of that value on top of it. Half of 15 is 7.5. Rounding up would make that cooldown now 23 posts.

    • One-handed Seals: Pretty straightforward. A player may weave hand seals with only one hand. This results in a one tier loss of Coordination for that hand regarding hand seals.

    • Portable Shop: A player may invest a sum of money and expect returns to a maximum of 5% per month. The player must roll a 1d10 to determine the outcome of the success.  An outcome of 6-10 means that the investment failed and all of the money is lost, but an outcome of 1-5 means a successful investment and 5% of that money is paid to her once per month, permanently.

    • Training Reductions: A player may decrease the amount of words required to learn a certain field of technique by 50% in exchange for increasing the word count required for another field of technique by 100%. The player MUST possess the skill/element that the drawback is affecting.

    • Rushed Craftsman: A player may decrease the time required to craft an item by one rank, however as a result reduce their Coordination by one tier limiting what they can craft by one rank.

    • Experience From Me To You: A player may provide an additional 5 experience bonus when being a sensei or team leader in a thread. However, the player loses that 5 experience when performing missions.

    • Mo-Money: A player may start off with additional income, which the max amount correlates to the player's starting rank. Upon doing so 50% of all future income counts towards that sum with an interest of 50% as well.

      Genin can max at: 100,000 ryo
      Chuunin can max at: 250,000 ryo
      Jounin can max at: 500,000 ryo

    • Skill Specialist: A player may choose to be able to learn techniques of a particular skill or element at one rank higher than what their class allows. As a result, technique performed outside of their class allowance has their cost increased by 50% on top of its original cost.

      For example, performing a B-rank Genjutsu outside of my class will end up costing me 15 CP instead of 10 CP.

    Freebie UAs may only be taken if you DO NOT have a Bloodline or Clan
    Free-be UAs:

    • Good Spending: A player may have a permanent 50% discount within their village regarding buying tools or raw materials, but never both without an appropriate drawback.

    • One-handed Seals: A player may be able to perform one-handed seals, this time without a one tier penalty to their Coordination.

    • Crafting Finesse: A player may choose to be able to craft items one tier higher than what their Coordination allows. Note, however, this is only for Coordination. They must still meet the crafting experience requirements.

    • Seal-less Combat: A player may choose to perform technique of a certain skill without hand seals. However, this is only gesture-less casting. The player must still "charge" their chakra and follow the other "tells" or triggers such technique requires.

    • Big Boost: A player may receive a 1 tier stat boost to any stat of their choosing  (or a 1 Tier stat debuff to an opponent's stats) without having to receive a tier debuff in one of their own stat areas. However, this boost cannot be used to reach S-Tier stats.

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