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    Dear Diana


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    Dear Diana  Empty Dear Diana

    Post by Chika Wed Sep 01, 2021 7:03 pm

    "Dear Diana

    I write this letter in hopes of finding you well. To make a long story short I've contracted a rare Chakra deficiency disease that has rendered me unable to mold chakra anymore. Without the use of Puppet strings I can't be a puppeteer anymore so I've decided to leave my puppets and my legacy to you as as though our time together was brief I felt you where the closest to sharing my vision of the what the ultimate puppet could be.

    You'll find enclosed in the envelop 363,788 ryo.  All my possession are located at the same place we held the inaugural meeting of the Puppet users association for you to pick up.  I hope they serve you well and give you a leg up on becoming the Puppiter you where always meant to be.  In addition I also grant you the right to claim my festival raffle reward in my place

    ~With love Chika "

    Items left for Diana:

    ✶5 kunai
    ✶4 Standard Recurve Bows
    ✶8 Kunai
    ✶120 Caltrops
    ✶1700 Ball Bearings
    ✶4 Medkits
    ✶Three-Colored Pills
    ✶5 Hip Pouches
    ✶5 Backpacks
    ✶40 Broadhead Arrows (& quivers)
    ✶10 Broadhead Bolts (& quivers)
    ✶4 Knuckle Dusters
    ✶4 Iron Claws
    ✶Faithful Karakuri
    ✶Loyal Karakuri
    ✶Deceitful Karakuri
    ✶Loving Karakuri
    ✶Uptight Karakuri
    ✶Mocking Karakuri
    ✶Reflective Contacts
    ✶60 Eggshell Grenade; Coal Dust
    ✶60 Eggshell Grenade; Oil
    ✶20 Eggshell Grenade; Flash
    ✶Pocket Lighter
    ✶80 wooden arrows

    Chika's Ninja card


    Strength: E
    Constitution: D
    Stamina: D (D+)
    Speed: E
    Coordination: B (A)
    Intelligence: D
    Perception: B (B+)

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    Dear Diana  Empty Re: Dear Diana

    Post by Diana Wed Sep 01, 2021 8:14 pm

    Diana looked at the letter once again as she entered the meeting room, the blank eyes of the puppets staring back at her. The eyes of the puppets modeled after several shinobi and a Komainu; each one reflecting her in their lifeless eyes. It was unexpected when she received a message regarding her mail in the Emporium, and had made a special trip to try and find out more, but to no avail it seemed.

    "...Again. And again. And Again. And AGAIN!"

    She'd slam her fist on the wall, visibly angry in a rare bout of outer emotion. She didn't know the puppeteer for too long, but she was a child by the Sage's sake! Yes she was a child soldier and there was no excuse for that, but she knew the risks and took a path that kept her safer them most! Why is it that Diana Elena Moneta could be struck with the deadliest disease and survive, but this girl be hit with an illness that essentially is a death sentence through living?

    She knew why, life was not fair like that.

    She picked up the small case filled with contact lenses, noting the curious properties it had. It wasn't made for Chika Jr, that was for sure. The size was slightly larger and the depth not quite right either. Her father perhaps? Why would her father need contacts that turned into mirrors? Questions she wasn't sure if she wanted the answer for, but something she'd mentally prepare for.

    Tapping the linkpearl in her ear she's contact her forgemaster, and got a connection.

    "Titania, I am going to be a bit late, a friend requested my assistance, so do not wait for me when returning to Iwatomics, okay?"

    "Care to share the details?"

    "...I will tell you when we have dinner tonight, my treat."

    She'd cut the connection, and look to the puppets once again, Aiko's eyes closed, the only one that wasn't looking at her. Taking out a few scrolls she'd seal up the items and put them in her shoulder bag.

    She would find a way to make sure Chika's illness wasn't the end. If the Sage believed that Chakra could be used to unite everyone, she could find a way to unite a girl who couldn't use chakra. That is what a crafter did. That is what Iwatomics Incorperated was for.

    To do anything less would be an insult to the strange girl's kindness.


    Diana, Crystalline Princess:

    Character: Diana Elena Moneta Korikane-Kotōshura
    Class: X
    Renown: 7,750
    Strength: D
    Constitution: D
    Stamina: C → B (110 → 185 CP)
    Speed: D
    Coordination: A
    Intelligence: A
    Perception: A

    Battery Chakra: 185 CP
    Nue Chakra: 350/385 CP

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